Friday, June 9, 2017

The beef industry’s having a cow

Earlier this week, a food supplier recalled more than 22,000 pounds of beef because it might have E. coli. E. coli’s the bacteria that can lead to not-so-pleasant symptoms like cramps and lots of time in the bathroom. It can also be deadly. The recalled beef was sent to locations in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. Meanwhile, one of China’s largest dairy companies is taking a big hit in the wallet. Earlier this week, it admitted that hundreds of millions of dollars have gone missing from the books. This comes months after the company’s head of finance disappeared. Now they’re crying over spilled milk. (Fox 8)


Oklahoma Governor signs bill to allow alcohol sales at movie theaters

The way Oklahomans watch the latest blockbusters is about to completely change, thanks to a plot twist some people thought would never happen. Soon, Oklahomans will be able to buy alcohol at movie theaters across the state. In 90 days, people will be able to buy alcoholic drinks at movie theater concession stands and drink them while they watch the latest hit. People 21 or older who are drinking will have to get a wristband and a stamp to order drinks. Getting the bill to pass was crucial to attracting popular movie chains to Oklahoma. Some theaters, such as the Warren in Moore, already sell alcohol, but that’s only done in age-restricted areas. (KOCO TV)


Neighbors make a stink about road paved with clamshells

Residents of a small Rhode Island community say their neighborhood has been beset by a terrible stench after one of their neighbors paved a road with unwashed clam shells. It’s being reported that a property owner in Tiverton put down the shells on an access road last week, but the uncleaned shells had meat still attached, leading to a putrid smell as it decomposes. Neighbors put up signs including: “Honk if it stinks.” Blair Moore, whose family owns the house next door, says the smell is making her ill. The station says the property owner hung up when asked for comment. The building inspector has issued a cease and desist order. Police and the state Department of Environmental Management are investigating. (WJAR TV)


Florida man stuffs 15 bottles of motor oil, 30 DVDs into pants

Investigators say a Polk County, Florida man took quite the interesting approach to shoplifting recently when he took a trip to a local 7-11. Surveillance footage has been released showing 38-year-old William Jason Hall walking into the store and exiting with a little extra baggage in his pants. According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Hall actually parked next to a detective before entering the 7-11 and the detective grew suspicious when he left the store a little heavier than he entered it. The detective confronted Hall and asked him to walk back inside. The surveillance video then shows Hall emptying out the contents of his pants, which had 15 bottles of Pennzoil motor oil along with 30 DVD movies. Hall has already been bonded out of jail. (KHOU TV)


Businessman is saved by his brother after calling him from his ‘grave’

A Russian businessman buried alive in a Moscow graveyard called his brother to beg him to pay his debt and get him freed. Khikmet Salaev , 41, was kidnapped following a financial dispute over an alleged 30 million ruble (£410,000) debt, according to Russian media. He was then dragged to the edge of Lyubertsy cemetery and buried alive – face down – but allowed to keep his mobile phone. From beneath the ground, covered in soil, he managed to phone his 36-year-old brother Ismail ‘literally from his grave’, reported Moskovsky Komsomolets. His brother was reported to have paid 1.2 million roubles towards the debt (£16,430), and also handed over his BMW 535 car to Khikmet’s ‘business partners’. Only after this did the kidnappers give the location of the grave, enabling Ismail to dig his brother out. The man was buried for four hours, it was reported. Ismail rushed the businessman to hospital where he was found to have suffered several broken ribs from being dragged to the grave by his captors. The Russian media has warned of a return to the gangsterism of the 1990s in the roller coaster years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. (Daily Mail)


Mother allows snake to bite baby repeatedly to teach her a ‘valuable lesson’

The Highlands County, Florida Sheriff’s Office said that the mother is facing a charge of child abuse for allowing the snake to reportedly strike her 1-year-old daughter. 34-year-old Chartelle Geanette St. Laurent said that she found the snake in the driveway of her home. While handling the snake, it repeatedly bit her. She then put the snake into a bucket and showed it to her daughter. The baby tried to grab the snake, and each time, the reptile bit the child. The mother recorded the incident and uploaded the video to Facebook. On the video, the mother can be heard laughing as the snake bit her child. The woman insisted that the baby was not injured by the snake because the snake’s fangs did not pierce the child’s flesh. “People who know me know that I would never hurt my children,” she insisted. The video has been removed from Facebook, but it is unclear whether or not the woman was charged with any crimes to date. (The Blaze)


315,000-Year-Old Fossils From Morocco Could Be Earliest Recorded Homo Sapiens

Scientists said they’ve found fossils in Morocco from five Homo sapiens aka some of the OG humans…that are about 300,000 years old. Previously, scientists thought humans were only around 200,000 years old and had come from East Africa. Morocco’s in North Africa. So this discovery means humans have been frolicking around the earth way longer than everybody thought. And that we may have came from all over the African continent, rather than just parts of it. I bless the rains. (NPR)


Finally, it’s Friday! It’s also:

*Banana Split Days: 9-10
*Donald Duck Day (Birthday)
*International Archives Day
*Poultry Days: 9-11
*Ryan Moran Day (The First Full Moon in June)
*Toy Industry Day
*World APS Day

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