Thursday, September 28, 2017

Women will soon be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an extremely conservative country that follows a strict form of Islam. Women can’t do things like travel or work without a male guardian signing off. They just got the right to vote, go to a stadium, and take gym class. And they’ve never been allowed to drive because, among other things according to sources, it apparently could ‘harm their ovaries.’ Protests against the ban have shifted into high gear in recent years. Women have been getting behind the wheel and putting it on social media. Plus Saudi Arabia’s crown prince is kinda sorta for equal rights. He thinks that actually letting women drive to work will help the economy, since they’ll be able to get to work by themselves. The country is putting together a task force to hash out how to implement this. Women will be allowed to head to the DMV by next June. Saudi Arabia was the only country in the world where women couldn’t legally drive. This change will not only improve the country’s rep with human rights groups, it’ll also give its economy a major boost. (AP News)


NCAA basketball coaches among 10 charged with fraud, corruption

Ten people including four college basketball assistant coaches and a senior Adidas exec were recently arrested on federal corruption charges. The coaches, from programs like Auburn University and Oklahoma State, allegedly accepted bribes from financial advisers and sports agents. In exchange, they convinced college athletes to work with these people once they went pro. In other cases, Adidas employees allegedly paid high school ballers to play at the schools the company sponsors. And to sign with the brand once they turned pro. The FBI has been looking into these bribes on the DL for years. And warn more people could get charged down the line. (ESPN)


Not even Bill Gates uses a Windows phone

Not even Bill Gates uses a Windows Phone – but he doesn’t have an iPhone either. Microsoft’s co-founder has switched from a Windows phone to an Android, albeit one with “lots of Microsoft software,” he says. Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, says he uses an Android phone. This is despite the fact that Microsoft has its own Windows-powered devices, which have not been as successful as Google’s Android phones. (Irish Examiner)


From vacuums to vehicles

Dyson has been secretly working on electric cars for two years, planning to funnel more than $2.5 billion into developing the vehicles and solid-state batteries to power them. Most competitors, including Elon Musk’s Tesla, are using lithium batteries for their models, but Dyson promised a “radically different” car with smaller, more efficient batteries by 2020 or 2021. Founder James Dyson predicts electric vehicles will be the company’s largest revenue source within a few years. The industry is heating up, with electric or hybrid cars set to comprise more than half of vehicles sold globally by 2040, according to forecasts; and another slew of major automakers, including Volkswagen, Volvo, and Mercedes, are about to join the fray. (BBC)


Twitter is getting more verbose

Twitter, struggling with sluggish growth, is experimenting with one of its core features in a bid to engage more users. The social network is testing longer tweets — doubling the 140-character limit to 280 — with select accounts before potentially rolling it out more broadly. “When people don’t have to cram their thoughts into 140 characters, we see more people tweeting,” said Twitter product manager Aliza Rosen. But the Internet wasn’t too happy: “They focused on Twitter screwing up the one thing it’s always done right,” (Wired)


While you were streaming

Visitors to and sister site were mining cryptocurrency without even knowing it. Code embedded in the two websites deployed users’ computer processing power to mine for a digital currency called “Monero”. It is unclear who added the script, which is said to have slowed computers by 60%; the culprits could have been hackers, or even Showtime or parent company CBS. The code itself isn’t malicious — its creator Coinhive aims to help websites generate income without using ads — but “malware developers have quickly begun to add it to their toolbox of scams”. (Gizmodo)


DirecTV is offering refunds for NFL Sunday Ticket to fans offended by national anthem protests

DirecTV subscribers who want to drop the NFL Sunday Ticket because of protests during the national anthem before games are being offered refunds. Typically customers are not allowed to downgrade or cancel their Sunday Ticket packages once the NFL’s regular season starts, but the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg spoke to DirecTV service representatives who indicated refunds will be given to people who cite the protests as their reason for wanting to end the service. The Wall Street Journal also spoke with some DirecTV subscribers who indicated the same. The Journal noted that DirecTV had varying responses regarding the refunds. Some service representatives said no refunds would be given, while one said only customers with certain packages would get the refund. Still another said the refund would be prorated for the remainder of the season. DirecTV parent AT&T and the NFL declined to comment to the Wall Street Journal on the matter. The Sunday Ticket package can cost close to $300.  (LA Times)


Thirsty Thursday offers us:

*Fish Tank Floorshow Night 
*National Drink Beer Day 
*National Good Neighbor Day 
*International Right To Know Day 
*World Maritime Day   (Last Thursday)
*World Rabies Day 

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