Friday, February 9, 2018

Restaurant offers $3,000 burger with engagement ring

For $3,000, patrons at one Boston restaurant can order a burger that comes with an engagement ring on the side. Pauli’s in the city’s North End says with 48-hours’ notice, the restaurant’s Big Boy burger will arrive with a 7/8 carat Neil Lane ring nestled in the bun. The ring will come framed with round diamonds and a 14k gold band. The restaurant says the burger is part of a new Valentine’s Day special. Restaurant owner Paul Barker says there are no confirmed orders so far, but there are several “very interested” people. (NY Post)


11-year-old boy dies trying to save friend who fell into frozen pond

A heroic 11-year-old boy died after he jumped into a frozen Queens pond to save the life of his 12-year-old pal who had fallen through ice, authorities said. The deadly accident happened as Anthony Perez, 11, and Juan Umpierrez, 12, were playing in Forest Park, officials said. “He was on land, he only went out to the ice after the other kid fell through,” a law enforcement source said. “He [Perez] was able to push him [Umpierrez] out to safety, but he fell through ice and he couldn’t get out.” Rescuers waded through the frigid, chest-high water — whacking a thin layer of ice with their hands — and plucked Perez from the pond, FDNY deputy chief George Healy said. But when they got Perez to dry land, he wasn’t breathing, so paramedics performed CPR and rushed the youngster to Jamaica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. “He did help get him out, but he couldn’t save himself,” the law-enforcement source said. Some of the rescuers fell through the ice themselves while trying to save the boy along with two firefighters, all treated also treated for hypothermia. “The ice failed underneath them,” Healy said. “They were in chest-deep water. They had to physically break [the ice] with their hands.” Perez’s neighbors were shocked and saddened by the news — but not surprised Anthony was so quick to act. (ABC News)


Burglars tried to rob a deceased man’s house, but his neighbors stepped in and now they’re in trouble

A California gun owner may be facing criminal charges after he used his weapon to shoot out the tires in the getaway car of some alleged burglars who were trying to rob his deceased neighbor’s home. Two men were trying to break into a home in Apple Valley, California which had been unoccupied since its owner passed away. A neighbor, whose name has not been released by the police, noticed something wrong and called 911. Then he went outside and confronted the burglars with a handgun. In order to prevent the thieves from getting away, the neighbor shot the tires out on the suspects’ vehicles, and fired some additional warning shots at the ground. Another neighbor heard the gunshots and arrived at the residence armed with a shotgun. Together, the neighbors held the suspects in place until police arrived and arrested both men. The problem, for the neighbor, is that he may soon face legal problems of his own. The sheriff’s department has  submitted a report to the San Bernadino County District Attorney’s Office for “review and consideration of charges for reckless discharge of a firearm at an uninhabited vehicle.”  Other witnesses say that this was the type of neighborhood where people look after each other. (Los Angeles CBS)


Michigan family with 13 sons expecting next child in April

A Michigan couple with 13 sons is expecting a 14th child in April but waiting until birth to learn the sex. Jay and Kateri Schwandt say adding another child to their large family won’t be too big of a logistic change or financial burden. Kateri Schwandt said she’s used to large families, as one of 14 children herself. Like with their last few children, the couple has decided against learning the baby’s sex before the birth. “I would love to have a girl, but I just don’t think it’s in the cards,” Jay Schwandt said. This will likely be their last child, he added. “It just feels like this is going to be it, and we’re going to enjoy every second of it,” Jay Schwandt said. But Kateri Schwandt said the couple also thought their 13th baby would be their last. The couple said it’s hard to imagine their home without a baby in it. (Yahoo)


Woman says store-bought lettuce had a 3-inch lizard in it

A Maine woman who prepared a salad says she realized after a couple of bites that her fork was stuck in a 3-inch lizard, minus the tail. After vomiting and getting over her shock, Michelle Carr, a nurse from Kittery, said she feared she could have ingested harmful bacteria. A biologist friend believes she found a blue-bellied lizard from California. Carr said she bought a bag of store-brand romaine lettuce at a supermarket in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Jan. 26. The lettuce was distributed by a California company. A supermarket spokeswoman said it notified the supplier. Carr also called the state Health Department. A spokesman said because the lettuce was packaged and shipped from another state, any investigation would be conducted by the Food and Drug Administration. (SFGate)


Texas owner finds missing dog wandering on the roof

A Texas resident who arrived home and couldn’t find his dog investigated a noise and discovered the canine was stranded on the roof of the house. Sergio Serratos of Round Rock posted a video to Facebook showing his dog, Kylo, wandering around on the roof of his home. Serratos said he arrived home and couldn’t find the canine until he heard a noise on the roof that he initially thought was a squirrel. The homeowner said Kylo had apparently climbed the inside stairs to the home’s balcony and jumped from there to the roof of the house. Serratos said Kylo was safely returned to the ground. (Facebook)


Polish president signs Holocaust bill, triggers Israeli, U.S. criticism

The other day, Poland’s President signed a bill that pretty much bans people from saying the country was involved in the Holocaust. By the end of WWII, millions of Polish residents (half of which were Jews) were killed. Now, their President wants this new law to make sure people recognize that Poland was a victim in the war, not a perpetrator. This new defamation law would make it illegal for people to accuse Poland of being pushovers to the Nazis during the war. It also bans terms like “Polish death camps.” If you break the law, you could face a fine or jail time. Israel says Poland is trying to rewrite history with the new bill. Poland’s President says he’ll ask the country’s constitutional court to look at the bill – meaning it could still be changed. (Reuters)


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