Monday, December 4, 2017

American Airlines Accidentally Let Too Many Pilots Take Off For The Holidays

A glitch in American Airlines’ pilot scheduling system means that thousands of flights during the holiday season currently do not have pilots assigned to fly them. The shortage was caused by an error in the system pilots use to bid for time off, according to the Allied Pilots Association. The union represents the airline’s 15,000 pilots. The union estimated that more than 15,000 of the airline’s flights don’t have pilots. More pilots were granted time off between December 17 and December 31 than should have been, resulting in the shortage. American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller said that the airline was working on the problem and expected to avoid cancellations during the holidays. He did not specify how many flights were affected. (NPR)


Wisconsin DNR sold 10 hunting licenses to infants

The state Department of Natural Resources sold 10 hunting licenses to infants after Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill that eliminated the state’s minimum hunting age. Walker signed a Republican bill on November 13th doing away with the 10-year-old minimum age to participate in a mentored hunt. The DNR released data last week that shows the agency had sold 1,814 mentored hunt licenses to children age nine or younger through Sunday. The vast majority — 1,011 licenses — went to nine-year-olds. Fifty-two licenses went to children under age 5, with 10 going to a child under a year old. A four-year-old was the youngest licensee to register a kill. Harvest data doesn’t show who actually killed the deer, however.  (WSAW TV)


Cowboy rides horse into store to buy beer

A customer at a Mexican supermarket captured the moment a cowboy rode his horse into the store to buy a six-pack of beer. The video shows the cattle rancher riding his horse inside the Oxxo store in the Costera district of Acapulco as workers attempting to usher the horse out of the store, but the filmer said the rider was allowed to buy a six-pack of beer before riding out of the business. “When we saw the cowboy come in, the truth is that it really surprised us, because this kind of thing is not often seen,” the filmer wrote. “Some people felt scared in case the horse bucked or kicked, but then the rider just went to buy a six-pack of beer. The staff helped him out, took the beers to him and then he left on his horse.” (UPI)


Simulation of Growth Trajectories of Childhood Obesity into Adulthood

Unless current weight-gain trends and eating habits change, some 57 percent of U.S. children and teenagers could be obese by age 35, a new study revealed. The study used body mass index, or BMI, data from 41,000 children between ages 2 and 19 to arrive at that figure. BMI considers weight and height in determining if someone is obese. The risk of becoming an obese adult can start as early as age 2. According to the study: “A two-year-old who is obese is more likely to be obese at 35 years of age than an overweight 19-year-old. A child who is severely obese at age two has only a one-in-five chance of not being obese by 35. By age five, that chance is halved to one-in-10.” Children who are severely obese face the greatest risk of remaining obese into adulthood, the study found. Since 1980, the worldwide obesity rate has doubled. About one in three adults in the U.S. are obese, along with one in seven children. (The Blaze)


Turns out the White House is a real dump

Apparently, the White House really is a dump — with work orders showing reports of mice and cockroach infestations in the West Wing, broken toilet seats in the Oval Office and numerous other problems. The documents were made public last week just months after President Trump reportedly criticized the shape that it was left in by the previous administration. White House officials made hundreds of requests for repairs, equipment and pest control in 2017 with the US General Services Administration — many of which were similar to those made in 2016 during President Barack Obama’s final year in office. The work orders were similar in number and included reports of mice, cockroaches and even ants. The vermin reportedly infiltrated numerous areas on the grounds — including the White House Navy mess food hall, the Situation Room and the chief of staff’s office. Some orders listed simple projects such as broken doors and chairs, while others detailed requests for TV systems and new decor. (NBC Washington)


Heading to a meeting? Leave the laptop behind!

Your laptop possesses all kinds of productivity-inducing wonders — but in meetings and lecture halls, those benefits go out the window. “The research is unequivocal: Laptops distract from learning, both for users and for those around them,” according to University of Michigan Professor Susan Dynarski. Studies have shown that laptop use in college classrooms negatively affects the performance of both users and the unfortunate souls nearby. Other research suggests that classic pen and paper is a more effective way to retain information. (The New York Times)


Language Lessons?

Learning a new language undoubtedly offers professional benefits, and demand for bilingual workers is on the rise. But some languages are easier to learn than others. (Quartz)


Monday Brings Us:

*National Cookie Day
*National Dice Day
*National Sock Day
*World Wildlife Conservation Day

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