Thursday, August 17, 2017

Show and Tell

Costco must pay Tiffany & Co. more than $19 million after selling jewelry falsely identified as “Tiffany” rings. The federal judge’s decision followed a 2015 jury verdict, which found that Costco made $3.7 million after falsely using the Tiffany brand. Costco argued that “Tiffany” was a generic term describing a type of ring setting. For Tiffany & Co., it’s an important victory: A brand that’s all about quality can’t take a reputational hit, particularly as the fine jewelry industry as a whole struggles to “command consumer attention.” (Washington Post)


Hackers are going after millennials looking for jobs.

 Job scams are a growing concern, as more companies shift to digital job applications — and jobseekers under 34 are most at risk, according to a Better Business Bureau survey. Employment scams often advertise jobs that require little to no previous experience, meaning young people have a greater chance of being snared by the tens of thousands of job scams posted each year. (The Wall Street Journal)


The More You Can Focus, the More You Can Achieve

Multitasking actually trains your brain to be less effective and efficient, according to a strategists. So how can you get your head back in gear? Just take a break and do something that reminds you to focus, whether that’s picking a hobby that keeps you centered or just shutting your phone off for an hour. (LinkedIn)


South Carolina became the sixth state to sue opioid makers 

Earlier this week, South Carolina sued Purdue – the company that makes OxyContin. America’s dealing with a major opioid crisis. In recent years, the number of people addicted to opioids like Oxy has gone way up – and tens of thousands of people have died from overdoses. A major part of the problem is that pharma companies have long marketed the painkillers as safe, which in part led doctors to write scripts for them left, right, and center. Last week, President Trump declared the issue a national emergency. Now, South Carolina became the sixth state, along with other hard-hit states like New Hampshire and Ohio, to sue one of the major drug brands. All of these state lawsuits blame drugmakers for downplaying the addiction risks of opioids and hyping up their benefits. But for Purdue, this is deja vu. Back in ’07, the drugmaker said ‘guilty’ to misleading the public about OxyContin in a Justice Department investigation. SC says that the company still hasn’t changed its ways. So TBD on whether this lawsuit will make Purdue give up the habit. (Bloomberg)


Justice demands 1.3M IP addresses related to Trump resistance site

Earlier this week, a web hosting service announced that the Justice Department wants it to hand over information on people who visited a President Trump protest website. The website in question lives on this company’s servers and was involved in organizing protests against Trump on Inauguration Day. This company says the Justice Dept’s warrant filed earlier this year means they’d have to hand over visitors’ contact details and photos, plus more than one million IP addresses. The company also said they’re putting up a fight because they say the request is unconstitutional. It’s unclear why the Justice Dept wants this info but a warrant means that they convinced a judge that it’s necessary. So far, the Justice Department is staying quiet on all of the above. (The Hill)


Diet quality and the attractiveness of male body odor

A recent study found that women preferred the body odor of men who ate a lot of fruits and vegetables, whereas men who ate a lot of refined carbohydrates (think bread, pasta) gave off a smell that was less appealing. Scientists say our sweat can help signal our health status and could possibly play a role in helping to attract a mate. Scientists began to evaluate the link between diet and the attractiveness of body odor by recruiting a bunch of healthy, young men. They assessed the men’s skin using an instrument called a spectrophotometer. When people eat a lot of colorful veggies, their skin takes on the hue of carotenoids, the plant pigments that are responsible for bright red, yellow and orange foods. The carotenoids get deposited in our skin and the spectrophotometer “flashes a light onto your skin and measures the color reflected back,” says Stephen. The results are “a good indicator of how much fruits and vegetables we’re eating”. Stephen and his colleagues also had the men in the study complete food frequency questionnaires so they could determine the men’s overall patterns of eating. Then the men were given clean T-shirts and asked to do some exercise. Afterward, women in the study were asked to sniff the sweat. The women were asked to rate how much they liked it, how floral, how fruity,” and a bunch of other descriptors. It’s a small study, but the results were pretty consistent. Women basically found that men who ate more vegetables smelled nicer. Men who ate a lot of meat did not produce a sweat that was any more — or less — attractive to women. But meat did tend to make men’s odor more intense. (ehbonline)


Facebook and Reddit ban hate groups in wake of Charlottesville

Facebook and Reddit have both confirmed that they’ve shut down numerous hate groups. Reddit says that it shut down the subreddit ‘Physical_Removal’ for content that “incites violence” and thus violates its content policy. Facebook banned several hate groups (including Physical Removal), pulled the event page for the Unite the Right march that conducted the violence in Charlottesville, and removed most links to a Daily Stormer article trying to justify the murder of protester Heather Heyer. (Engadget)


Thursty Thursday Pour’s On:

*Black Cat Appreciation Day
*I Love My Feet Day
*Meaning of “Is” Day
*National Nonprofit Day
*National Thrift Shop Day

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