Monday, August 8, 2016

A Man Goes Crazy on His Wife For Making His Grilled Cheese Too Cheesy

A 55-year-old man from of Athens, Georgia was a tad hungry last week, so his wife made him a grilled cheese sandwich.  But she used three pieces of cheese instead of two like he was used to, and that made the sandwich TOO CHEESY for him.  So . . . he flipped out. He started shouting in his wife’s face and spitting.  She says he has a history of being violent, so she had their nine-year-old daughter call the cops.  And as she was doing it, James ripped the phone out of the wall. He was arrested for obstruction of a 911 call and criminal trespassing. (The Smoking Gun)


An eagle chased a Coast Guard officer down a mountain in Unalaska, Alaska, and stole his cell phone.

Lt. Andres Ayure decided to enjoy his day off with a hike up the mountain when an eagle decided to not like something about the officer and swooped down three times at him before catching his black hoodie and leaving a hole in it. Then Lt. Andres started to run, with eagle in hot pursuit. While running down the mountain, Ayure dropped his cell phone but the eagle swooped down and picked it up, and it was never seen again. (Alaska Dispatch News)


Toilet Humor

There’s a new bar in L.A. that guides people to the bathroom with more than the traditional “men’s” or “women’s” sign … the guide is one person with 2 identities. Nickel Bar in West L.A. greets gents with the famous Bruce Jenner Wheaties pic, and ladies with the big Caitlyn Jenner “Vanity Fair” reveal.  BTW … it’s not an LGBT bar. (TMZ)


Letting It Out

52-year-old Edward Kimble is a teacher at Pomperaug High School in Southbury, Connecticut.  And back on June 1st, he saw one of the students park their car in the faculty lot.  So he decided to get revenge, by letting the AIR out of the tires. The only problem is, he didn’t realize that the kid had gotten permission to park there because the student lot was full.  Anyway, even though that sounds like a pretty decent prank, believe it or not, that’s enough to get you arrested these days. The cops just traced it back to Edward, and he turned himself in on reckless endangerment charges. Edward Kimble was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment and was released on a $500 bond. He is also expected to appear at the Superior Court in Waterbury for his arraignment on Wednesday, August 10th. There’s no word on whether the school is going to fire him. (Newstimes)


Olympic Gymnast Racks Up $5k Bill Trying To Play Pokemon In Rio

Kohei Uchimura is a Gymnast and is in Rio preparing to compete for Japan – and while he is feeling the pressure to come home with a gold medal, it’s the gyms of Pokemon Go that have caused him the most stress. Kohei racked up a $5,000 phone bill because of the data roaming charges he suffered while playing Pokémon Go in Brazil. Kohei admits the $5,000 bill is completely his fault because he forgot to adjust his phone plan before setting off for Brazil. But Kohei got lucky – he was ultimately saved from having to pay the entire bill after he explained what happened to his phone company. They ended up charging him a much more manageable rate of around $30 per day. (USA Today)


An 84-Year-Old Man Stabs His Wife Over Mango Peels on the Floor

There’s an 84-year-old man named Uriel Bradshaw in West Palm Beach, Florida, and he was eating some mango in his bedroom recently. His 65-year-old wife came into the room and asked him to pick up his mango peels on the floor. He got really upset and reacted by grabbing a steak knife, then stabbed her in the shoulder and the chest. When the cops got there, he said he didn’t remember stabbing his wife but he did remember fighting over the mango peels. He was charged with one felony count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.  This is the first time he’s ever been charged with a felony in his life, and possibly his first arrest at all. (Palm Beach Post)


Driver claimed Constitutional right to leave traffic stop

An affidavit states that Jasmin Artis was pulled over recently for an expired registration. The officer also noticed a boy in the car who wasn’t wearing a seat belt. She told the officer that she did not have to register her vehicle because she was “traveling” not driving, the affidavit states. When told that her car was going to be towed, Artis said she would leave because the Constitution allowed her to travel without interruption from police officers. After being told that it would be a bad idea to leave, she then drove away at high speed. The officer chased her for about a mile before she pulled into her own driveway and tried to take her son out of the car. She then fought with the officer until passersby helped him take her into custody. She’s now charged with resisting arrest, endangering children and failure to comply, along with traffic violations. (WLWT TV)


Pokemon GO HOME!!

The Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff’s Office says a couple left their 2-year-old son home alone while they drove around playing Pokemon. They say Brent Daley, 27, and Brianne Daley, 25, admitted to leaving the child alone for two hours while they were out playing the game.  A neighbor called 911 when the boy was spotted outside crying about 10:30 p.m. recently. When deputies got to the home, they say the boy was in the front yard trying to get in the front door of the home. Investigators say he was barefoot with only a diaper and T-shirt on. The couple returned home about an hour later and were arrested on allegations of child neglect and endangerment. (KPNX TV)


Root Gone Wrong

As if going to the dentist isn’t painful enough, one suburban man got way more than he bargained for when his dentist dropped a tool down his throat during a routine procedure. Janus Pawlowicz was scheduled to get a root canal, a procedure he has had done before. But after the surgery his dentist noticed a tool missing. “The dentist, on the day of the procedure, knew that she dropped a tool but didn’t know what happened to it. She looked around the room and couldn’t find it,” said Rob Kohen, Pawlowicz’s attorney. “She told me when she found it, she will be calling me,” Pawlowicz said. The phone never rang. As it turns out, the instrument fell down Pawlowicz’s throat and was now lodged in his stomach. A few days later he developed sharp pains and had to have emergency surgery to remove it. Pawlowicz took his dentist to court and won a $675,000 settlement. He still has lingering effects from that root canal gone wrong. (ABC 7 Chicago)


What are your must-have items when traveling?

Hudson News, the ubiquitous airport convenience store, has shared the top 10 items travelers buy from their stores in  airports  around the world. The list, while unsurprising, is a testament to the health-concious priorities of jetsettersas well as their apparent fear of dehydration. Did any of your travel essentials make the list?

  1. Dasani bottled water (20 oz)
  2. Glaceau Smartwater (20 oz)
  3. Large Dasani (one liter)
  4. Glaceau Smartwater (one liter)
  5. Glaceau Smartwater (23.8 oz)
  6. Diet Coke (20 oz)
  7. Coca-Cola (20 oz)
  8. M&M Peanut (king-size)
  9. Coca-Cola Zero (20 oz)
  10. The Wall Street Journal
  • The most popular magazines are:  “US Weekly”, “In Touch”, “The Economist”, “Life & Style”, and “Star”.
  • The most popular book is “Bossypants” by Tina Fey.
  • The most popular snack besides Peanut M&Ms is Lay’s potato chips.
  • The most popular toiletry item is a small package of Kleenex. 

Another thing it proves: The TSA is a marketing mastermind. Restrictions on liquids have shaped airport consumerism. (CNN)


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