Friday, September 30, 2016

Landmark Change to California’s Statute of Limitations Sparked By Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

The emotional stories of women who say they were sexually assaulted more than a decade ago by Bill Cosby prompted California state lawmakers to approve a bill to eliminate the state’s 10-year limit on filing rape and related charges. Beginning next year, the bill will end the statute of limitations in certain rape and child molestation cases. It will also end the time limit on older cases in which the statute of limitations has not yet expired. The new law, SB813, will not, however, help women who made allegations against Cosby dating back more than 10 years, including some from the 1960s.  (Time)


Mercedes created a luxurious $1.7 million yacht that only 10 people in the world will be able to buy

Mercedes-Benz is known for its luxurious cars, but the company is also behind one of the most anticipated yachts being shown off this year at the Monaco Yacht Show. Recently, the German automaker debuted Edition 1 of its Arrow460-Grandturismo yacht, a sleek-looking vessel that begins pricing at about $1.7 million. The company originally showed off its yacht concept in 2012, but later worked with the yacht building company Silver Arrows Marine to turn the concept into a reality. The two companies plan to only build 10 Edition 1 models of the yachts and aim to only sell one in each country, making the yacht incredibly rare. (Business Insider)


Going Nuts For A Vaccine

Australian researchers are recruiting children with peanut allergies to try an experimental vaccine that could free them of their life threatening condition. About 3 per cent of babies have a peanut allergy that mostly persists throughout their life, and of all food allergies, a peanut allergy is the most likely to cause a severe anaphylactic reaction. But researchers from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute say they might have found a treatment which could be available within five years. In a world first study reported last year, the researchers gave 28 children a daily combination of peanut protein and a high dose of probiotics over the course of 18 months. When they stopped treatment and fed the children peanuts about four weeks later, they found 80 per cent of children could tolerate the equivalent of up to 20 peanuts. The children aged one to 10 went home to continue regularly eating peanuts. Among 28 children who received a placebo, one of them (4 per cent) could tolerate peanuts at the end of the study. The researchers said this was expected because about 20 per cent of children with a peanut allergy recover from it naturally over time. (The Age)


A PATIENT New Zealand Lotto player bagged a cool $1 million — all thanks to a pushy patron who decided to cut him in line

On his way home from work, the Lotto player, who wished to remain anonymous, purchased a ticket from Pak N Save Papamoa. While waiting in line, the man explained another customer decided to skip ahead and grab a ticket. “I was waiting in line at the Lotto shop and a customer nipped in front of me,” the Lotto winner said in a statement released by Lotto New Zealand. “I wasn’t in any hurry, so I just let them go ahead and didn’t say anything. I guess good karma pays off.” After the lucky numbers were announced, it took the man a few days to realise he was the winner. After checking the winning numbers, he was so shocked that he forget to mention it to his wife. “My mind went blank,” he said. “I wasn’t thinking properly, so I just put the ticket away and went to work as usual.” The winner and his wife plan to buy a house with their earnings. (NY Post)


Woman allegedly breaks into home, defecates in pizza box for owner to find

It is alleged Anthea Lynell Ball broke into the Chermside West property while the 54-year-old resident was home on Saturday night. Police say she then decided to poo in an empty pizza box, then taking it from the kitchen into the laundry where it was left. Ms Ball also allegedly stole wine and keys to the man’s BMW. She was later found inside the 54-year-old’s car after allegedly smashing the windscreen with a bottle of stolen wine. The 25-year-old appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court recently, charged with burglary, unlawful entry to a car and willful damage. (Yahoo)




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