Thursday, May 4, 2017

Woman arrested after allegedly offering sexual favors for chicken nuggets

A Florida woman is facing prostitution charges after allegedly offering to have sex with an undercover law enforcement officer for $25 and some chicken nuggets. Alex Direeno was arrested April 25 in Manatee County, Florida. An undercover officer said Direeno was coming out of a gas station in Bradenton, Florida, and waved at the officer. Direeno told another woman the officer was her boyfriend and she got into his vehicle, according to the deputy’s report. The deputy said Direeno negotiated sexual favors for $25 and chicken nuggets. Direeno was arrested by the Manatee County Special Investigative Division. Authorities said they found two hypodermic needles, several small plastic bags, a spoon and a burned glass pipe in her purse. She faces charges of prostitution and possession of drug paraphernalia. (KOCO TV)


Teen Hits Head Jumping Into Bass Pro Aquarium

Charges are pending for a teen who jumped into the main aquarium at Bass Pro Shops in Stapleton, Colorado. The teen suffered a head injury after witnesses say he jumped from a ledge about 30 feet high. Witnesses said the teen jumped into the tank while his friends recorded video inside the store. The large signature tank in every Bass Pro Shops across the country have native fish that customers enjoy viewing. Teens have posted video on social media of others pulling the same prank at different stores in various states. Bass Pro Shops brought in an animal care team to assess the fishes’ health. A company spokesman said the aquatic animals were doing okay. A Denver Police spokeswoman said the teen was required to go into the station in the upcoming week to meet with detectives. There was no word on his condition. Professionals will continue to monitor how the fish are doing in the Bass Pro aquarium. (Denver CBS)


Man pours liquid feces under woman’s door because she made too much noise

A man who could not take the noise of his neighbor, decided to stink up her apartment to get her to be quiet, according to police in Illinois. Lakeview police said that they have arrested the 29-year-old man after being accused of pouring urine and feces under the  20-year-old woman’s door. In court, he pleaded guilty to criminal damage to property and is ordered to serve two years probation. (CWB Chicago)


Facebook rejects claims of gender bias in its engineering department

It came out that female engineers at Facebook are allegedly less likely than male engineers to have their work green-lighted. Specifically, code written by women gets rejected more often than code written by men. Facebook says this is not true, and followed up with its own analysis showing that code rejection is more often based on someone’s rank, not gender. Either way, not a good look for an industry getting a lot heat for how it treats women. (Tech Crunch)


Facebook can tell when teens feel insecure

Facebook reportedly tracks teenagers’ moods based on their posts. Facebook execs in Australia reportedly passed this sort of data along to an advertiser. Leading some people to believe Facebook is helping marketers take advantage of teens. Facebook says that wasn’t the intent of the report and that it doesn’t “offer tools to target people based on their emotional state.” (USA Today)


Friend flushes baseball fan’s remains down ballpark toilets

A New York City man is on a mission to flush the cremated remains of his lifelong friend — a plumber — down ballpark toilets around the country. Tom McDonald tells The New York Times that it’s a fitting tribute for Roy Riegel. The two baseball fans were childhood friends in Queens, not far from — wait for it — Flushing Meadows, where the Mets play. Like baseball, this endeavor has rules. The game has to be in progress when the ashes are sprinkled into the toilet from a little plastic bottle. So far, he’s done the deed at 16 stadiums. In Cleveland, McDonald flushed ashes at both Progressive Field and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In Chicago, McDonald did his duty at a White Sox game, skipping Wrigley Field because the Cubs are longtime rivals of the Mets. Riegel’s family agreed to share a portion of the ashes after his death in 2008. McDonald spoons out a little each time, from an old peanut can, wrapped in Mets ticket stubs, that he keeps next to World Series highlight videos and his collection of 149 baseball Hall of Fame autographs. Hank Riegel, of Waterloo, New York, said his brother would appreciate the offbeat gesture. McDonald has enough ashes left for one more tribute. He hopes to do it at Durham Athletic Park in North Carolina, where the 1988 movie “Bull Durham” was filmed. (Yahoo)


Patient dies after local mayor takes Brazilian hospital’s last oxygen cylinder so he can use it to pump BEER at a party

A mayor has been charged with murder after taking away the only oxygen cylinder from his town’s health service so he could pump BEER at a private party. Photos posted online of Brazilian Jose Claudio Pol’s New Year’s Eve party show him and his family using the compressed oxygen cylinder in order to dispense beer from a keg. But on the same night a patient who needed oxygen was found to have died because the cylinder had gone missing. Pol, 58, who was mayor of Luiziana, southern Brazil, was suspended from his post after the photos emerged, but will now face trial after a technical report showed that his actions caused the death of the patient. (Daily Mail)


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