Friday, June 23, 2017

An earthquake notification from 1925 causes 2017 confusion

An alert was mistakenly sent out for a magnitude 6.8 earthquake after a record from 1925 was changed by a Caltech staffer. This sparked an email server to send out alerts. An automatically generated report went live on Wednesday (6/21) based on a quake that happened in the same area almost 100 years ago. It turns out that researchers from the California Institute of Technology were researching the 1925 Santa Barbara quake, and it somehow set off the automated alert that went out to email accounts, the USGS stated. Software then interpreted the research as a current event, and sent out the report. The fake quake never appeared on the USGS website, though, and it sent out a statement via Twitter shortly after, saying the report was “errant” and they were “working to resolve the issue.” (USA Today)


Exploding cream dispenser kills French fitness blogger

A French fitness model died in a freak accident with a whipped cream dispenser, according to her family. Rebecca Burger was killed when a defective whipped cream dispenser exploded and struck her in the chest, according to a post Tuesday (6/20) from her family. She was 33. It was reported that she received medical attention but ultimately died of cardiac arrest. Her family warned fans not to buy the dispenser from the French manufacturer, claiming there were thousands of faulty devices still being sold. (BBC)


Man sues city after drunkenly jumping out of ambulance

A New York City man who says the city didn’t do enough to keep him from drunkenly jumping out of the back of a moving ambulance has filed a lawsuit. Yaugeni Kralkin says he was intoxicated last June when he was picked up by EMTs. Court documents show police were needed to put the 54-year-old in an ambulance because he was being uncooperative. On the way to the hospital, he was able to unbuckle the straps on his stretcher and open the back door of the moving ambulance to jump out. The lawsuit says officials then found him unconscious in the street with severe injuries. Kralkin is suing the city, the fire department and responding medics for unspecified damages. (EMS1)


Millennials fess up to snapping toilet selfies

According to the online survey of 1,145 adults, 51 percent say they have taken a bathroom-mirror selfie, which isn’t too surprising considering the bathroom is a reliable place to find a mirror. 25 percent of responding millennials who confess to taking a selfie while on the toilet. The survey also reveals that people are picky about which selfies they share, with 61 percent of respondents saying they take three or more selfies before posting one to a social network. Some people even said they take more than 25 before choosing a winner, which sounds very time-consuming. Some of the survey-takers were embarrassingly honest about their brazen selfie routine with 20 percent having taken a selfie at a hospital, 11 percent at a memorial site and 9 percent at a cemetery. (CNET)


Sheriff to cut sentences of inmates who helped fallen deputy

Polk County, GA’s sheriff said he plans on knocking some time off of the sentences of the inmates who stepped in to help  when a deputy went down. The deputy said that when he woke up on the morning of June 12th, he didn’t feel well. It was 76 degrees outside, and the humidity was at 100 percent. He was on a work detail at a local cemetery with six inmates — men he knew well from working together seven hours a day, five days a week. The inmates noticed something about the deputy was less than routine as they were out on a work detail at a local cemetery. The deputy said he suffers from chronic Chiari malformation. It’s where the cerebellum is deformed, which causes fluids to not flow properly. The deputy believes the high humidity contributed to his collapse, but the six inmates had everything under control for him. They opened his shirt and removed the deputy’s bulletproof vest so that they could perform CPR.  One inmate grabbed the officer’s phone and dialed 911. Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats said he’ll take off about one-fourth of the inmates’ sentences. “Anytime we have a trustee or inmate crew, that goes beyond normal duties, we cut them some extra time off,” Moats said. The inmates are being praised for their heroics and their split-second reactions, and the deputy said they deserve it all. The deputy was taken off of work detail and placed on patrol. The inmates got a free lunch, shortened sentences and the praise of people from across the nation. (WXIA 11 TV)


We’re thinking of building a ‘solar wall’ on US-Mexico border

President Donald Trump has floated the idea of building a “solar wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border. In a speech to a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Wednesday, Trump reaffirmed that the proposed wall would be built and then teased the idea that it could contain solar panels. “We’re thinking of something that’s unique,” he went on to add. “We’re talking about the southern border: lots of sun, lots of heat. We’re thinking about building the wall as a solar wall, so it creates energy and pays for itself. And this way, Mexico will have to pay much less money, and that’s good, right?” According to reports, the idea of using solar panels on the proposed wall has been pitched by both academics as well as businesses submitting designs for the structure. The potential of solar is considerable. In 2014, the International Energy Agency said that, by 2050, the sun could be the planet’s largest source of electricity. According to The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census 2016, the solar industry was responsible for one in every 50 new jobs created in the U.S. last year, representing two percent of all new jobs. (CNBC)


Finally Friday! Need We Say It’s Also:

*International Widows’ Day 
*Let It Go Day 
*National Eat At A Food Truck Day   (Fourth Friday)
*National Hydration Day 

*Pink Flamingo Day (Lawn Ornaments) 
*Take Your Dog To Work Day (First Friday after Father’s Day)
*Public Service Day 
*Runner’s Selfie Day 
*SAT Math Day 
*Typing Day

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