Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mom charged after boy’s teeth pulled in Walmart restroom

Authorities say a woman in American Fork, Utah, pulled two of her son’s teeth in a Walmart restroom. Prosecutors said that the 47-year-old woman bought hand sanitizer and needle-nose pliers from the store, then took them into the restroom and pulled two of her 7-year-old son’s teeth. Police say the boy’s older brother heard the child screaming and got him out of the restroom. Charging documents say the boy told his brother that one of the teeth was loose, but the other was only slightly loose. Prosecutors say the woman didn’t use any kind of anesthetic. The woman was charged with felony child abuse. No attorney was immediately listed for her in court records. (Yahoo)


‘Extremely hangry’ woman fights McDonald’s employee

A woman gave new meaning to the word “hangry” Saturday as she fought with McDonald’s employees over the delivery of a meal at a Des Moines restaurant. Two men and a woman ordered McChicken sandwiches about 9 p.m. CT, but apparently were hungry and upset about the wait time, according to a police report. The heated, profanity-laden argument continued between McDonald’s staff and the woman, the video shows. The manager is seen handing the woman a McChicken sandwich she ordered, but the woman rejects it and throws the chicken sandwich back in her face. Two men with the woman soon approached the counter and an employee attempted to dial 911, but the woman knocked the phone out of her hand and then punched her, the employee told police. In the video, the manager holds back a punch, which prompts the woman to climb the counter and throw punches of her own. She knocks over a couple of bottles and the fighting continues. After the woman went across the counter, a man she was with went through a door behind the counter and grabbed the woman around the throat with his arm, the report states. As many as nine people behind the counter were involved in the altercation, with staff and the two men among others having to separate the manager and woman. The men and women then left and were not at the McDonald’s when police arrived. Employees said they believed the irate customers were intoxicated. Two employees were shoved during the altercation, but none was hospitalized for injuries. Amanda Gravely, 34, of Des Moines, captured video of the incident while she was in the drive-thru with her husband and children. (KHOU TV)


Viral video shows rat inside California cupcake bakery’s case

A popular Los Angeles-area cupcake restaurant said a “structural malfunction” was partially to blame for a rat being caught on video in a display case. A video shows a rat running around inside a display case at Sprinkles Cupcakes in Glendale’s The Americana at Brand shopping center. Spokeswoman Jennifer Warren confirmed the video is real and the store was temporarily closed for clean-up operations. In her statement, she said “We deeply regret that an unfortunate set of circumstances, including a structural malfunction, led to this incident. Immediately upon learning of the situation, we voluntarily shut down the bakery and addressed the property with a team of food-safety experts, as well as our landlord.” She also said the shop has since reopened and officials are confident the implemented measures will prevent a repeat incident. The Los Angeles County Public Health Department, which said the cupcake bakery has consistently earned “A” ratings since opening three years ago, said it is investigating the incident. (KTLA TV)


Uber has fired more than 20 employees in connection with a workplace investigation

Recently, a law firm investigating Uber presented some of its findings to them. The firm looked into hundreds of complaints. Now, some employees – including senior execs – have been shown the door. And dozens more are getting counseling or training. Earlier this year, a former Uber engineer wrote a blog post about why she left the company. She said she experienced sexual harassment and a pattern of sexism at the company – and that HR ignored her complaints. The blog post went viral. Uber immediately launched multiple investigations – including one led by former Attorney General Eric Holder – into sexual harassment claims and overall office culture. This is just one of the many bumps in the road for Uber this year. First, there was #DeleteUber. Then, CEO Travis Kalanick was caught on tape yelling at an Uber driver. Oh, and then the Department of Justice launched an investigation into Uber’s use of software that helped drivers avoid law enforcement. In a matter of months, Uber – valued at around $70 billion – has gone from the Silicon Valley company to watch to a major PR disaster. Now, as these investigations wrap up, Uber is trying desperately to make a U-turn. (Forbes)


President Trump took sides in the Persian Gulf’s neighborhood feud?

Earlier this week, four Arab countries – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates – said ‘it’s not us, it’s you’ and cut off all diplomatic ties with Qatar. Qatar: the very tiny, very rich Mideast country that shares a border with Saudi Arabia. Its neighbors say it supports organizations with ties to Islamist extremist groups, as well as Iran – Saudi Arabia’s rival and a sponsor of terror groups. Qatar says ‘not true’ to all of the above. Making things more complicated, these countries – including Qatar – are US allies in the fight against ISIS. US Sec of State Rex Tillerson has been calling on everyone to talk it out. But yesterday, Trump took the mic to support the breakup. He said it’s proof that his recent push to get the region to do more to fight terrorism is “already paying off.” Memos, crossed. (Bloomberg)


What to say to your friend who’s started getting mammograms

A new study says it’s safe for breast cancer survivors to have babies. Estrogen can sometimes cause cancer cells to grow and spread. Estrogen is also the hormone that kicks into overdrive when you’re pregnant. Leading some survivors to fear that getting pregnant could bring their cancer back. But these researchers followed 1,200 breast cancer survivors for a decade – and found that getting pregnant did not mean women were also more likely to get sick again. (ABC News)


In other good news for moms-to-be…

Puerto Rico says its Zika epidemic is over. Reminder: Zika’s the virus transmitted by mosquitos that usually leads to minor symptoms, but can cause serious birth defects for babies born to infected moms. Puerto Rico has had tens of thousands of cases since last year. Now, it says the number of newly-infected people has gone way down since the epidemic was at its peak. The virus is also getting swatted away in parts of South America, which was hit hard by Zika. (CNN)



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