Monday, November 27, 2017

Prescott Valley Chief of Police loses gun at library

Prescott Valley, Arizona is asking for the public’s help to find a missing handgun that belongs to the Chief of Police. The Prescott Valley Police Department said on November 9, after attending a town council meeting, Chief of Police Bryan Jarrell entered the restroom at the Prescott Valley Library to change his clothes. According to police, Jarrell accidentally left his gun in a restroom stall. Jarrell noticed the gun was missing on November 13 and reported it to his department. The handgun is described as a Glock 19, 9mm caliber and black in color; serial number: YHC 944. The gun has been entered into the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC). (ABC 15 TV)


Police warn people not to eat spoiled, trash-picked turkeys

Last week, the police department in Falmouth, Maine, had to warn residents to steer clear of black market Butterballs. A supermarket had to discard frozen turkeys that thawed out because of a mechanical failure. Police say the problem is that someone collected them from a trash bin with the idea of redistributing them. Police say people should beware of the black market turkeys because they’re dangerous to consume. They urged any consumers who came across them to put them in the trash where they belong. (AP News)


Firefighters who form a giant human pyramid on top of a moving fire engine cheat death when they smash to the ground

This is the heart-stopping moment firefighters showing off their acrobatic skills at a traditional parade cheat death after losing their balance and smashing to the ground. The nine men had used their ladders to form a human pyramid on top of one of their fire engines driving through the Mexican resort city of Puerto Vallarta at slow speed along streets lined with crowds. But as the vehicle neared the municipal council offices with its sirens sounding full-blast, the pyramid collapsed as the firefighters veered violently to the left and plunged several to the ground. The man at the top – who was fortunately wearing a helmet – could be seen desperately clinging onto his ladder before crashing through a palm tree at the side of the road. Three of the men below him missed the side of the fire engine and ended up injured on the ground. The incident happened during a traditional parade to mark Mexico’s Revolution Day, marking the start of a major ten-year armed struggle which transformed the country’s culture and government. (Daily Mail)


Intruder fell asleep eating Doritos

Last week, a man has been discovered asleep and covered in Doritos after allegedly breaking into a house in Scottland. Police said the man had also eaten half a pie before deciding on a pit stop”. Monklands Police tweeted about the incident, saying the man was no different to anyone who felt tired starting a late shift at work. “He woke up in cuffs,” the tweet added. A Police Scotland spokeswoman said a 46-year-old man would be the subject of a report to the procurator fiscal in connection with the incident. (BBC)


Cycling company causes outrage after suggesting women should buy electric bikes to keep up with their boyfriends

Cycling company Pinarello has pulled an advert that suggested women should buy electric bikes to keep up with their boyfriends after it caused widespread outrage. The brand has launched a new e-bike, called Nytro, and in the press release marketed it at people who are out of shape as they don’t have enough time to train, and women who want to keep up with men. “Nytro aims at a wide target, from the one that has no time to train but would never miss a weekend ride with friends, to women who would like to follow easily the men’s pace, or even the ones who desire to experience cycling as a new way of life, climbing easily and going downhill safely, enjoying every single minute on the bike,” the press release said. Many called the cycling company sexist after it suggested women can’t keep up with men. Pinarello has since pulled the ad. (Telegraph UK)


86-year-old tries to rob Philadelphia bank

Police say an 86-year-old woman tried to rob a bank in Philadelphia. She pushed her walker into TD Bank last Tuesday afternoon (11/21), brandished a revolver and demanded $400. Police arrived at the scene and quickly arrested her. Authorities say the woman’s .38 caliber revolver was not loaded, but she had bullets in her purse. Police have not said what charges, if any, they plan to file. The woman did not comment as she left the bank in handcuffs. (TNOnline)


Online shopping has already broken a new record

Digital ordering brought in $28.6 billion in November through the 21st, a 17.9% jump year over year. And that doesn’t include Cyber Monday, expected to generate $6.6 billion and become the biggest digital sales day in US history. Online merchants seek to cash in on $1.05 trillion in sales during the holiday period. That also means booming business for fulfillment centers, which are working overtime (literally) to support the season’s “shipocalypse.” (CNBC)


This Monday Brings Us:

*Cider Monday (First Monday after Thanksgiving)
*Cyber Monday (First Monday after Thanksgiving)
*National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

*National Craft Jerky Day





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