Thursday, December 7, 2017

A British woman plans to marry a chandelier she bought online

Amanda Liberty, 33, admits she’s hooked on “kisses and cuddles” with the dusty antique who she has dubbed “Lumiere.” Speaking of her wife-to-be, who she spent over $500 shipping over from Europe in 2016, she said: “As soon as I saw Lumiere on eBay, I knew immediately that she was the one for me and it was love at first sight.” After winning the online auction, Liberty patiently waited for her to turn up at her Leeds home, turning to her 24 other chandeliers, who she claims she was in an “open relationship” with before meeting Lumiere. “Last Valentine’s Day I proposed to her, to signify our long lasting love. I hope at some point we will have a commitment ceremony — I haven’t been engaged before so it’s very new and exciting!” Perhaps due to Lumiere’s age, Amanda doesn’t take her to bed every night, preferring to snuggle up with another of her fancy light shades called “Jewel” under the covers. As an Objectum Sexual, someone who is sexually attracted to inanimate objects, all sorts of bits and bobs have caught her eye. Her first relationship was with a drum kit when she was just 14, but as she grew older her tastes developed — and she soon had her eyes on bigger sights. (New York Post)


Russia banned from Winter Olympics over state-sponsored doping

Earlier this week, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said Russia can’t compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Last year, it came out that more than 1,000 Russian athletes had been part of a government-backed doping scandal for years – including some 2014 Olympic winners who later had their medals taken away. Now, the IOC says Russian athletes who weren’t part of the doping scandal and who pass a drug test can compete next year. But they’ll represent an Olympic neutral flag. This is the first time the committee has banned an entire country for doping. (The Guardian)


VP Mike Pence tattled on fraternity brothers for having kegs

Vice President Mike Pence reportedly tattled on his fraternity brothers and told his college’s associate dean that there were kegs inside their Phi Gamma Delta house.  One of his former fraternity brothers said that when the vice president was a sophomore at Hanover College in Indiana, he got his house into hot water with the school. At the time, Pence was the president of his fraternity that was throwing wild parties at their house to imitate the movie “Animal House.” The former Phi Gamma Delta member said they held toga parties despite the college’s strict dry campus rule. The fraternity brothers conducted elaborate schemes to bring the booze into their house in order to throw wild parties. However, Pence was not much of a party animal, but instead was normally the moderator and was dispatched to smooth things out with “the adults” whenever the fraternity came into some trouble. Phi Gamma Delta was throwing a particularly rowdy party one night when the brothers  reportedly heard the associate dean was coming over to the house. The fraternity members quickly hid the kegs and drinking cups before the associate dean knocked on the door. Pence greeted the administrator who informed him that he was aware the fraternity had kegs. Usually, when this type of situation occurred, one of the brothers would take the fall for everyone so the house was not punished. However, Pence directed the administrator to the kegs and said the fraternity owned them. The fraternity was severely punished as a result and some fraternity members were reportedly furious with Pence, but the future politician kept up a good relationship with the school’s administration. After Pence graduated, Hanover College offered him a position in its admissions office. (The Atlantic)


House GOP Postpones Short-Term Spending Bill Vote

With a hard deadline of 12:01 am on December 9th, a bill to fund the US government has hit another snag. The dispute, among House Republican leaders and conservative reps, is over whether the stop-gap measure should cover two weeks — or three. The House Freedom Caucus is arguing for the slightly longer timespan “to separate it from negotiations over the tax bill,” while GOP leaders want to keep a December 22nd deadline to “put them in position to pass another short-term spending bill before Christmas that could carry other provisions still being negotiated.” (The Wall Street Journal)


Bitcoin cracks $12,000

The cryptocurrency hit $12,198.57 Wednesday morning, according to CoinDesk. The news comes a week before bitcoin gets its first futures exchange on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) — a move that will help usher bitcoin into the mainstream and make it easier for investors to get involved. The digital currency’s price has jumped tenfold this year. (CNBC)


 Mom leaves dirty diaper surprise for package thief

A package thief got a stinky surprise after messing with the wrong mom who was fed up after someone stole a package carrying her son’s Christmas baby pajamas. The child made his own contributions to her plan for retribution. She and her husband are new parents of a mellow, 4-month-old named Ben. She said it’s a yearly tradition in her family to have children take a photo in their Christmas pajamas, so she ordered some online. When she realized the package was stolen she got frustrated. She taped up a box filled with 10 to 15 of her son’s dirty diapers along with a note reading, “Enjoy this you thief!” and left it on the porch. The next day, the box was gone. How dirty were the diapers? “Well, he’s been sick the last week, so we’ll just leave it at that,” Boliek said. “It’s pretty gross.” She called Hillsboro police. An officer said that they don’t have any leads at this point in either the theft of the pajamas or the No. 2 package. “It was kind of a little bit of a relief and it was fun to come home and see that it was gone,” Boliek said. “We had quite a good laugh thinking about someone opening up the box of dirty diapers, thinking that they’re gonna get something good and it’s not.” Police don’t necessarily recommend her tactics. (KATU TV)


Google yanks YouTube from Amazon devices as bitter feud heats up

Google is pulling its popular YouTube video service from Amazon’s Fire TV and Echo Show devices in an escalating feud that has caught consumers in the crossfire. The decision to block YouTube is retaliation for Amazon’s refusal to sell some Google products that compete with Amazon gadgets. That includes Google’s Chromecast streaming device, an alternative to Fire TV, and an internet-connected speaker called Home, which is trying to catch up to Amazon’s market-leading Echo. Amazon’s high-end Echo Show has a screen that can display video. “Given this lack of reciprocity, we are no longer supporting YouTube on Echo Show and Fire TV,” Google said in a Tuesday statement. (New York Post)



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