Thursday, January 4, 2018

Norway powers ahead (electrically): over half new car sales now electric or hybrid

Sales of electric and hybrid cars rose above half of new registrations in Norway in 2017, a record aided by generous subsidies that extended the country’s lead in shifting from fossil-fuel engines. Pure electric cars and hybrids, which have both battery power and a diesel or petrol motor, accounted for 52 percent of all new car sales last year in Norway against 40 percent in 2016. Norway exempts new electric cars from almost all taxes and grants perks that can be worth thousands of dollars a year in terms of free or subsidized parking, re-charging and use of toll roads, ferries and tunnels. It also generates almost all its electricity from hydropower, so the shift helps to reduce air pollution and climate change. (Reuters)


Delta flight returns to Detroit because of bird in cockpit

A recent flight from Michigan to Georgia was forced to turn back after a bird entered the plane, Delta officials said. Shortly after Flight 1943 to Atlanta took off from Detroit Metro Airport, pilots noticed a small bird had made its way into the flight deck. Officials determined it had entered the plane during boarding and flown into the cockpit. The bird, which the captain believed was a hummingbird, was so small staff was unable to find it after more than an hour of searching, prompting the captain to turn the plane around. (USA Today)


Hundreds of thousands of foreign workers are at risk of deportation

The Trump administration is considering new regulations to halt some H-1B visa extensions. The ruling change reportedly under consideration would stop the practice of essentially indefinitely renewing the visa that is designed to allow US employers to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations if the person has a pending green card application. The measure, which would significantly impact Indian nationals (as many as 500,000, the Times of India estimates) is part of the administration’s “Buy American, Hire American” initiative to open up more jobs for US citizens. (McClatchy)


Hoda Kotb Named to Replace Matt Lauer as Co-Anchor of NBC’s ‘Today’

Hoda Kotb will permanently replace Matt Lauer as co-anchor of NBC’s “Today” after he was fired in November over allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. The reason why this is making big news is because the appointment is the first time two women will be the program’s official main hosts. Despite a growing number of scandals in the morning TV landscape, ratings have remained more or less unaffected — “Today” even got a ratings boost — by recent harassment scandals. (New York Times)


Daughter of police chief faces heroin charges

The daughter of a New Hampshire police chief has been charged with possessing and selling heroin. Berlin, N.H. Police Chief says he is devastated by the news and never saw it coming when his 31-year-old daughter was arrested just before Christmas on heroin charges. The Berlin Police Department received a tip that the PD Chief’s daughter was involved in drug activity. Police investigated without making the chief aware. She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted of the felony charge. The police chief says he’s grateful that officers worked to protect the integrity of the agency during the investigation by working with state police. His daughter has been released from jail and the family is focusing on getting her treatment and help. (WMUR TV)


FYI: Brad Pitt uses his real name when flirting

Brad Pitt uses his given name when chatting with adoring women. It’s reported that he flirted with a woman and introduced himself as “William” on a caffeine run at Coffee Commissary in Los Angeles recently. “He arrived by motorcycle, wearing sunglasses, jeans and a leather jacket prior to starting up a conversation with a blonde in line. When the woman said, “I’m Lydia,” Brad Pitt put out his hand and said, “Hi, I’m William.” She replied, “Oh, you look like a Bradley.” And he responded, “Well, that’s my middle name” and smiled and winked at her, according to one source. As Lydia exited she said, “Nice to meet you, Bradley … I mean William.” He laughed to himself, then got on his bike. (Page Six)


Mike Tyson’s Marijuana Ranch Is Going To Be A Giant “Cannabis Resort”

Mike Tyson, whose career has spanned from world heavyweight champion to actor to pop culture icon, is adding another title: Marijuana kingpin. The man once known as Iron Mike could soon be known as “Stoned Mike” as he has broken ground on a 40-acre ranch in California that aims to be a “cannabis resort” for growers and enthusiasts of the drug. Located in the Mojave Desert, some 110 miles north of Los Angeles and just a stone’s throw from Edwards Air Force base, Tyson Ranch will set aside 20 acres for marijuana cultivation by “master growers” to develop new strains. It also plans to offer an “edibles factory,” an amphitheater and an upscale campground. Tyson has not yet announced a scheduled opening date for Tyson Ranch. (Fortune)


First Thirsty-Thursday of the New Year Comes With:

  • Dimpled Chad Day
  • I Am A Mentor Day
  • Pop Music Chart Day
  • National Spaghetti Day
  • National Trivia Day
  • Tom Thumb Day
  • World Braille Day
  • World Hypnotism Day

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