Thursday, April 20th, 2017

90-Year-Old Woman Shot After Scolding Suspect Over Chicken Bones

A 90-year-old woman was struck by gunfire after scolding two people who were allegedly walking down the street throwing chicken bones into yards. This is a case that “illustrates the mentality of some of these suspects who are walking the streets with guns,” Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith says. Authorities believe the man who is accused with throwing chicken bones was the one who came back to the area and fired shots after getting into a verbal altercation with another woman on the street, which caused a 90-year-old woman to be hit by a ricochet along with a 55-year-old man shot in the leg. Neither are believed to be the intended targets. The suspect shot “presumably towards the people he was arguing with on the street,” Smith says. Still, “it’s sad that that even occurred… there’s really no words to explain how silly and stupid something like this is.” Both victims were transported to an area hospital and are in good condition. (CBS Baltimore)


Snake’s attempt to attack motorcyclist caught on camera

A traveler on a Thailand road captured the moment a motorcyclist was almost struck by a snake that lunged at him as he passed. The video, filmed from a car traveling in Lampang, shows the vehicle driving behind a man riding a motorcycle down the rural road. The motorcyclist swerves slightly and kicks up his legs when a snake in the middle of the road lunges toward him. The man’s snake-dodging skills appear to have helped him evade the serpent — but it is unclear whether the snake was similarly lucky enough to avoid being squished by the car’s tires. (Breitbart)


Large python hangs out car window on Houston highway

A Texas woman who spotted something strange hanging from another driver’s window captured video of a large snake airing out its tail on the highway. Amber Cranfill said she initially couldn’t tell what the object was hanging out of the driver’s side window of a car the next lane over from her on Houston’s South Belt. “I thought it was a guy’s arm with tattoos at first,” she said. She posted a photo to Facebook showing what the object actually turned out to be — a large python’s tail. Video of the snake showed it casually hanging its tail out while stretched across the driver’s dashboard. She said she was worried the snake was going to get too much of its body outside the vehicle. “[The driver] would gently pull it back in. I pulled away from the car, because at one point I thought the snake might fall out. I don’t like snakes, but I didn’t want to hit someone’s pet,” Cranfill said. Texas Department of Transportation spokesman Danny Perez said the snake owner’s actions appear top constitute distracted driving. “People’s attention needs to be focused on the road,” he said. “At any time, you can come up on a construction zone, and if you’re distracted, it can have terrible consequences.” (KTRK TV)


Fleeing spiders leave massive cobweb in New Zealand field

Spiders fleeing flooding in a New Zealand town created a massive veil of 100-foot cobwebs that waved in the wind across a field. Tracey Maris said she was visiting Spratt Reserve in Papamoa, a suburb of Tauranga, Sunday (4/16) when she captured video of the spectacular sheet of webs shimmering in a field after flooding in the town caused spiders to flee for higher and dryer ground. “Kind of yuck, but really beautiful at the same time. I was amazed being up on top of the mound seeing how far it stretched for,” Maris said.  Maris said the field of webs was short lived — a dog ran through them shortly after she filmed the video. (UPI)


Kansas firefighters rescue cat, owner from tree

Firefighters in Kansas said they responded to a local tree to rescue a climbing cat — and the feline’s unlucky owner. The Shawnee County Emergency Communications Center said the Topeka Fire Department was dispatched when a call came in about 9:59 p.m. Wednesday about a woman who became stuck in a tree while trying to rescue her cat. Firefighters arrived to find the woman and cat stranded on a branch about 16 feet up in the tree. They were brought down safely. Fire Department Shift Commander Todd Williams said firefighters occasionally are called to perform similar rescues in the area. (CJOnline)


Dog With Jar Stuck On Head For Three Days Rescued

Fort Worth Animal control workers are nursing a 1-year old terrier mix named “Pickle” back to health. The affectionate pooch was found wandering the streets of the Meadowbrook neighborhood last week with a plastic jar around his head. Originally the call reported the dog’s head was in a pickle jar. Thus, the nickname “Pickle” quickly stuck. “When they called us they said the dog was laying down at this point,” said Mize about the dog’s condition. But they were able to pull the plastic container off of is head. “It’s actually one of those cheese ball containers,” described Mize. Animal control workers estimate the plastic container was on poor Pickle’s head for three days. They’re now treating him for dehydration and hope someone will soon adopt the sweet animal with an affinity – like most dogs – for cheese snacks. (CBS DFW)


Calls for New Election in Britain

British Prime Minister Theresa May said she’s moving the country’s parliamentary election up…by three years. The prime minister has the power to call for a “snap election,” meaning earlier than planned, moving the calendar invite up from 2020 to this June because Brexit. Divorce talks with the EU are due to start in June. So May would like this locked up before then. Also, British parliament gets the final “yay” or “nay” on whatever deal she cuts. Right now, May’s party is in charge, but just barely. The opposition parties might not make the final vote easy on her. Parliament will probably give her the thumbs up to make this snap election official. Then candidates will go on a campaign sprint. Right now, May’s party’s leading in the polls – by a lot. If her party wins more seats in this election, she can ride into Brexit talks knowing she’s got solid support back home. (New York Times)



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