Thursday, November 3, 2016

A woman completed a half marathon run while pushing a stroller containing her triplets

A North Carolina mother of four children may have set a Guinness World Record after racing a half-marathon while pushing her 14-month-old triplets in a stroller. Suzy Goodwin, 35, ran the North Carolina Halloween Half Marathon in Fayetteville this past Sunday in 2 hours, 1 minute and 19 seconds, according to race results. She has submitted her official race time to the Guinness Book of World Records. If it’s approved, she will set the world record in a new category: completing a half-marathon with a triple stroller. Also the mother of a 3-year-old son, she said she has run 50 marathons in 42 states since she started running 15 years ago. After finding that the triplets enjoyed being in the stroller while she ran, she raced to a first place female finish in a 5K in May and then was inspired to set a world record. She said she ran the race to support the nurses and doctors of the neonatal intensive care unit at Cape Fear Valley Health, where her triplets — Charlotte, Gabriel and Gideon — spent the first 10 weeks of their lives. She added, “This is the biggest way I know to say thank you and honor the work God did through the NICU nurses and doctors.” (ABC News)


 Man picks up restaurant bill, friend treats him to beating

What started as a friendly tussle over the bill for a meal in Guangzhou ended with one man in a coma and another in police custody. The victim was hospitalized on October 25 over injuries sustained outside a Yuexiu district eatery. His attacker had become infuriated when his friend denied him the honor of treating the group and caused him to “lose face.” Police said they met at a bar at 2 am while out with friends. The group decided to continue their get-together at a nearby restaurant. But when the bill came, a well-meaning argument broke out between two men. One managed to settle up, a gesture that the other took as an insult. Police said the man later assaulted his friend outside the restaurant before leaving the scene in a taxi, leaving his victim unconscious. Police officers picked up the mad friend and he faces assault charges. (Globaltimes)


Not Lovin’ It?

Two years after the National Labor Relations Board General Counsel declared that McDonald’s could be held responsible for franchisees’ bad labor practices, the fast food giant has agreed, for the first time, to pay $3.75 million to settle a lawsuit that claimed the company was liable for labor law violations by a California franchisee. McDonald’s will pay about 800 employees at five California restaurants $1.75 million in back pay and damages, as well a $2 million in legal fees to settle the allegations. The settlement, which must still be approved by a judge, puts an end to a two-year old lawsuit that alleged McDonald’s and the franchisee — Smith Family LP — were jointly liable for a slew of California labor law violations, including failing to pay overtime and providing meal time, failing to keep accurate pay records, and not reimbursing workers for time and money spent cleaning uniforms. In a separate and earlier agreement, the Smith Family franchisee agreed to pay $500,000 to the workers. (Consumerist)


Smaller Is Not Always Better

It’s a novel idea: spend less on a smaller, often portable, home and and have extra money to travel, pay off student loans, or simply move from one place to another. But despite popular TV shows hyping this “tiny home” movement, the folks who build these diminutive dwellings downplay talk of a miniature housing boom. It’s being reported that the companies that make these small homes say they aren’t exactly flying off the shelves. Tiny homes usually range from 100 square feet to 400 square feet, but they can be as small as 80 square feet (think garden shed) or as large as 700 square feet (roughly a three-car garage). Home shoppers concerned about climate change like that lighting, heating and cooling a tiny house has a minimal impact compared to a more typical 2,000-square-foot house. But getting there is the difficult part. It’s not a bust, but there is certainly no boom as far as many builders are ­concerned.  (Star Tribune)


More than he could chew?

A Gulfport attorney who said he choked on a piece of Popeyes’ fried chicken last year believes a plastic knife could have prevented all his pain and suffering. Now he’s suing to get plastic knives included in all drive-thru orders and monetary compensation for himself. Attorney Paul Newton, Jr said it all started when he went through the drive-thru at the restaurant’s Pass Road location in Gulfport on November 1, 2015.  He bought two chicken breasts, red beans and rice, a biscuit and a soft drink. He was given napkins, salt and pepper, and a spork. Newton then drove to his nearby office and started eating, using the spork for his red beans and rice. “Because Newton’s order did not include a plastic knife, plaintiff Newton’s only option for consumption of the chicken breasts was to hold a chicken breast in his hands and to tear off pieces thereof with his teeth,” the lawsuit states. That’s when he then started to choke on a piece of the chicken. He had to undergo emergency surgery at Memorial Hospital to remove it from his throat and now is asking Popeyes along with several other named defendants to pay for all his medical expenses, compensate him for his pain and suffering, and award punitive damages. He also wants all future Popeyes’ drive-thru customers to get a plastic knife included in their orders so customers will be able to “cut their purchased food orders into appropriate portions.” (WOLX TV)


ISIS distributes sick rule book for owning underage sex slaves

ISIS distributed a sick manual to its so-called caliphate in northern Iraq, laying out the ground rules for owning underage sex slaves. The vile pamphlet was found in an office used by the terror group in a recently liberated village near Mosul. “Pre-pubescent girls can be taken as concubines. You cannot have penetrative sex but you can still enjoy them,” the leaflet states, noting, “Non-Muslim women can be taken as concubines.” “Militants can own two sisters as concubines but only have sex with one,” reads the the pink and red colored booklet, which lists 32 questions and answers on how to use their youthful slaves. The manual was among several ISIS documents found in villages captured by Iraqi forces, showing the severe, backward rules imposed by the jihadists. “Wearing beards is compulsory, shaving is prohibited” and defines a beard as “hair that grows on your face and your cheeks,” one leaflet read. And a ban on news from the outside world was spelled out in a poster called “Why I Should Destroy My Dish” offers true believers 20 reasons to do so. Reason 8: “Because satellite channels show stories of love and naked women and inappropriate language.” Reason 10: “Because satellite channels normalize men being effeminate and sissies.” (NY Post)


A California company just announced the launch of very “realistic” sex robots in 2017.

A southern California company called Abyss Creations said by next year their “human like” creations complete with warmed genitalia areas will be available for only $15,000 per doll. There are some additional technologies, such as heating elements to simulate bodily warmth, and synthetic speech to enable a robot to talk to its lovers in an attractive, sexy voice. A Spokesperson said “We can expect the first ones to resemble the current RealDolls, a range of expensive but extraordinarily detailed silicone sex dolls made in America, but with more ‘functionality. This will be comparatively limited at first–some basic words, some simple movements and vibrations in response to touch”. “Synthetic skin embedded with electronic sensors will enable the robots to react with (artificial) pleasure as they are caressed by their owner-lovers. And as Artificial Intelligence researchers improve the quality of computer-generated conversation, robots will develop the skills needed for seduction and the whispering of sweet nothings during love-making.” (Daily Mail)




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