Thursday, April 13, 2017

A husband filled his wife’s car with concrete

In St. Petersburg, a man filled his wife’s car with concrete. Allegedly, she decided to change her last name to participate in a local store’s campaign. The chain of supermarkets “Verny” (Faithful in English) started the campaign “Be Faithful” and offered participants to change their last name to Verny or Vernaya. Everyone is to receive guaranteed cash prize of 50 thousand rubles ($800). Also, two lucky ones will get cars Skoda Oktavia and Skoda Rapid. But, the grand prize is an apartment in Moscow. According to the man, the woman’s irresponsible attitude towards the family name infuriated him. He drove the car to the store and filled it with concrete. (Weird Russsa)


Man kills his wife and himself after fearing Japanese knotweed invasion

A man bludgeoned his wife to death with a perfume bottle and then killed himself after becoming convinced their home was being invaded by Japanese knotweed. Lab technician Dr Kenneth McRae, 52, killed his 55-year-old wife Jane claiming the balance of his mind had become “disturbed” at the thought of the invasive plant spreading into his garden. In a suicide note found by his body he wrote that fear over the damage the plant could cause to the value of his mortgage-free property had convinced him he had no option but to take his life. He added that he had decided to kill his wife because he did not want to leave her a widow without an income. But an inquest into their deaths heard that his obsession about the Japanese knotweed was unfounded and while a patch had been found nearby it had not got onto his land. (The Telegraph)


Recall issued after dead bat found in salad sold at Walmart

Some cases of prepared Fresh Express salads have been recalled after a salad sold at a Florida Walmart was found to contain a dead bat. Fresh Express issued a recall for 5-ounce containers of Organic Marketside Spring Mix with production code G089B19 and the best-if-used-by date of APR 14 2017 after “extraneous animal matter was allegedly found in a single container of the salad.” The announcement said the recall was issued “out of an abundance of caution.” A statement posted online by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed two people had eaten some of the salad from the container before discovering the “animal matter” — dead bat remains. The bat was sent to the CDC rabies lab for laboratory testing because bats in the United States sometimes have been found to have diseases. The deteriorated condition of the bat did not allow for CDC to definitively rule out whether this bat had rabies. The statement said customers whose salads are among those in the recall don’t face any risk unless animal parts were discovered in the container. The CDC said those customers don’t need to contact health authorities.  (PR Newswire)


Disney patents soft body robot for physical interaction with humans (not for sex)

A new patent application from Disney suggests it’s something the company has considered. The document says Disney is developing robots, including “humanoid robots,” that have been “adapted for soft contact and/or interaction with a human.” “To physically interact with children,” the filing says, “the inventors understood that the robot should be soft and durable.” The patent application says Disney has already created a “small, toy-sized” human-looking prototype, which was made via 3D printing and encased in soft material. And it was likely based on a famed Disney character. “This robot’s style and other motions…were modeled after a given animated character (e.g., a character from an animated film or television show),” the patent application says. Disney has not made a statement on the patent, and there’s no word on when or if the company will actually put the robots to work at its parks. (U.S. Patent & Trademark Office)


Police arrest Chicago man driving 158 mph on Indiana Toll Road

Christopher Garza said he knows he shouldn’t have been driving his muscle car at 158 mph recently on the Indiana Toll Road near Gary — he just wanted to help his buddy clear his mind by showing him how fast his new ride could go. When the 30-year-old from Chicago passed an Indiana State Trooper squad car, he decided to slow down and own up, he said. The trooper was parked in his squad car at mile marker 13 when he saw a black 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat traveling “at a high rate of speed”. The trooper clocked the Challenger at 158 mph in a “well-posted 70 mph zone,” and clocked the car a second time at 151 mph, according to police. The car rapidly decreased its speed when it passed the police car. Garza told police he knew he was doing 160 mph and wanted to show his friend “what his 707-horsepower engine could do” and “thought the Indiana Toll Road would be the safest place to do this since it was empty” . Garza was arrested and taken to Lake County Jail, where he was bailed and the Hellcat was towed. Going forward, Garza knows he’ll have to appear in court. Still, Garza said his buddy “had a great time last night and that’s all that matters to (him).” “I’ll deal with the consequences,” Garza said. (Chicago Tribune)


Tesla briefly becomes No. 1 U.S. car maker

Tesla, the electric car maker, cut off General Motors to become the most valuable US car company on the stock market. This comes just a week after Tesla’s stock left Ford Motor behind. Both GM and Ford have been making vehicles for over a century and their names have been synonymous with American manufacturing. Tesla only showed up in the early 2000’s, but its electric, tech-savvy cars became the shiny new toy that all the cool kids had to have. Unlike the old-time brands, sales have been on the up and up. It probably doesn’t hurt that Tesla’s going to intro a more wallet-friendly model later this year. (Market Watch)


Chris Christie Is Now America’s Most Unpopular Governor

Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) is the most unpopular governor in America, according to a Morning Consult poll published earlier this week. The poll found that Christie, a former Republican presidential candidate, has an approval rating of only 25 percent among New Jersey voters while 71 percent of New Jersey voters disapprove of him. After Christie, the poll found that Gov. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) is the second most unpopular governor, followed by Gov. Dan Malloy (D-Conn.), Gov. Rick Snyder (R-Mich.), and Gov. Bill Walker (I-Alaska). The poll found that the two most popular governors in America are Republicans in blue northeastern states: Gov. Charlie Baker (R-Mass.) and Gov. Larry Hogan (R-Md.) Following Baker and Hogan, Gov. Doug Burgum, (R-N.D.), Gov. Phil Scott (R-Vt.) and Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R-S.D.) are the governors most popular in their states. (Morning Consultant)


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