Friday, March 10, 2017

Daycare Worker Accused Of Pushing Child Down Stairs

A daycare worker in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, is facing charges for allegedly pushing a small child down a flight of stairs. The incident happened last Friday (3/3), around 5 p.m., at the Child Care of the Future daycare center.  One of the workers was watching the newly installed cameras at the center when she witnessed another daycare center worker violently push a 4-year-old girl down a flight of stairs. That’s when she rushed to confront her. That particular camera had just been installed minutes before the incident. What’s even worse is that the 52-year-old woman glanced up at the camera after pushing the child. The disturbing surveillance video has now lead to her firing and arrest. Despite the fall, the 4-year-old girl only suffered a knee injury. She returned to the daycare center the next day with images of the fall still fresh in her mind. Parents were notified of the incident via a letter. Many were still shocked and rocked to their core. The woman was immediately fired from the daycare center and faces a simple assault charge and endangering the welfare of a child. She had worked at the daycare for about a year but she reportedly had about 25 years working in the daycare industry. (Philadelphia CBS 3)


Man, Woman Brought 2-Year-Old With Them To Robbery

A man and woman have been arrested in a home invasion robbery, but what made it worse — the suspects are accused of bringing their 2-year-old son along. The couple are charged with burglary, robbery, grand larceny and assault in what police said was a home invasion, but police said you haven’t even heard the worst of it. The pair broke into this house and assaulted the man inside — leaving him with cuts and bruises. They allegedly stole property and caused damage. And while all this was happening, Brown’s 2-year-old son was outside, alone in what would become the getaway car, according to police.  Later, when police pulled the car over they found the 2-year-old boy in the back. They both now face the added charge of endangering the welfare of a child. Police said man is now out on bail while woman is still behind bars with bail set at $15,000 cash. Police say the 2-year-old is now in the custody of Child Protective Services. (CBS New York)


A Canadian town has apologized after a water treatment plant turned the water supply pink.

Recently, residents of Onoway, Alberta, complained to the town office when taps began running pink water. In a statement, Mayor Dale Krasnow said there was no public health risk but the town “could have done a better job communicating what was going on”. The mayor said it was the unfortunate side-effect of a common water-treatment chemical, potassium permanganate. The chemical is commonly used to remove iron and hydrogen sulfide from water, and the town office said it got into the reservoir when a valve malfunctioned during “normal line flushing and filter back-washing. The reservoir was drained, however some of the chemical still made it into the distribution system. “While it is alarming to see pink water coming from your taps, potassium permanganate is used in normal treatment processes to help remove iron and manganese and residents were never at risk.” The chemical can cause skin irritation, according to the World Health Organization, but there were no reports of any adverse effects. Complaints were more about being kept in the dark – residents said they were annoyed they were not told why the water was fluorescent pink until Tuesday morning. “This is a situation we can certainly learn from and develop a strategy for better response and communication should we ever face the same or similar situation in the future,” the mayor said.  (BBC)


Disturbance Over Cost Of $12 Blanket Forces Flight To Land At LAX

A flight from Las Vegas bound for Hawaii was diverted to LAX recently over what police say was a passenger’s reaction to the price of an in-flight blanket. Hawaiian Airlines flight #7 was a few miles off the Southern California coast when a 66-year-old passenger requested a blanket and was told the cost would be $12, according to Los Angeles Airport police. Authorities say the passenger became upset and asked for the phone number to Hawaiian corporate headquarters to complain. While there was no physical altercation, crew members refused service and the pilot made the decision to dump fuel in order to land at LAX, police said. The man was escorted off the flight. Passengers recorded the lockdown on their cellphones. One passenger said “I thought it was ridiculous. First of all, it costs $12,000 for them to land here, and it’s a $12 blanket.” After police and federal authorities took the man into the terminal, they determined he was not a threat and released him without filing charges. The man was able to fly to Hawaii on a different airline, police said. The airline released the following statement regarding the incident: “Diverting a flight is clearly not our first choice, but our crew felt it was necessary in this case to divert to Los Angeles and deplane the passenger before beginning to fly over the Pacific Ocean.” Flight #7 eventually left LAX and arrived in Honolulu, nearly four hours behind schedule. (CBS Los Angeles)


