Monday, June 5, 2017

Nude man chases wife after fight over breakfast

A husband and wife got into a heated argument over where to have breakfast, leading to an arrest, according to police in Wisconsin. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested a 60-year-old woman after she was spotted driving under the influence of alcohol. Early on Tuesday morning, the husband wanted his wife to make breakfast, but the woman wanted to eat at a restaurant. An argument broke out, during which the woman ran out of the home and got into her vehicle. The husband ran out of the home naked, and tried to stop his wife from driving away. A motorist saw the commotion and called the police. Police officer who arrived at the scene, found the woman trying to shut the garage door of her home while in the car. She was arrested at the scene for drunk driving. The husband was not arrested despite being naked in public. (WISC TV)


Antisocial Woman Pretends to Be Blind for 28 Years So She Wouldn’t Have to Greet People

28 years ago, Carmen Jiménez, from Madrid, Spain, became completely blind due to a serious eye injury. At least that’s what she told everyone, including her own family, because she was tired of having to say “hello” to people she didn’t actually want to greet. The 57-year-old woman recently revealed that she had always been able to see perfectly, which left her family in shock, even though they had always suspected that something was of about her condition. Her husband said she would put on her makeup perfectly, and sometimes would see her trying to look at the TV from the corner of her eyes. But what on Earth would poses anyone to fake blindness for nearly three decades? Carmen apparently did it to avoid having to greet and talk to people she didn’t actually like. “I was tired of meeting people on the street and stopping to say hello, I’ve never been very social person, and by pretending to be blind I was able to avoid many social responsibilities,” she said. Apart from having to explain to her family why she lied to them for so many years, and meeting the very people she was trying so hard to avoid, Carmen Jiménez is also facing legal problems, because having registered as a blind person, she has received special financial aid. (Oddity Central)


The crush of rush hour traffic can make motorists do wacky things

A woman pulled over recently by a Minnesota State Trooper for a suspected MnPass lane violation. The trooper walked up to the car and noticed there was a ‘baby on board’ sign in the back window of the vehicle. Turns out there was a baby… but it was fake. Yes, the driver had a baby seat , blankets, all the accessories in back, but the little one was a doll, as plastic as the day is long. The trooper saw the woman driving in the MnPass lane but did not spot the special transponder in her vehicle. After pulling her over he found the doll in the infant car seat, all wrapped up in a blanket as you would a real baby. The woman insisted the car seat belonged to her two-year-old, and that the toddler had wrapped the doll up and strapped her in. Problem was, the car seat was meant for an infant, and there was no way a two-year-old child would fit in it. The only conclusion the trooper could come to was that the motorist was attempting to subvert the car pool rules by using a doll disguised as a passenger. She was cited, and paid a $186 fine. (KHOU TV)


Mother ‘throws two-year-old son down a flight of subway stairs in the Bronx while he is strapped into his stroller’

A toddler has been hospitalized and his mother detained after witnesses told police they saw the woman throw the little boy down a flight of subway stairs in the Bronx. Jessica Mixon, 25, got into a fight with her son’s father before throwing the two-year-old down the subway stairs while he was still strapped into his stroller. According to a witness who watched it all go down, the woman seemed distressed and said she no longer wanted the child. When the boy reached the bottom of the stairs, two witnesses rushed to his aide. The boy was taken to Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, and is serious but stable condition. Mixon is now in custody, and Smith told police after she purposefully shoved the child, she just stood against a wall and watched. Police took her to Bronx Lebanon Hospital for a psychological evaluation before arresting her and charging her with reckless endangerment and assault of a child. (ABC 7 NY)


Ontario man given three tickets by ‘the smoke police’ for having a cigarette alone in his SUV

A 76-year-old man who has been smoking for 60 years in London, Ontario, Canada who enjoys a puff or two when he’s alone in his Porsche SUV, minding his own business and away from others keeps getting harrased by those he calls “the smoke police,” the Smoke-Free Ontario enforcement officers who he believes have placed a no-smoking sign as a target on his back. The provincial anti-smoking laws set out stringent rules banning smoking in enclosed workplaces, enclosed public places, outdoor patios and vehicles where children are passengers and other spaces to protect people from second-hand smoke. But Kraemer scored one for the Marlboro Man last week when he had three workplace smoking infractions dismissed at Provincial Offences Court. Kraemer was slapped with the charges last fall for lighting up inside his luxury SUV in a parking lot just after he’d bought a doughnut and coffee from a restaurant. The vehicle’s ownership is registered to Sparkles and the argument was it is a workplace vehicle although he said it is for his personal use. His defence lawyer successfully argued that the man wasn’t an employee, the SUV wasn’t a workplace where an employee might actually work and that “common sense” would dictate that he wasn’t breaking any smoking law. No vacuum, broom, dustpan, or work papers were found inside the vehicle and there was no distinctive Sparkles logo on the car with the rendering of a young woman with a dust mop that’s on the company’s fleet of white cars with green and yellow signage. The man isn’t even an employee, but he’s a shareholder who is paid with dividends from the business. The justice of the peace agreed that the tickets went a step too far.  (National Post)


Disgruntled man releases bedbugs in city office 

The city manager in Augusta, Maine, says the municipal office building had to be sprayed for bedbugs after a man threw a cup of the pests onto an office counter and about 100 of them scattered off. City Manager William Bridgeo said the man apparently complained Friday to the code enforcement office about bedbugs at his former apartment then left, but returned after he showed the cup of bugs to a manager at his new apartment and was told he couldn’t live there. Bridgeo says the man let the bugs loose in the General Assistance Office where he asked for a form to request assistance and apparently was told he didn’t qualify. Police didn’t immediately say if any charges would be filed. (Yahoo)


Oldest living World War II veteran in Colorado turns 104

World War II Veteran, Nick Westendorf celebrated his 104th birthday with family and friends this past Saturday. He was a mechanic for the U.S. Navy. During his service, he was stationed in the South Pacific and the Philippines. The veteran credits his long life to growing up on a farm. He was born in Illinois in 1913 and he is a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs. He said he’s happy they won the World Series last year. (KDVR Fox 31)



Monday Is Back…. and it brought others like:

*Baby Boomers Recognition Day
*Festival of Popular Delusions Day
*Hot Air Balloon Day
*National Moonshine Day
*National Thank God It’s Monday Day (First Monday)
*National Veggie Burgers Day
*World Environment Day
*Apple II Day

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