Friday, December 30, 2016

Auld Lang Syne

Pronounced ‘awld lang sign.’ What your friends drunkenly sing at 11:58 PM on New Year’s Eve. It’s a Scottish song that translates to ‘times gone by.’ Aka a vintage way to hug your friends and say “Thanks for all the good Instas we shared this year.”


Washington state man deters package thieves with simulated shotgun blast

A man in Tacoma, Washington is deterring package thieves from targeting his porch by using a bait box rigged up to create the sound of a 12-gauge shotgun blast. He decided to take action after the fourth package was taken from his porch in recent months, so he created the “boom box” decoy package that contained a firing pin and a 12-gauge shotgun blank. Barrow said he was startled the first time the box was triggered on December 11th.  Surveillance footage he posted to YouTube shows a woman attempting to take the package from his porch, but screams as she runs away empty-handed when the blank round is triggered. A second incident a couple days later left the attempted porch pirate so startled that he dropped his cellphone while fleeing. Barrow said he conducted numerous tests on the box to make sure it couldn’t injure would-be package thieves by using a tomato inside to make sure it wouldn’t physically harmed. (The News Tribune)


Pokemon-crazed 6-year-old uses sleeping mom’s thumbprint to buy $250 worth of toys

A mother in Little Rock, Arkansas thought her Amazon account had been hacked until her 6-year-old admitted to using the sleeping woman’s thumbprint to buy $250 worth of Pokemon. Her daughter used her mother’s thumbprint to unlock her iPhone while she was taking a nap and opened the device’s Amazon app. A short time and “$250 later, she has shopped for all her Christmas presents on Amazon.”  She was able to return four of the items, but the rest of the purchases were non-refundable. She said the Pokemon haul ended up as her daughters Christmas gifts. (UPI)


The Smartphone Accessory That Lets You Kiss over Long Distances

Long distance relationships are always tough, and the lack of physical interaction is one of the main reasons for that. There’s no substituting human touch, yet, but rapidly-advancing technology already provides some intriguing alternatives. One such example is the “Kissenger”, a smartphone peripheral that allows users to kiss over long distances. It consisted of two internet-connected bunny-shaped robots with big silicone lips that could send the touch of human lips between each-other to (sort of) simulate a kiss between two human beings. Samani described it as “a physical interface enabling kiss communication”. The Kissenger takes the shape of a smartphone cover, with a large, oval silicone “lip” at the bottom. All the user has to do is plant a wet one on this silicone pad and built-in high precision force sensors register a user’s lip movements, while miniature linear actuators replicate those movements on a second device used by the person being kissed. The Kissenger aims to replicate romantic kisses, but the device can also be used by parents to give their children a kiss on the cheek when they are away at work. (Gizmodo)


Uber driver leaves woman stranded 75 miles from home on trip back from hospital

A Lake Havasu, Arizona woman who called an Uber to take her home from a Las Vegas hospital said the driver abandoned her 75 miles from home when he lost phone signal. She had complications from undergoing numerous surgeries in recent weeks, including a lap band removal. The closest hospital that could treat her during the holidays was Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center in Las Vegas, more than 150 miles away from home. An ambulance took her to the hospital, and she decided to call an Uber for a ride home when she was released two days later on Christmas Day. She said her husband couldn’t pick her up because he was caring for her 94-year-old mother and the couple’s autistic 11-year-old son. After arranging for the driver to take her home, she fell asleep in the back seat of the Dodge truck. When she woke up, she was at the Chevron gas station in Palm Gardens, Nevada – both 75 miles from Las Vegas and still 75 miles from her home in Lake Havasu. She said after arguing with the driver, he gave her an ultimatum to either drive back to Las Vegas or get out of his truck and call another driver. After fumbling with the app, she discovered her lack of cell service would not allow her to get another driver, and went inside the gas station. A worker at the gas station helped take care of her until her husband arrived to pick her up two hours later. (News 3 LV TV)


A petition was started to get the husband of the man who harassed Ivanka Trump fired

You’ll recall that earlier this month, a man was kicked off a JetBlue flight for verbally harassing President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump as she was with her children. The husband of the man who harassed Ivanka is named is Matt Lasner, and he is a professor at Hunter College. Lasner, before the berating occurred, tweeted out his husband’s intention, but has since deleted the tweet, and his account. Due to all of this, a petition was started by a man named Brendan Bradley on calling for the removal of Lasner from his post, and condemns not only the fact that he harassed Ivanka in the presence of her children, but later tried to cover up that it happened. Since the petition started less than a week ago, it has about 30,000 signatures. (


Sensing a pattern…

Earlier this week, it came out that a transgender boy was kicked out of a Cub Scout troop – part of the Boys Scouts of America – in New Jersey. Last year, the Boy Scouts finally got around to ending a ban on gay and lesbian troop leaders after lots of scrutiny. And now, this. The Boy Scouts say that its program is for kids who are identified as boys on their birth certificates. And that sexual orientation and gender identity aren’t related. The Boy Scouts told the boy’s mom that he can participate in co-ed programs instead. She said ‘no thanks,’ but she does want an apology. (North Jersey)


Uh Oh, It’s:

*Bacon Day  Link
*Falling Needles Family Fest Day
*No Interruptions Day   
(Last Business Day of The Year)

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