Friday, December 1, 2017

Man barricades himself in house after family members takes bite of his grilled cheese sandwich

A man in Dundalk, Maryland was arrested following an hours-long standoff with law enforcement that police say began when a family member took a bite from his grilled cheese sandwich. Baltimore County police spokesman said the the man was eating with his wife and daughter, and became angry when one of them took a bite from his sandwich, prompting him to fire a shot inside the house. The wife and daughter were able to safely leave the house, but the man barricaded himself inside until he surrendered peacefully later that night. No one was injured. Police took the man to a hospital for an evaluation. Vinson says the man will face charges. (News 10)


Turkish university launches ufology classes to prepare for extraterrestrial contact 

A research center at Akdeniz University in the Mediterranean province of Antalya has included “Ufology and Exopolitics” in its latest curriculum, in a bid to prepare for possible contact with visitors from outer space. Erhan Kolba, the tutor of the class and deputy chair of the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center, said that humankind could make contact with extraterrestrial beings “within 10 or 15 years.” “We believe representatives from the world and extraterrestrial civilizations will soon be making official contact with each other.” He added that the lesson was a part of preparations for the “biggest change seen in the history of the world.” Exopolitics, which the new curriculum at Akdeniz University will address, focuses on sources of information and methodology, the history of cover-up of knowledge on extraterrestrial beings, preparations to open contact, and galactic diplomacy. (Hurriyet Daily News)


Tens of thousands dying from $30B fake drugs trade, WHO says

The World Health Organization has announced that roughly one in ten drugs in developing countries are fake. They go on to say that this is likely causing tens of thousands of kids to die every year from diseases like malaria and pneumonia. It’s unclear where these drugs are coming from. WHO started tracking the problem in 2013, and says it could be even worse than what’s being reported. Some pharmacists in Africa, for example, say that they are compelled to buy from the cheapest but not necessarily the safest suppliers to compete with illegal street traders. Fake drugs could contain incorrect doses, wrong ingredients or no active ingredients at all. At the same time, a worrying number of authorized medicines fail to meet quality standards because of improper storage and other issues. (Fox News)


World’s first ‘smart condom’ collects intimate data during sex and tells men whether their performance is red-hot or a total flop

A British company has released the first pictures of a ‘smart condom’ which collects very intimate data about the sex life of anyone brave enough to wear it. The device is called the i.Con and can detect STIs as well as sending data about a sex session straight to the wearer’s smartphone. British Condoms said its ‘revolutionary wearable tech for the bedroom’ measures the number of calories burned during intercourse, the speed of a man’s thrusts, how long he lasts and even what positions are used. The condom firm said its invention would help men see how they ‘stack up to other people from around the world’. However, it’s far from clear whether lovers will be happy with the idea of letting a condom spy on their most private moments. The smart condom is a small band which fits around the bottom of a man’s willy, which means wearers will still need to strap on a normal condom to get full protection. It is waterproof and features a band that’s ‘extraordinarily flexible to ensure maximum comfort for all sizes’. Bizarrely, it even lights up to provide illumination for both partners’ nether regions. (Metro)


Scientists Call For Ban On Glitter, Say It’s A Global Hazard

Arts and crafts enthusiasts have known for years that glitter tends to attach itself everywhere and never seems to come off. Scientists now say that the sticky decorations are also an ecological hazard that needs to be banned across the globe. Environmental scientists are arguing that the risk of pollution, specifically to the oceans, is too great to ignore and the tiny plastic particles need to be outlawed. They are made of Microplastics, which are defined as plastics that are less than five millimeters in length. The small size of the craft supply reportedly makes them appealing for many animals, who eat the dangerous objects. Another study claimed that plastics were found in a third of all fish caught in Great Britain. Some British nurseries have already banned the products from their facilities as the country is expected to officially ban items which contain microbeads in 2018. In the U.S., only seven states have passed legislation to restrict the use and sale of microbeads in products like facial scrubs and body washes. California became the first to place a ban on the products in 2015. (Philadelphia CBS)


Russia Will Build Its Own Internet Directory

The Russian government will build an “independent internet” for use by itself, Brazil, India, China, and South Africa (aka BRICS nations) “in the event of global internet malfunctions”. More precisely, Moscow intends to create an alternative to the global Domain Name System, or DNS, the directory that helps the browser on your computer or smartphone connect to the website server or other computer that you’re trying to reach. The Russians cited national security concerns, but the real reason may have more to do with Moscow’s own plans for offensive cyber operations. The Russian Security Council discussed the idea during its October meeting, saying that “the increased capabilities of western nations to conduct offensive operations in the informational space as well as the increased readiness to exercise these capabilities pose a serious threat to Russia’s security.” Russian President Vladimir Putin has set a date of August 1, 2018, to complete the alternative DNS. (Defense One)


8-year-old girl steals mom’s car, leads police on chase

An 8-year-old Indiana girl could be facing charges after she stole her mother’s car and led police on a cross-county chase Friday, according to reports. The unnamed girl was out shopping with her mother when she allegedly stole the vehicle, Anderson Police Department spokesman in a statement. Police found her driving down a state road at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. The girl refused to stop until police boxed her in. She eventually tried to park her car and hit a police department cruiser while doing so, causing minor damage. Once the vehicle was fully stopped, the girl refused to come out. Police had to break the window and pull her out. The 8-year-old was taken into custody. It’s not clear if she or her mother will face charges. (The Herald Bulletin)




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