Woman, 88, charged with punching employee at West Palm Walgreens

An elderly woman was arrested after she punched a worker at a Walgreens because she was angry. 88-year-old Bernice Shaw of Florida, was arrested after she allegedly hit the employee at Walgreens, which is located in a community that is geared towards elderly people. According to police, Shaw was angry because she fell inside the Walgreens store a month earlier. She entered the store, and walked up to the counter, where she screamed at the employee. A woman who was working at the store was trying to calm her down, but she pushed the woman’s hand and she told the worker to get away from her. The employee walked away, but returned a few moments later to return an object to a shelf in an area near where Shaw was standing. Shaw started screaming and then without warning, she punched the employee on the side of his face, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said. Shaw lost her balance, and the employee tried to stop the fall, but was unable to do so. Shaw fell, but was not injured, the spokesperson said. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrested Shaw on one count of battery. She was released later on her own recognition. (Palm Beach Post)


Cruise ship came within 100 feet of porch

A couple living in a waterfront home in South Florida had a close call with a cruise ship they said came within 100 feet of their property. Yasmine Todhunter shouted “Too close, too close, get out,” as the Celebrity Equinox towered over her husband Bill Todhunter who was standing at the edge of the back porch of their Fort Lauderdale home. The cruise ship, which was departing Port Everglades, appeared to come within 100 feet of their home, the closest they had seen a ship get. The homeowners said they have not seen anything like this in the six years they’ve lived there. The parent company of Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, released a statement following the incident saying the ship had remained in its proper channel and did not cause damage to the vessel or guests and crew. “As Equinox departed on Friday, March 3, she was in her assigned channel at all times under the guidance of specialized local port pilots,” the company said. “The ship operated safely and did not put guests or crew at risk. We can also confirm the ship did not touch bottom.” Todhunter searched for information about the ship online and dismissed Royal Caribbean’s statement as “bogus.” “Definitely not. They say it was within a channel and nobody was at risk and it never touched bottom, and I don’t believe that statement at all,” he said. He added that the ship came so close to his home on its approach that passengers were able to hear as he shouted to the ship’s crew. “When the cruise ship’s thrusters stopped, there was silence and I yelled, ‘Somebody’s going to get fired,’ and everybody on the cruise started applauding,” Todhunter said. (Local 10 ABC)


WikiLeaks says it releases files on CIA cyber spying tools

Earlier this week, WikiLeaks posted what it says are thousands of CIA spying docs on the Interwebs. It’s not clear if these docs are legit or where they came from, but they passed the sniff test for some security experts. The docs describe the agency’s alleged hacking tool box, including the ability to turn smartphones and TVs into spying devices. It’s unclear who the CIA might be targeting with these techniques, but they’re most likely used against overseas targets. The feds are looking into how the docs got on WikiLeaks’ desk, and whether one of their employees spilled the confidential beans. Officials are particularly worried that WikiLeaks will release the computer code that could be used to replicate these hacking techniques. If the code gets out, it could end up in the wrong hands. The WikiLeaks docu-drop raised a lot of eyebrows, but it’s not the first time the intelligence community has suffered a major breach. Remember Edward Snowden? They are scrambling around trying to nip this one in the bud before things potentially get worse. (Reuters)


Great-grandmother repeatedly punched in face at Wal-Mart and attacker gets identified

A 75-year-old great-grandmother was shopping at an Atlanta Wal-Mart and needed to sit in one of the stores’ mobility scooters. Unfortunately, she accidentally ran into another shopper who got so angry that she cursed at her to move out the way. but wasn’t about to let the assailant get away with the insult. “As I went around her, I said, ‘You’re the b***h,’” she told police. With that, the attacker sucker-punched the victim and then beat her in the face to the point that the victim’s nose was “bleeding profusely.” The attacker punched the victim five times in the face, according to the police report. Authorities also noted that her arms are bruised from trying to defend herself. “I kept screaming ‘Help!’ Nobody came,” she said. When store security arrived, the attacker was long gone — but left behind something rather important. “I reached down to pick it up, and it was her phone. She had dropped her phone in my buggy,” the victim said. “Seems God did that so we could find her.” If the attacker is found, she could face simple assault and battery charges. The police are still looking for her. (AJC)



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