Thursday, November 9, 2017

From Bad To Worse

On Tuesday (11/7), Disney lifted its ban on the LA Times. Back in September, the Times wrote about on how Disney gets an assist from local governments on things like taxes, subsidies, and rent. Like how one city charges Disneyland $1 a year to lease its garage. Disney didn’t like the coverage, so it banned the Times from its screenings. Last week, the Times took the issue public, explaining to readers why it couldn’t rate upcoming Disney movies. And the public gave Disney a very bad review. This week, movie critics from outlets like the NYT said they’d boycotted Disney movies until the ban was lifted, and multiple critics groups said they weren’t going to honor Disney with any end-of-year awards. Now, Disney is giving the Times its press badge back. (New York Times)


More And More Details Are Coming Out

More is coming out about the gunman that killed 26 people at a small-town Texas church over the weekend. In 2012, he escaped from a mental health facility. Also, the Air Force failed to let law enforcement know about his domestic assault conviction. So he was able to pass background checks and buy at least two guns since then. (Washington Post)


In Other News: Bump stocks are back on sale

Those are attachments that let a semiautomatic rifle mimic an automatic weapon by firing continuously. It’s also what the Las Vegas shooter used last month to kill 58 people and injure hundreds more. After the shooting, Congress decided to ban them after a manufacturer that makes them announced to put a pause on selling them. Since then, talks in Congress have stalled and now they’re back on the shelves. (NPR)


Twitter is rolling out 280-character tweets around the world

Twitter is expanding tweets to 280 characters for nearly all users (the change won’t apply to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean languages) after rolling it out to some accounts in September. The company said people tweeted “more easily and more often” with the extended count, but that it didn’t substantially change Twitter’s brief-and-breezy character: Only 1% of users with extra space actually hit the limit. It’s all part of the social network’s efforts to grow users and engagement. (The Verge)


Man defends himself with toy in violent thermostat spat

Authorities in Minot, North Dakota say a heated argument over a turned-up thermostat in a mobile home took a violent turn when a man punched his fiancee’s brother in the face and threatened him with a knife. Police say the man tried to defend himself by hitting 33-year-old Cornelius Young with a children’s toy in the attack Friday. Police say Young eventually left the home after his fiancee jumped on his back and bit his ear to distract him.  Two children were present during the fight, but neither was injured. The Minot Daily News reports that Young is charged with felony terrorizing. (Yahoo)


That fighter who died in the cage last weekend wants you to know he’s feeling much better

That fighter who died in the cage last weekend wants you to know he’s feeling much better Regional welterweight CJ Hancock went into his Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) fight last weekend after cutting too much weight, and took a kick to the body which sent him to the canvas. He died a few seconds later. Fortunately, paramedics were able to revive him following CPR and a couple of jolts from the defibrillator. Hancock was rushed to the hospital for his stopped heart and kidney failure, but is now “feeling much better” and resting comfortably at home. Doctors, not surprisingly, have advised him to give up fighting. Weight-cutting reform has been a hot topic of late, with stateside commissions taking preventive measures to eliminate extreme dehydration. Overseas promotions like ONE Championship have abolished weight cutting all together after tragedies like this. (MMA Mania)


It is a tragedy no Target shopper ever wants to hear

The red carts, the dollar spot, the beloved Bullseye, the cafe’s popcorn aroma that fills the store – gone. All of it. Yes, a Target store in Hutchinson, Kansas, is closing and people are more than a little upset. It should come to no surprise that loyal Target shoppers are more than a little upset, and even a little frustrated. On Feb. 2, 2018 – the day before the Hutchinson Target closing date – shoppers will gather to mourn their Target loss with a candlelight vigil. The Facebook event page, “Candlelight Vigil for Target,” has more than 130 people interested and more than 50 people who have marked that they will be attending. The vigil to “corporately mourn the loss of our beloved Target” will take place at 7 p.m. on Friday, February 2nd in the Hutchinson Target parking lot, 1529 E 17th Ave. Oh, and the event is BYOC, so bring your own candles. There are no other Target stores closing in Kansas this quarter, but there are others in the U.S. that will also be closing. (The Wichita Eagle)



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