Friday, August 26, 2016

Thieves steal rims and tires from dealership

Police are searching for thieves who targeted a Collinsville, Illinois, car dealership last Friday — and it may not be their first time. They didn’t steal cars, but rims and tires from ten GMC Yukon Denali SUV’s. Surveillance video shows a red Chevy GMC pick up and an early 2000’s model Ford passenger van parked near the Laura Buick GMC dealership. Police say they stole about $50,000-worth of goods and caused an additional $50,000 in damage. The dealership says it has fixed the damage. Police say the same suspects may be behind similar thefts in Illinois and Missouri. (KSDK TV)


Ramen noodles replacing cigarettes as US prison currency

The level of care inside America’s prisons, and particularly the quality of the food, has fallen so far prisoners are using ramen noodles as their preferred form of money for buying and selling goods and other favours, a new study has found. The emergence of ramen noodles as a sort of cell-block currency in place of cigarettes is evidence of what Michael Gibson-Light, a doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona, calls the new “punitive frugality” that has taken hold in a prison system that is intent on cutting costs. They have apparently taken on the vaunted status of a currency in part because of their durability – they become edible food only when hot water is added – and their value as a high-calorie and more or less nutritious meal.  “The form of money is not something that changes often or easily, even in the prison underground economy; it takes a major issue or shock to initiate such a change,“ he said. ”The use of cigarettes as money in U.S. prisons happened in American Civil War military prisons and likely far earlier. The fact that this practice has suddenly changed has potentially serious implications.“ (Independent)


Massive-sized Pearl Worth A Small Country

A fisherman from a city called Puerto Princesa in the Philippines was working 10 years ago when he spotted a huge pearl inside of a giant clam. He took it home to his little wooden shack and put it under his bed for good luck. And he’s kept it there for the past 10 years. But there was a FIRE at his place earlier this year, and when he had to move, he decided maybe he should see if it was worth anything. And . . . um . . . yeah, it was.  The pearl is 77 pounds.  It’s 26 inches long and 12 inches wide.  Both of those measurements make it the biggest pearl in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD by a massive margin. And it’s worth approximately $100 MILLION. The current world record for the biggest pearl is the Pearl of Allah, which was also found off the coast of the Philippines.  It’s “only” 14 pounds and it’s less than 10 inches long. (Daily Mail)


Dude Loses Major Pounds Thanks To Walking To Walmart

A 31-year-old guy named Pat Brocco from Avondale, Arizona went to a doctor’s appointment three years ago.  He weighed in at 605 pounds, and his doctor basically told him his life was in serious danger.  So Pat decided to make a change. He lived about one mile from a Walmart, and he decided that every time he was hungry, he’d walk to Walmart, buy food, walk home, cook it, and eat. Quote, “You walk to Walmart three times a day, and you end up walking six miles.”  And after the walk there, he’d be more inspired to buy healthier foods like lean meats, vegetables, sweet potatoes, or quinoa. Now, three years later . . . he weighs 279 pounds.  He lost 326 pounds, or almost 110 pounds a year. For the first two years, he lost ALL the weight just walking to and from Walmart.  Over the past year, he’s also walked on a treadmill and started lifting weights . . . and now he’s RIPPED.  He went from 53% body fat to under 10%. And last week, he went through the final step of his transformation and had, quote, “several feet” of loose skin surgically removed. (USA Today)


Don’t Drive Angry

We’ve heard of people ramming their cars into the front of a store because they were upset.  We’ve never seen someone do THIS. 43-year-old Noella Fay went to a Safeway grocery store in Springfield, Oregon on Tuesday afternoon, and she tried to buy $2,200 worth of gift cards with a check.  The check didn’t clear, so they wouldn’t sell her the gift cards and she left. But Noella was SO angry she drove back to the store eight hours later where plowed through the front doors, drove down an aisle to the back where she flipped the car around, drove back down a different aisle, went out the doors and sped away. There were six people in the store at the time and fortunately nobody was hurt. The cops found the car abandoned about a mile away, but they were able to trace it to Noella and they arrested her at her home for reckless endangering, hit-and-run, reckless driving, and criminal mischief. (KEZI TV)


Two Chinese women collapse in street after arguing non-stop for eight hours

Two women in China got into an argument in the street over money last week. It lasted eight hours and they both wound up passing out from the heat. The two middle-aged women became embroiled in a heated argument on a street where police say the two were arguing over the settlement of a debt. The women called the police at one point, but rejected an officer’s suggestion that they settle the dispute in court. Both women fainted on the street when the police returned to the scene eight hours later. One of them was foaming at the mouth and was incontinent. Neither woman ate or drank anything during the entire dispute, the police said, and the weather that day was very hot. Both women were sent to a local hospital, and were in stable condition. (SCMP)


Woman in Ohio threw nacho cheese sauce at a 7-Eleven owner when caught shoplifting

After being confronted, a woman attacked the 7-Eleven owner in Toledo, Ohio, tearing money from his hands before throwing “a container of nacho cheese” at him. The woman then fled the scene. Upon posting an “Attempt to identify” notice, cops determined that the suspect in the August 18 incident was Derrickka Dixon, a 28-year-old Toledo resident. In comments on the Toledo Police Department’s Facebook page, Dixon’s husband Tray, 33, claimed that the police account was “all wrong. She didn’t steal nothing.” In addition to issuing a robbery arrest warrant for Dixon, cops are also seeking to collar her spouse, who allegedly threatened to kill Singh during the 7-Eleven incident (and was driving the Chevy). In other news, the owner was not injured by the airborne nacho cheese.  (Smoking Gun)


Facebook is about to get their game on

Around 125 million people are actively using Steam, the world’s largest video-game service. It’s not made by Nintendo, Sony’s PlayStation, or Microsoft’s Xbox. It’s not from Apple or Google. Steam is operated by a small, private company in Bellevue, Washington, that prides itself on having a “flat” employee structure: no bosses, no assigned teams. The company is Valve Corp., and it’s a juggernaut in the world of computer gaming.

  • Valve makes a high-end VR headset, called the Vive, and it was made in partnership with electronics maker HTC. 
  • The company makes several of the world’s most popular games. 
  • For every game sold on Steam, Valve takes a cut. The industry average is 30%. With 125 million-plus active users and the world’s largest gaming library, that’s a serious source of revenue.

It’s hard to imagine a competitor to Steam. And now, a new contender is entering the ring: Facebook. The company announced on August 18 that it’s making an “all-new PC gaming platform.” A Facebook rep confirmed that the “platform” in question is a standalone PC application for accessing PC games. It makes a lot of sense for Facebook to create something like Steam if you consider this:

  • Facebook also has a VR headset, the Oculus Rift. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly stated that he believes that VR and, eventually, augmented reality (AR) are the next major computing platforms.
  • Facebook is already going after game streaming with Facebook Live. The companyannounced a partnership with Valve competitor Blizzard Entertainment in June.
  • Facebook already operates a game store on the web, so the company has experience with that business. It’s the only part of Facebook’s business that’s in decline, actually.
  • With 1.65 billion users around the globe and many more billions of dollars to spend, Facebook brings considerable heft to the fight. Of that user number, Facebook says that 650 million are “either playing games on Facebook or with Facebook.” 

  (Business Insider)


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