Monday, October 17, 2016

Sony PS3 Owners Owed Money From ‘Other Operating System’ Class Action Settlement

Apparently, in 2010, Sony removed the ability to install the operating system Linux from the PlayStation 3 though it was a promised feature of the system. Sony disabled the “install other OS” feature during a PS3 software update (a move it claimed was due to piracy concerns), thereby removing the ability to run Linux on it. People sued, and the case was eventually settled. Now, if you can prove that you used the “Other Operating System” feature to install Linux (because it was your only option) then, you’re entitled to a $55 settlement. If you have only proof of purchase for your PS3 at the time, they’ll give you $9 just for that. According to the settlement notice sent out recently: “If you purchased a Fat PS3 in the United States between November 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010, from an authorized retailer for family, personal, and/or household use, you are a Class Member and may be eligible to submit a claim to receive a cash payment. Claims are due by Dec. 7. The money you’re owed should be sent out early next year, pending final approval of the settlement. (LifeHack)


A 23-year-old Google employee lives in a truck in the company’s parking lot and saves 90% of his income

When 23-year-old Brandon headed from Massachusetts to the Bay Area in mid-May to start work as a software engineer at Google, he opted out of settling into an overpriced San Francisco apartment. Instead, he moved into a 128-square-foot truck.The idea started to formulate while Brandon was interning at Google last summer and living in the cheapest corporate housing offered: two bedrooms and four people for about $65 a night (roughly $2,000 a month). “I realized I was paying an exorbitant amount of money for the apartment I was staying in — and I was almost never home,” he says. “It’s really hard to justify throwing that kind of money away. You’re essentially burning it — you’re not putting equity in anything and you’re not building it up for a future — and that was really hard for me to reconcile.”

He started laying the groundwork for living out of a truck immediately, as he knew he’d be returning to work full time in San Francisco. A school year later, he was purchasing a 16-foot 2006 Ford with 157,000 miles on it. It cost him an even $10,000, which he paid up front with his signing bonus. His projected “break-even point” is October 21, according to the live-updating “savings clock” he created on his blog, “Thoughts from Inside the Box.” (Business Insider)


Diet soda may do more harm than good

Diet soda drinkers have the same health issues as those who drink regular soda. Purdue University researchers reviewed a dozen studies published in the past five years that examined the relationship between consuming diet soda and health outcomes for the report, published as an opinion piece in the journal Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism. Artificial sweeteners in diet soda fulfill a person’s craving for a sweet taste without the calories. But that’s the problem, according to researchers. Fake sugar teases your body by pretending to give it real food. But when your body doesn’t get the things it expects to get, it becomes confused on how to respond. On a physiological level, this means when diet soda drinkers consume real sugar, the body doesn’t release the hormone that regulates blood sugar and blood pressure. Diet soda drinkers also tend to pack on more pounds than those who don’t, the report says. (CNN)


Savvy farmer launches a range of country chic lingerie – inspired by TWEED

Tweed and countryside chic was a key trend for outerwear on the catwalks at the Autumn/ Winter 2016 fashion shows. And one savvy farmer has gotten ahead of the fashion pack – by launching Britain’s first ever tweed-inspired underwear range. Oliver Day, who runs Blackers Hill Farm near Chilcompton, Somerset, ploughed his savings into a new business venture after falling milk prices forced him to diversify. But after coming up with the idea, he soon realised that traditional tweed would not be suitable for bras and knickers, as it’s too itchy. Oliver settled for a printed cotton tweed design on the underwear range, Holloa clothing. ‘A Google search confirmed my suspicion that it was an untapped market, so I decided to give it a go.’

Oliver sought the help of designer Joanne Wilderspin, whom he found via a lingerie designers’ group on Facebook. But they quickly discovered the limitations of tweed. ‘I discovered that tweed is actually not structural enough to be used for underwear. Also, it’s itchy.. and perhaps the most major issue is that it’s dry clean only. So we had to revise the concept slightly – it’s now “tweed inspired” rather than actual tweed,’ the father of two explained.  Oliver hopes to tap into the recent trend for country-inspired fashion such as those sold by Jules, Crew Clothing and Boden. (Daily Mail)


Dubai Kicks Off Construction of World’s Tallest Building—Again

Construction on what will be the world’s tallest building by 2020 has officially started in Dubai, home to Burj Khalifa, currently world’s tallest man-made structure. Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, laid the foundation stone on Oct. 10  for the Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour, according to a statement by the Dubai government’s media office. “Years ago, we launched Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world,” Sheikh Mohammed said in the statement. “Today, we are celebrating the foundation of a new structure that represents another phase in our journey to be at the forefront of growth in various sectors.” The project comes even as economic growth in the United Arab Emirates, which includes Dubai, is expected to be the slowest since 2010 after crude oil prices fell by more than half. Home prices may drop by 10 percent in 2017 after a decline of about 7 percent this year. (Bloomberg)


5 Habits of the Most Likable People

The ability to play well with others as a child is a trait that continues to reap benefits through adulthood. For example, when you make others feel good about themselves, they enjoy being around you. Those people then seek you out, which leads to all sorts of opportunities. Here are five simple and practical habits to make yourself more likable:


  1. Smile – Science points to numerous benefits to smiling, and they include influencing how others perceive us. By smiling more, you can actually influence the mood of others and contribute to a more pleasant working environment.


  1. Praise – We all crave praise and acknowledgement of our work, whether we realize it or not. When you take time out to tell someone what you appreciate about him or her, you provide motivation and bring out the best in that person.


  1. Be helpful – “How can I help?” With those four words, they can help you see beyond your own agenda to discover the fulfillment of starting every interaction with a desire to be helpful. Most of the time, it doesn’t take much to be helpful. By cultivating an attitude of helpfulness, you make an impactful difference that others notice.


  1. Get to know others – View those few minutes a day as a small investment that pays rich dividends–in the form of higher-quality working relationships.


  1. Be thankful – Unfortunately, even saying thank you has become more and more rare. But if you really want to make an impression, don’t just say it. Prove it. This doesn’t take much time or money, but it goes a long way in bringing people together and building a positive mood in the workplace.



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