Friday, August 11, 2017

You can stay at my place

In recent days, the Canadian military has been putting up tents for asylum seekers coming in from the US. The camp’s going up by the US border in Quebec and can fit up to 500 people. President Trump has been trying to crackdown on immigration to the US, both legal and illegal. So in recent months, there’s been an uptick in the number of asylum seekers crossing over into Canada. And a lot of them are coming from Haiti. That’s because the Trump administration has ended a program that the US gov started back in 2010, which takes in Haitians impacted by a major earthquake there. Canadian authorities say they’ve been so overwhelmed by the number of immigrants that many of them are being housed in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. (AP News)


Walmart Removes Controversial Display That Marketed Guns as ‘Back-to-School’ Items

Walmart landed in a controversy Thursday when a picture taken at one of its stores went viral on social media. In the picture, a sign with the tagline, “Own the school year like a hero,” was seen displayed above a gun rack. It appeared the guns were being marketed as “Back to School” items.  A twitter user first posted the picture that sparked outrage resulting in many users then started asking the retail giant for an explanation.  Responding to the tweets, the retail giant apologized and informed the sign was removed.  In one of its tweets, Walmart said the sign was found in the store number-1341, however, it did not confirm the location of the store. A report claimed the store was in Evansville, Indiana. However, in another Tweet, the retail giant said the company confirmed with the shop manager, who said there was no such sign near the guns. Under the “Back to School” banner, Walmart sells products like backpacks, lunchboxes, binders, glue sticks, crayons and other such essentials. In an advertisement with the tagline “Own the school like a hero,” the retail giant promotes products linked with superheroes. (MSN)


Marijuana Use Holds Three-Fold Blood Pressure Death Risk

People who smoke marijuana have a three times greater risk of dying from hypertension, or high blood pressure, than those who have never used the drug, scientists said. The risk grows with every year of use, they said. The findings, from a study of some 1,200 people, could have implications in the United States among other countries. Several states have legalized marijuana and others are moving toward it. It is decriminalized in a number of other countries. Marijuana is also sometimes used for medicinal purposes, such as for glaucoma. The study, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, was a retrospective follow-up study of 1,213 people aged 20 or above who had been involved in a large and ongoing National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. In 2005–2006, they were asked if they had ever used marijuana. (Huffington Post)


Hackers are shutting down factories. 

A growing number of cybercriminals are targeting factories for ransom, knowing that the industry’s time-sensitive nature puts pressure on companies to pay up. “if we don’t make our product in time, that means Toyota doesn’t make their product in time, which means they don’t have a car to sell on the lot that next day. It’s that tight,” says John Peterson, AW North Carolina’s IT manager. The factory was hit with malware last year, with the potential to lose $270,000 in revenue, plus employee wages, for every hour it was out of commission. (AP News)


Is Wall Street outpacing Silicon Valley on gender equality? 

Recent analysis by Axios suggests it is — barely. A survey of company data from the biggest banks and tech companies found that women hold 25.5% of leadership positions on Wall Street and 24.8% in tech. Overall, major banks employ almost as many women (48.4%) as men, while women hold 33.2% of roles within big tech companies. (Axios)


Americans aren’t cooking anymore 

More than half of US households’ monthly food budget is spent on products and services that don’t require cooking. (The trend is most extreme for millennials, who spend 42% of their monthly food budget on meals prepared outside the home.) One major culprit for the decline in home-cooked meals is sheer busyness — “today’s on-the-go culture in which people feel so pressed for time they rarely leave their desks for lunch anymore.” It’s both a challenge and opportunity for the growing $2.2 billion meal kit market: Companies like Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and now Amazon, are betting meal kits are more convenient than cooking from scratch (even if they’re not as easy as getting takeout). (Business Insider)


Hearing loss of US diplomats in Cuba blamed on covert device

The State Department announced that several US diplomats working in Cuba have allegedly lost their hearing from a “sonic device”. Before 2015 – when US and Cuba relations were restored under the Obama administration – harassing US diplomats was reportedly pretty common. But things have been peaceful lately until this. US officials say the diplomats complained of symptoms starting last year and at least two of them came back to the US to get treatment. The US is still reportedly investigating if this was an attack. Until then, they’ve sent two Cuban diplomats in DC packing. But Cuba is denying any wrong doing. (AP News)



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