Thursday, May 25, 2017

Big data is watching

Google’s new tools for advertisers promises to tie your offline credit card data together with all your online viewing to tell advertisers exactly what’s working as they try to target you and your wallet. “In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out store sales measurement at the device and campaign levels. This will allow you to measure in-store revenue in addition to the store visits delivered by your Search and Shopping ads,” Google explained to advertisers during its annual conference for marketers yesterday (5/24) in San Francisco, CA. That’s very literally a collection of spending data matched to the people who spent it, matched in turn to people who saw ads. On top of that, the larger picture of big data is, frankly, kind of overwhelming. FTC research has found that has found that cross-device tracking is everywhere and poorly disclosed. (Consumerist)


Chinese kindergarten teacher jabs hypodermic needle into misbehaving pupils

A kindergarten teacher in eastern China has been detained and fined 500 yuan (US$73) for using a hypodermic needle to punish misbehaving pupils, local police said in a public statement on social media. The teacher first used the needle to frighten nine recalcitrant kids at the Noah Paris Metropolitan Kindergarten who refused to take their afternoon naps on time. When the deterrent didn’t work, Shen jabbed the needle into the buttocks of several of the children, police said. Parents of the affected children found “red dots and small cuts” on their children’s buttocks. The teacher had jabbed the pupils but did not inject anything into their bodies, police said. Police found a syringe in the classroom containing gouache water paint. Another teacher at the kindergarten was also dealt with by the local education department, according to the police statement, but it did not say whether Fan also jabbed the pupils. Shen’s punishment drew criticism online as many internet users thought the teacher got off too lightly. (South China Morning Post)


Pastor attempting to walk on water like Jesus is eaten by crocodiles

A pastor was killed in front of his congregants after trying to prove that he can walk on water like Jesus. The pastor was trying to walk on water in the river when he was eaten by 3 crocodiles. The pastor, identified as Jonathan Mthethwa, tried to demonstrate that he can walk across the river, which is known as Crocodile River. Church members said that the Pastor fasted and prayed all week long before embarking on the difficult feat to teach his congregants about faith. Church member Deacon Nkosi said that the pastor taught the congregants about faith on Sunday, and he promised to demonstrate his faith to his followers. Unfortunately, he drowned and his body was eaten by 3 large crocodiles in front of horrified onlookers. Emergency workers arrived, but it was too late as the pastor was already eaten by the crocodiles. (Daily Express)


Security Nightmare As British Jihadi Brides Start Returning to the UK?

British jihadi brides are returning to the UK after being widowed or growing tired of life with extremists, it’s been claimed. Up to 10 British women and their children have left the ISIS ‘caliphate’ very recently and ‘a couple’ have entered the UK – numbers apparently backed up by both counter-terrorism sources and a former jihadi bride. UK police and Home Office officials anticipate more women will arrive this year, some having grown disillusioned with the restrictions of life with Muslim fundamentalists. An estimated 50 women have quit the UK for Iraq and Syria in the last few years, some accompanying their husbands and children, others going alone. But as the grip of Isis has weakened in its territories, life for the brides has become more difficult. It is believed a total of 850 British men and women have left to go to Iraq and Syria. Of these, about 130 are thought to have been killed and nearly 350 have returned to the UK. Those returning face police questioning if detected, but arrest is not guaranteed. They may not even be the subject of state surveillance depending on the perceived risk they  pose or any plots they carried out before leaving the UK. With resources stretched, their return is a serious conundrum for Britain’s security services. (Heatstreet)


Fourth-grade teacher pleads guilty to kissing boy, 10, on the lips for gummy bears

Fourth-grade teacher Brian Kornbluth, 28, pleaded guilty to a charge of battery last week. The teacher at the Boca Raton charter school Somerset Academy was arrested back in February after another teacher reported “unusual requests” to the principal, cops said. The boy told police he was called down to the empty classroom at about 7:25 a.m. to get gummy bears. That’s when surveillance cameras, which the principal purposely positioned to face Kornbluth’s desk, caught him briefly kissing the student on the lips. The boy’s sister also alleged that Kornbluth kissed her on the lips once the previous year, which Kornbluth denied. Police said he admitted to kissing the boy. Kornbluth is reportedly still allowed to teach while on probation. His attorney said he is not currently in a classroom, but does plan to continue his career in education. The police department has additionally received some backlash by critics who say the release of the video is inappropriate. (AOL)


Thursday Thursday Brings Us:

*Cookie Monster’s Birthday
*National Missing Children’s Day
*National Tap Dance Day
*National Wine Day
*Nerd Pride Day or Geek Pride Day
*Red Nose Day
*Towel Day
*Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Day (Thursday of Memorial Day week)

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