Thursday, June 1, 2017

Missing woman found alive 5 days after car accident

A Rochester woman who had been missing since Tuesday (5/23) has been found.  Sharon Lee Leaming, 70, was found alive Sunday (5/28) after her vehicle had gone over a 30-foot embankment. Her family told that she survived on bananas, Pop-Tarts and 3 bottles of water. The Washington State Patrol says late Sunday that the woman had a medical emergency prior to her crash. According to the sheriff’s office, she was last seen Tuesday morning when she left her home for a family property in North Cove. (The Olympian)


Albania authorities stop sale of a bear cub on the Internet

Albanian environment officials say they have stopped the sale of a 3-month-old bear cub on the Internet. Environment Ministry spokeswoman said recently that a shepherd found the bear stuck in rocks at Shen Meri village, 20 miles east of the capital. She said the shepherd, who put the animal up for sale, was detained, fined and released. The bear, which has been named Rei, was taken to a zoo park where experts would assess whether it was safe to return it to the wild or take it to a sanctuary. Some 50 caged bears are used by restaurants, resorts and individuals as lures to attract people as customers, or to take a picture, or charge admission at a time when the wild bear population, estimated at 100-150, has been declining. Last year 16 rescued brown bears were taken to sanctuaries in Kosovo, Germany, Greece, Italy and Bulgaria. Albania does not have a sanctuary and the government is working to raise funds to start building one, near the Dajti Mountain, close to Tirana, for the remaining captive ones. Authorities also say they are working to prepare legislation to make it a crime to take a bear from the wild. (Fox News)


South Carolina men charged for forcing alligator to drink beer

Wildlife officials in South Carolina said two men are facing charges after Snapchat photos showed them forcing a baby alligator to drink beer. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said they two guys are facing misdemeanor charges of harassing wildlife after investigators were made aware of a Facebook post containing saved Snapchat photos of the men handling a baby alligator. The photos show the men pouring beer “shotgun” style into the gator’s mouth and blowing smoke into the reptile’s face. The department said Floyd told investigators he and Brown found the alligator trying to walk across a road. He said the animal was released into a nearby pond, where it appeared to be swimming away without difficulty. “Alligators are protected under state law and even federal law where they are still listed as threatened solely due to their similarity of appearance to other endangered crocodilians worldwide,” SCDNR Alligator Program Coordinator Jay Butfiloski said. The two suspects are each facing fines of up to $300. (South Carolina Department of Natural Resources)


A couple in Alberta, Canada had just gotten engaged aboard a hot air balloon before it suddenly crashed

A romantic moment aboard a hot air balloon nearly ended in tragedy when the balloon crashed just moments after a couple got engaged on board. The bride-to-be had just said yes to her boyfriend’s proposal in the sky near Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada on Saturday. She tells reporters that the balloon then quickly began falling out of the sky and the pilot told the 10 passengers aboard to brace themselves. Peters says the balloon landed in a tree. The pilot was able to free it for a bit before hitting another tree and then the ground. Peters says it dragged for another 100 to 200 feet before finally coming to a stop. No one was hurt. Martin told everyone that the crash has given him an “awesome” proposal story. (ABC News)


Man accused of 6th DUI after allegedly passing out on lawn mower

A 34-year-old Lincoln man was arrested for his sixth DUI after passing out on a riding lawn mower late Thursday, according to a court document. A caller told dispatch an intoxicated man was lying near a lawn mower in the intersection at 10th and Peach streets about 9:30 p.m. The driver, later identified as Ryan J. O’Toole, appeared to have been going south — against one-way traffic — on 10th and had been in the process of turning west on Peach Street when he fell off the mower, the document says. Officers were able to wake up O’Toole and noted he smelled strongly of alcohol, his speech was slurred and his eyes bloodshot. O’Toole refused to give the officer his ID and when asked to put his hands behind his back because he was too intoxicated to care for himself, he struggled momentarily with the officer, according to the document. Officers said O’Toole had been driving from one address to another on the lawn mower while drinking beer. He was checked out by Lincoln Fire and Rescue, then taken to jail on suspicion of sixth-offense DUI. O’Toole refused a chemical test. The document says O’Toole has five convictions for DUI, two in 2010, one in 2011 and two in 2013.  Lincoln Police Sgt. Randy Clark said it is illegal to drive a lawn mower on the street. Judge Timothy Phillips set his bond at $250,000 and was still in custody. (Lincoln Journal Star)


Mom locked kids in trunk while she shopped at Wal-Mart 

A 39-year-old Utah woman has been arrested after she allegedly locked her two young children in her car’s trunk while she went inside a Wal-Mart store to shop. Riverdale police say witnesses heard the children ages 2 and 5 making noise and saw the car shaking, got the older child to pull the emergency latch and called 911. “Several good Samaritans observed this and came to the aid of the children,” Police Lt. Casey Warren told Deseret News in Utah. Tori Lee Castillo remains jailed on suspicion of child abuse after being arrested Thursday evening when she returned to the car. Warren says the state child welfare was contacted and the children were turned over to a responsible party. (Deseret News Utah)


Dog eats football player’s passport as he was set to travel overseas for game 

A football player in the United Kingdom, was shocked to discover that his dog chewed his passport, leaving him unable to travel overseas for a game. 27-year-old Matt Shepherd of Cornwall, was set to travel to Spain to take part in the upcoming England Counties football matches. Shepherd, who played for Plymouth Albion, took out his passport to check the expiration date. Instead of putting his passport back in a safe place, Shepherd left it on a table. He went out for several minutes, and when he came back, Shepherd realized that his 7-month-old dog had destroyed his passport by chewing on it. The dog was on a bed and playing with what was left over of the passport. Shepherd was left with no choice but to drive eight hours to Newport Passport Office in Wales, to get an emergency passport in order to get to Spain in time for the match. Officials agreed to issue him a new passport immediately as Shepherd will represent the country on the upcoming tour. Shepherd even made it back in time for a practice game between Cornwall and Lancashire in Twickenham. Shepherd said that he learned from this incident never to leave important documents within reach of dogs. He also said that he was not angry with the dog because this was just what puppies do. (World Wide Weird News)


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