Friday, July 7, 2017

Cat shot in the head survives in Minnesota

If cats truly have nine lives, it’s hard to say just how many a cat in Minnesota has left. A cat owner in Oronoco, Minnesota found her cat, Two, was shot through the head recently. However, her family are amazed that he survived, but infuriated it happened at all. The cat survived a shot to the head that narrowly missed an artery and his brain. The bullet lodged in a cheekbone instead of going all the way through. X-rays show the bullet still in the cat’s face. The vet said he’s never seen a cat escape death three times in one bullet. The family’s vet checked out Two and determined the cat is in good condition and will have surgery. No one is not sure what kind of bullet at this point. The owner addressed a Facebook post to “The man who shot my cat,” stressing it wasn’t just a cat, but a member of their family. “He’s my child and my kid’s best friend, so it’s hard,” she said. (Fox 9)


Microsoft confirms layoffs impacting thousands of positions globally, mostly in sales

Microsoft confirmed a series of rumored job cuts yesterday (7/6), mostly in sales, as part of a big reorganization. Microsoft didn’t give specifics numbers, but the company is cutting thousands of jobs. Microsoft added that while it is cutting jobs in some areas, it is expanding in others. Employees were reportedly speculating about potential layoffs and transfers to new positions, posting on the anonymous chat app Blind that conference rooms across the Redmond campus were booked all day. Many employees were set for 15-minute meetings with managers, according to a report. Approximately 25,000 Microsoft workers use the anonymous chat app. Microsoft’s  fiscal year ended on June 30 , and big changes and layoff announcements have traditionally come around this time, tied to the company’s move into a new fiscal year, which started on July 1. Last July, Microsoft cut 2,850 people from its smartphone and sales teams. For the entirety of fiscal year 2016, Microsoft cut 7,400 employees. As of March 31, Microsoft employed 121,567 worldwide, including 45,535 in Washington state. (Geek Wire)


Gigantic iceberg is about to break away from Antarctica

Antarctica is set to lose a gigantic chunk of ice as scientists fear a 100-mile crack along the Larsen C ice shelf  is about to give way. They have been observing the progress of the crack for months and the latest reports say there is only three miles of ice left connecting shelf together. When it breaks apart, the newly formed iceberg will measure around 2,500 square miles – roughly the size of the county of Devon – and contain three trillion tonnes of ice. It will be one of the largest icebergs ever recorded and will drift through the Weddell Sea south of the tip of South America. The latest imagery shows that the ice already detached has been drifting away from the shelf. This widens the crack and puts increasing pressure on the tiny thread of ice still connected. (Mirror)


Earthquake, aftershocks rattle western Montana

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck western Montana around 12:30 a.m. yesterday morning (7/6). The National Weather Service in Great Falls said on Twitter that the shaking was felt as far away as 500 miles. The U.S. Geological Survey says the the 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit just after midnight about 6 miles southeast of Lincoln. The following earthquakes are the three of Montana’s largest earthquakes in the last century. In August of 1959, a 7.5 quake killed 29 people and did $11 million worth of damage and became the largest earthquake to ever hit Montana. In 1935, a series of several hundred quakes hit Helena. The state reports that quake damaged more than half of Helena’s buildings. In 2005, a 5.6 quake rattled Dillon and damages part of the old main hall at the Universtiy of Montana Western. (NBC Montana)


Pedal to the metal

Yesterday (7/6), the car maker, Volvo, said starting in 2019, Volvo will only produce electric or hybrid cars. It’s the first traditional car maker to scrap gas-only cars and comes as many countries are ramping up efforts to protect Mother Nature. Including by setting emissions caps on cars. Industry experts think it will eventually become cheaper to live that battery-operated life. Plus more consumers are demanding electric options, which might be why Tesla recently became the most valuable car maker on the US market. (NBC News)


Unclear what happens now

Charlie Gard is an 11-month-old baby boy in London who was born with a rare genetic disease. It causes things like muscle weakness and brain damage. For Gard, it means that he can’t breathe or move on his own. So he’s been on life support practically since he was born. Doctors treating him say there’s no real chance that Gard will get better, and want to take him off life support, but his parents want to keep testing treatments for him. Under British law, if there’s a disagreement about how to treat a child, the hospital can ask the courts to weigh in. So they did. In recent months, multiple courts – including the European Court of Human Rights – all sided with the hospital, saying that keeping Gard on life support only drags out his suffering. And that the experimental therapy Gard’s parents want to try won’t work. Earlier this week, President Trump stepped in and said the US “would be delighted” to help Gard. And Pope Francis also threw his support behind Gard’s parents, saying the Vatican children’s hospital can help treat the baby. But yesterday, the British hospital reportedly said  “nope can’t move him”  for legal reasons. (News Week)


Woman threatens to jump off building after running out of data

A woman in Changzhou, East China’s Jiangsu Province threatened to jump off a building last Wednesday (6/28) because she had exceeded her monthly data limit. The woman had been watching soap operas on her mobile phone and had exceeded her data limit. She went to a store belonging to her Internet provider to demand an explanation. When asked to pay a 20 yuan ($2.94) extra charge, she refused and threatened to jump off the building. The drama finally ended when the store manager purchased some data for her at his own expense. One social media user said, “I have heard of troublemakers in hospitals. This is the first time I have heard of one in a mobile phone store.” (Global Times)


It’s FINALLY FRIDAY!!!! It’s also:

*Chocolate Day 
*Father-Daughter Take A Walk Together Day 
*Global Forgiveness Day 
*Taos Pueblo Pow Wow (7-9th) 
*Tell The Truth Day 
*Victims of The Dallas, Texas Attack Day 

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