Friday, May 26, 2017

Thief Stole Woman’s Purse As She Visited Husband’s Grave 

Police arrested a 32-year-old man after they said he stole an 80-year-old woman’s purse recently as she was cleaning up her husband’s grave site. Lawrence, Massachusetts Police said he came up from behind the woman at St. Mary-Immaculate Conception Cemetery on Currant Hill Road around 10:30 a.m, and took off with her purse, which had been sitting on the ground. The victim said that she has been visiting her late grandmother and then her late husband at this cemetery for almost 76 years. She keeps up planted geraniums at their burial plots. “I haven’t missed a year, and this was the first year I had a problem , and I always went alone,” said Ogden. She believed that the thief knew exactly what he was doing. “Take the money out and leave the bag,” Ogden pleaded with the man. She just went to the bank and had almost $1000 with her. But Ogden was more upset about $80 of it, pieces of a habit that started when her husband died she took a $20 from his wallet. “I took 20 dollars out. I did the same with my mother, my aunt Julie and my godmother Anna,” said Ogden. “Cause I felt they’ll always be with me, that’s what I wanted back.” (Boston CBS Local)


Bear rips bumper off Colorado doughnut shop’s delivery car

The owners of a Colorado doughnut shop said a bear ripped off the rear bumper of their delivery vehicle trying to get to the doughnut smell in the trunk. Todd and Kim Robertson of Steamboat Springs said they awoke early Monday to discover a bear had been trying to get into the trunk of the Ford Focus they use to make deliveries for their downtown business, the Moose Watch Cafe. The couple posted photos of the damage to the car to the cafe’s Facebook page. “Donuts so good it turns bear to a life of crime…the smell was just too good to resist!” the Facebook post said. The couple said the bear left a large paw print on the car and tore off the rear bumper before giving up and leaving the scene. They said there is little doubt as to what drew the bear to the car. “It always reeks of doughnuts in there,” Kim Robertson told Steamboat Today. She said there were no doughnuts in the car at the time, but there were aprons in the vehicle that smelled heavily of the pastry treats. Steamboat Springs Police Officer confirmed he could smell the strong odor of doughnuts while standing outside the vehicle. “I guess if anyone is an expert about this, it’s us,” McCartin said, jokingly referencing the stereotypical relationship between police officers and doughnuts. (Steamboat Today)


Student With No Female Friends Has All Male Bridesmaids 

Rebeca Abrantes didn’t have any female friends, but that wasn’t about to stop her from having bridesmaids at her wedding. The 24-year-old engineering student chose five male classmates for her bridal party, and put together a bachelorette party complete with primping, satin bathrobes and make-up tips. She and her entourage hammed it up, with the guys in pink, short robes, and she with her hair pinned up in curlers. The group pretend to shave their legs, put cucumber slices over their eyes in a massage session and “ooh” and “ah” over Abrantes’ wedding dress.  “After we had so much fun taking the photos, they were really anxious to see the results and couldn’t stop talking about it,” she said of her fellow engineering students in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Abrantes said it didn’t occur to her to pick male bridesmaids until a week before her nuptials to Renato Sinohara. There are 56 guys at her school, she says and “only four girls. It’s not like I had a lot of choices.”  (MSN)


12-year-old busted for multiple attacks on 80-year-old woman in Brooklyn

A pre-teen in Brooklyn attacked an 80-year-old woman three different times — hitting her over the head with a metal rod, setting her jacket on fire with a lighter and punching her in the face, police sources said. The 12-year-old suspect was arrested recently and is also believed to be responsible for a burglary at a nearby Chinese restaurant — and for a string of gunpoint robberies last year. “This kid is a real piece of work,” one source said. “He’s like a terror in that community.” The boy is charged with felony assault, criminal mischief and weapons possession. Because of his age, his criminal case will be handled in Family Court. (New York Daily News)


The ‘ghost man’ forced to hideaway after locals thought he was an evil spirit because of rare condition that causes his skin to look burned

A Filipino man with a rare skin condition which makes his skin looked burned has been relentlessly bullied by locals who brand him a ‘cursed’ Ghost Man. Antonio Reloj, 26, was born with a severe form of ichthyosis, which causes his skin to harden, crack and appear burned. His mother abandoned him when he was 12, leaving his grandmother to raise him in remote Aklan province, Philippines. Antonio’s condition worsened as his skin became thicker and harder and his eyesight started to deteriorate as it spread across his face. He used to enjoy visiting the local market and going to church but now spends his days hidden in a wooden shack, after residents branded him a ‘non human’ evil spirit. Antonio now has some hope of being treated after good samaritans took him to capital city Manila for treatment. Antonio, who dreams of becoming an electrician, said he spends his days listening to the radio and tinkering with the electronics. He said: ‘When I was a child I was happy to go outside. People say that I am a ghost. I stay at home now. I dream of being healthy again and having a job, to become an electrician is my dream. My skin hurts a lot when I move too much. I hope people will understand that I am just human like them.’ (Daily Mail)


Researcher Says He’s Found Molecule To Fight Aging 

There’s new research on slowing down, and maybe even stopping, the aging process. Researchers say it could mean new treatments for age-related diseases like heart disease and cancer. When people hear anti-aging, many think of things that fight wrinkles, but this research is fighting aging from the inside. Even for people who enjoy running or just relaxing, many have at least a few complaints about getting older. Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School says he’s found a molecule that has proven to reverse aging in mice. “They drink it and we see that within a week they start to run further,” said Sinclair. “And then we look at their organs and those are rejuvenated as well.” It’s all about DNA. With young, healthy runners, for example, their DNA has not yet been damaged by the aging process. If approved, this is not something you’ll find on drug store shelves. It will actually be prescribed to prevent age-related diseases. “It won’t just help your diabetes. As a side effect, it will prevent cancer and it will improve your memory and you will have more energy as well,” said Sinclair. Safety studies are expected to begin in the next couple of weeks. (Philadelphia CBS TV)




Hooray for Friday and for:

*National Chardonnay Day
*National Paper Airplane Day
*World Lindy Hop Day
*Don’t Fry Day (Friday Before Memorial Day)
*Heat Awareness Day (Last Friday)
*National Polka Day
*National Title Track Day (4th Friday)
*National Wig Out Day (Always Friday before Memorial Day)

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