Friday, June 2, 2017

Pennsylvania man arrested after calling 911 for conversation

Police say a Pennsylvania man repeatedly called 911 while intoxicated because he was seeking conversation. Pennsylvania State Police say 51-year-old Larry Keiser first called because he wanted to speak with a police officer. He said there was no emergency. Keiser called five more times, leading police to show up at his home. The man told officers he drank several beers because he was upset about a family situation. Troopers told Keiser not to call 911 again unless there was an emergency, and he said he wouldn’t call again. Troopers say he called 911 the minute after officers left. Keiser has been arrested and is facing charges that include intentionally calling 911 for other than emergency purposes. (Yahoo)


Family in Hawaii finds illegal bearded dragon in their home

A family in Hawaii managed to capture an illegal bearded dragon lizard they found inside their home on Monday. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture said the Waianae family found the lizard, measuring 16 inches from its snout to its tail, in their yard. The family contained the bearded dragon and called the Department of Agriculture which sent the lizard to be quarantined at the HDOA’s Plant Quarantine Branch. Another bearded dragon was found just blocks away from the family’s home in 2016 and a Kailua found one under his home in 2014. Hawaiian residents found keeping bearded dragons as pets are subjects to fines of up to $20,000 and as many as three years in jail. (HDOA)


‘Good Samaritan’ Uses Baseball Bat To Rescue Woman From Burning Car

A man at a Memorial Day cookout used a baseball bat to rescue a woman from a burning car. The woman, Laura McCaffrey, was driving with her niece when police say she apparently had a seizure and lost consciousness. Her car completely knocked down one utility pole and crashed into a second pole. The crash broke her windshield and her car caught on fire. When Brandon Finnen arrived at the crash site, he discovered that the car was already on fire and noticed that the driver was unresponsive. That was when a friend handed him the bat he used to smash through the window. Witnesses say the driver’s side was completely engulfed in flames after he pulled out the woman. Although Finnen doesn’t think he’s a hero, his friends say he is. One of the friends even believes Brandon saved the woman’s life. The crash left 1,300 customers without power for a couple of hours. Authorities say power has been completely restored. McCaffrey and her niece were taken to the hospital and police say that their injuries are “non-life threatening.” (Boston CBS Local)


Would-be ATM burglars accidentally burn cash with blowtorch

Burglars who attempted to break into an ATM in Washington with a blowtorch accidentally set the cash inside the machine on fire. Everett police shared a photo of the charred ATM outside Coastal Community Bank after the thieves had their haul destroyed by their own flames. Aaron Snell of the Everett Police Department said the would-be burglars attempted to burn through the exterior of the machine to access the cash box. Chief Operations Officer of Coastal Community Bank, John Dickson, said the suspects did not manage to successfully collect any bills from the failed heist after the flames burned the cash. Detectives are investigating the attempted burglary and the bank will provide surveillance video to police. (Q13 Fox)


Ohio Sues Big Pharma, Blaming Drug Makers for Causing Opioid Epidemic

The other day, the state of Ohio sued five drugmakers for putting its massive drug epidemic into overdrive. In recent years, the number of people in the US overdosing on opioids (painkillers like OxyContin) has skyrocketed and the whole problem gets worse when people run out of prescription painkillers and turn to other drugs like heroin. Tens of thousands of people have died  in recent years, and Ohio’s been especially hard hit. Now the state’s saying that major US drugmakers are to blame. Ohio’s Attorney General says that the companies use marketing tactics that hype the benefits of their drugs but misrepresent how addictive they can be. Some of the companies say that’s simply “not true”, while others aren’t saying anything at all. Ohio’s just the latest place to go after the pharma industry for its role in the opioid crisis. Cities like Chicago and states like Mississippi have sued for similar reasons. Now Ohio wants the drug companies to drop the deceptive marketing and pay some damages. (NBC News)


Did Colorado DMV use Photoshop to change a woman’s driver’s license photo?

A Colorado woman who renewed her driver’s license online was surprised to see that the new license’s photo of her appeared to have gotten the Photoshop treatment, adding clothing she hadn’t worn when the original shot was taken. Rhea Ann Rocks of Fort Collins says that the photo in the new license shows her wearing what appears to be a collared white shirt – not the actual tank-top she was wearing when the original photo was taken. “It was very odd,” Rocks told reporters. “The top I was originally wearing was not that revealing.” The Colorado DMV, however, says no one used a photo-editing software on the photo. Rocks says that she found the apparent photo editing on her new license, “interesting and strange,” so she posted it on Facebook. Rocks adds that she has not reached out to the DMV yet, but she is curious as to why she was suddenly wearing a different shirt in her photo. Colorado DMV officials say that it is not their policy to change drivers’ photos with photo-editing software. “Photographs used in Colorado’s driver licenses, permits and identification cards are not altered,” Shawn Hollister, a spokesman for Colorado DMV, said in a statement. “I … can again confirm that photographs used in Colorado’s driver licenses, permits and identification cards are not altered”. Rocks appears as unfazed by the apparent photo doctoring but does take issue with not being informed beforehand. “If they wanted me to come in and take a different picture, why didn’t they ask me?” she asks. “Instead, they completely changed my photo without telling me.” (Fox News)


Man dies from flesh-eating bacteria after swimming with new tattoo

A 31-year-old man died after he reportedly ignored warnings about swimming after getting a new tattoo and contracted a flesh-eating bacteria infection in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the British Medical Journal, the unidentified man had gotten a tattoo on his right calf five days prior to swimming. The man had chosen a crucifix and pair of praying hands for his latest ink, and began suffering from fever, chills and a rash close to the tattoo after swimming. He reportedly developed sepsis in his right calf, which had turned purple by the time he was admitted to the hospital. Two weeks after he was placed on life support, his condition further deteriorated and his kidneys failed. Doctors reportedly believed his years of alcohol abuse left him susceptible to vibriosis infection and septic shock. Vibriosis causes an estimated 80,000 illnesses and 100 deaths in the U.S. each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), patients become infected by consuming raw or undercooked seafood, or by exposing a wound to seawater. (Metro)



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