Friday, November 24, 2017

Coming down the pipe

Earlier this week, Nebraska signed off on letting TransCanada build the Keystone XL pipeline – an extension of the Keystone pipeline that leaked last week. It’s the last major step in starting the $8 billion project. The pipeline – which transports oil from Canada to Texas – has caused a lot of drama (think: lawsuits and protests) for nearly a decade. Supporters say it’ll adds jobs in the US. Critics say it’s bad for the environment, and interferes with Native American land. Now, Nebraska’s saying ‘we’re good to go, as long as we change up the route.’ Unclear if TransCanada is down with the route change. (ABC News)


Trump Designating North Korea As A State Sponsor Of Terrorism

Last Tuesday (11/20), President Trump added North Korea back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. The honor comes with things like more sanctions. North Korea was on the list for 20 years until President George W Bush took it off in 2008 – hoping it would help talks to relax the country’s nuke program. Now the Trump administration is citing things like the deaths of Kim Jong Un’s half brother and Otto Warmbier – the US citizen held captive in NK – as reasons why you’re seeing it on the list again. (NPR)


Two Peas In A Pod

Uber and Volvo are pairing up too. Recently Uber said it’ll buy thousands of Volvo’s self-driving cars starting in 2019. Now the company only has two years to perfect the car’s technology. No pressure. This deal shows that automakers and ride-sharing companies are committing to self-driving cars for the future. (Reuters)


E-commerce sales are surging

They jumped 15.5% in the third quarter to reach a record $115 billion, according to Commerce Department figures; brick-and-mortar sales only rose 3.1%. But traditional retailers still make up the vast majority of total retail sales — e-commerce only made up 9.1% of sales last quarter. Car dealers, grocery and beverage stores, gas stations, and restaurants accounted for 54% of sales, and are among the brick-and-mortar sectors, at least for now, considered “online-proof” or “e-commerce resistant.” ( Business Insider)


Boyfriend calls 911 after girlfriend overdoses on drugs during sex

An Ohio man called 911 after becoming concerned about his girlfriend who reportedly overdosed on drugs during sex. Police and paramedics responded to the 4 a.m. call on Wednesday in Dayton. They found a partially clothed, unconscious 33-year-old woman snoring on the couch. Paramedics, suspecting a heroin overdose, gave the woman a couple of doses of Narcan, and she woke up. First responders then transported her to a local hospital. Her boyfriend, 28, told police he didn’t see her take anything while they were having sex, but added that she often mixes Xanax and alcohol. (WHIO TV)


Cop Arrested For Stealing Groceries

A Dallas Police Department officer has been arrested and accused of stealing hundreds of dollars in groceries from a Walmart store in Denton County. Police officers were called to the Walmart in Cross Roads, Texas at about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday for reports of a theft. Employees told police that the suspect, identified as 30-year-old Christopher Hankins, left the store with close to $830 in groceries without paying, all while wearing a Dallas Police Department jacket. Hankins told officers that he panicked thinking his car had been stolen, so he went outside with his grocery cart. Officers smelled a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, and the store manager told them that Hankins had been shopping in the store for about three hours while acting suspicious. Police took away Hankins’ badge, ID and service weapon. He was arrested and taken to the Denton County jail. Dallas PD said Wednesday that Hankins, who had been with the department since April 2014 and was assigned to the North Central Patrol Division, has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. (WFAA TV)


Dog’s head sent for rabies testing lost in mail

An East Texas veterinary clinic says they’re out of at least $80,000 dollars and the health of their staff was put at risk after a package containing animal parts scheduled for rabies testing allegedly went missing. Veterinarians at Bright Star Veterinary Clinic in Sulphur Springs said a resident recently brought in a dog showing symptoms of rabies. During the consultation, one technician was bitten by the dog on her hand. Since the dog’s health was bad, the owner and the vet decided to euthanize it, so it could be tested for rabies immediately. The clinic staff began the process to test if the dog for rabies by getting a sample of brain tissue. With prior experience in rabies testing, the staff removed the head of the dog to be shipped to the state lab in Austin. The clinic staff said they didn’t get a phone call from the state with results within the normal 24-hour response window. After contacting the lab, the state told them that they had not received the head. The window to get a vaccine after exposure is less than a week. With no time left, and with no possible idea where the box could be, the vet techs drove to a Dallas hospital for the rabies vaccines. Staff members say they sent the dog’s head to a local shipping company and the management has documents showing the tracking number. As of now, the location of the box is still unknown, but if not kept in proper condition brain tissue dies within about two days. (KLTV TV)


It’s a FINALLY FRIDAY!!! Whooo Hoooooo! It offers us:

*Black Friday  (Day After Thanksgiving)
*Buy Nothing Day (First Shopping Day After Thanksgiving) 
*Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day 
*D.B. Cooper Day 
*Flossing Day  (Always Day After Thanksgiving) 
*Fur Free Friday (Day After Thanksgiving)
*Maize Day (Day After Thanksgiving)
*National Day of Listening  (Day after Thanksgiving) 
*National Native American Heritage Day (Always Day After Thanksgiving)
*Random Acts of Kindness Friday 
*Sinkie Day (Some call it “The Sink Day” when you eat over the sink all the Thanksgiving leftovers)
*You’re Welcomegiving Day (Always Day After Thanksgiving)
*National Sardines Day
*National Day of Listening – Day After Thanksgiving

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