Thursday, November 2, 2017

California woman sues Sephora after claiming she got HERPES from using a lipstick sample in Hollywood store

A California woman is suing Sephora after claiming she contracted herpes from using one of the cosmetic store’s lipstick samples. The woman said she visited a store in Hollywood back in October 2015 and used one of the sample lipsticks on display. She claims she ended up with the incurable disease on her lip, according to court documents. The woman says doctors diagnosed her with the STD. She said she did not have herpes before going to the Sephora store. The lawsuit claims Sephora failed to warn her, as well as other customers, of the dangers of using lipstick samples. She said other cosmetic stores offer individualized samples or help from staff to avoid contracting diseases like herpes. The woman is suing the company for an unspecified amount for causing emotional distress due to the ‘incurable lifelong affliction’. Sephora has not yet commented on the lawsuit. (TMZ)


The Indian School Where All Students Learn to Write with Both Hands 

A small school in rural India is gaining attention over the fact that all 300 students are ambidextrous. Data shows that only one percent of the global population is ambidextrous, but the ambitious founder of Veena Vandini School, in Madhya Pradesh, is aiming to change that, starting at a local level. The school founder stated that he was inspired to focus on ambidexterity training by India’s first president Rajendra Prasad (in office from 1950 to 1962) who was ambidextrous. “We began training students from standard I and by the time they reach standard III, they were comfortable writing with both the hands,” Sharma added. “Students of standard VII and VIII can write with speed and accuracy. Further, they can write two scripts simultaneously, one with each hand. Students also know several languages, including Urdu.” However, a Scientific American study revealed that ambidextrous children performed worse than left- or right-handers on a range of skills, especially in math, memory, and logical reasoning. A study in Northern Finland indicated that children who are ambidextrous are much likelier to develop mental health issues, including ADHD, language problems, and academic problems. (Daily Mail


Bobcat in bathroom of Oklahoma newspaper startles publisher

A small-town Oklahoma newspaper publisher found a startling front-page story practically in his newsroom: There was a hissing bobcat in the bathroom. Sapulpa Herald publisher Darren Sumner says the wild animal jumped at him one recent morning as he was heading into the restroom at his office in Sapulpa, a Tulsa suburb. Sumner shut the door and trapped the adult male cat inside until police and a game warden arrived. Wildlife control workers captured the bobcat in a cage and released it in nearby Pawnee County. Neither Sumner nor the wild cat was injured in the confrontation. Sumner said the animal likely got into his building through an open door. (Yahoo)

Homes in the US are being snatched up at the fastest pace in 30 years

A US home now sits on the market for just three weeks — one week less than the same time last year, according to a new report by the National Association of Realtors that surveyed 8,000 home buyers. A limited supply has also resulted in 42% of buyers paying at least the listing price, making it more difficult for first-time home buyers to enter the market.  (Bloomberg)


Americans are getting into the Halloween spirit

Spending for the holiday is expected to reach a new record of $9.1 billion for costumes, candy, decorations and more — a significant bump from last year’s $8.4 billion. Sweets will make up a seasonally adjusted $4.1 billion alone thanks in part to an increase in consumer confidence, according to the National Confectioners Association. Halloween sales are contributing to an overall positive outlook for holiday sales, which are expected to bring in up to $682 billion. (ABC News)


U.S. states allege broad generic drug price-fixing collusion

Earlier this week, a group of US attorneys general made moves to expand a lawsuit against drugmakers over price-fixing. The suit claims that 18 companies conspired to fix prices for more than a dozen generic drugs. For years, pharma companies have been getting shade for hiking up prices of brand-name drugs (i.e EpiPen). Then last year, states accused certain drug companies of doing the same with generic drugs. Bad look, since generics are supposed to be more affordable, and treat life-threatening conditions like diabetes. Now, the AG’s reportedly want the companies to pay back the states and consumers. A judge has to sign off to let them officially expand the lawsuit, but it means more drug makers could be swallowing a bitter pill. (Reuters)


Nurse tries to perform exorcism on inmate having seizure at Oklahoma County Jail

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an exorcism investigation at the county jail after a nurse was accused of performing it on an inmate. The inmate died the next day, and Sheriff’s Office officials said the nurse is no long performing medical services at the Oklahoma County Jail. Authorities said instead of helping a female inmate having a medical episode, the nurse tried to perform an exorcism. The inmate, 32-year-old Amanda Freeman, died shortly after. Freeman was in the jail after she was arrested on a drug complaint. An autopsy report says her death was a result of horrible trouble due to methamphetamine use. The nurse was called in to help when Freeman was having what officials said was a seizure. A jail guard told the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation that the nurse attempted an exorcism on Freeman. The Sheriff’s Office officials said they conducted a personnel investigation and gave the information to the district attorney. As of Tuesday night, the nurse is not facing any criminal charges. Officials with Armor Health, which is contracted through the jail, said she had been their nurse since 2011. As of Friday, she was no longer employed by the company. (KOCO TV)


Thirsty Thursday gives us a round of:

*All Souls Day 
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*National Deviled Egg Day
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*National Traffic Professionals Day
*Plan Your Epitaph Day

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