Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Harvard tells students gender can ‘change from day to day’

Harvard University’s Office of BLGTQ Student Life has designed a new school-sponsored gender diversity guide for students aiming to “fight transphobia” and describing gender fluidity as being able to change “from day to day.” The guide was distributed to students on campus, according to Campus Reform, and asserts gender fluidity as a proven fact. It opens by proclaiming the differences between biological sex and gender identity. “Sex assigned at birth and gender identity are not necessarily the same,” the heading reads. “Sex assigned at birth, gender identity, sexual orientation, hormonal makeup, physical anatomy, and/or how one is perceived in daily life are not necessarily related. There are more than two sexes,” the guide continues in bold letters. “Many factors influence ‘biological’ sex, including internal and external genitalia, hormones, and chromosomes.” It adds, “Even within categories of ‘male’ and ‘female,’ every human expression of sex is in some way biologically variant from the next.” The Office of BLGTQ Student Life then explains in the gender diversity guide that gender is fluid and ever-changing, even as often as daily. “For many people — cis and trans — gender expression, identity, and self-understanding can change from day to day,” the guide says. The Harvard student guide then addresses those who may be spreading information contrary to what they claim. (Campus Reform)


Their Plane Crashed at the Airport, but No One Noticed

A family aboard a 1948 Cessna 170 attempted a takeoff from Florida’s Williston Municipal Airport, but instead, they crashed 150 feet before a tree line at the taxiway’s north side. But though some 20 to 30 planes took off from the airport later that day—and nearby pilots should have registered the signals from the plane’s emergency locator transmitter—the crash was only reported to police some 21 hours later. The airport hosted a fly-in barbecue event the day prior. The weather at the time was fair, with winds steady at 8 mph, gusting to 14 mph, from the east, according to a nearby weather station. Between 20 and 30 aircraft took off from the airport after the crash, but it was a jet pilot leaving the airport Sunday afternoon who first alerted authorities. While it is possible that pilots looking toward the landing strip or climbing on takeoff might not have seen the bright, crumpled wreckage, the Cessna was equipped with an emergency locator transmitter that continued to send a radio signal that should have been noticed by pilots within 2 or 3 miles, even if its antenna was snapped off, according to authorities. The airport has a full-time manager and two part-time employees, but it wasn’t clear if any of them were on duty that day (Gainsville Sun)


Russia’s Supreme Court Rules Against Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Russian Supreme Court upheld on Thursday a decision by the nation’s Ministry of Justice to liquidate the center for the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia and to close 395 Local Religious Organizations belonging to the group. According to a press statement by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the high court’s ruling will go into effect immediately. Other reports say the religious group’s property will now belong to the Russian government. There are roughly 170,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. Russia has labeled the group “extremist” on multiple occasions, and an Interfax report recorded an attorney for the Justice Ministry, claiming the Jehovah’s Witnesses “pose a threat to the rights of citizens, public order and public security.” The religious group has 30 days to submit an appeal to the court’s ruling. The appeal would be considered by a three-person panel. Christianity is the largest religious group in Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church claims to have a worldwide membership of about 150 million. According to several media reports, Russian Orthodox leaders have supported the ban on the Jehovah’s Witnesses, whose religious views conflict with many Russian Orthodox teachings. (PR Newswire)


Google Maps’ pizza shop mix-up leaves man with unwanted ‘customers’ at his front door

An Australian man said unwanted visitors have been streaming to his home after Google Maps mistakenly labeled it as a pizzeria. The 69-year-old man said it seemed like a simple mistake had been made when someone showed up at his home to deliver magazines meant for a pizza restaurant, but soon another person showed up seeking a job at a pizzeria. He said would-be pizza customers started knocking at his door and that led to the discovery that Google Maps had incorrectly labeled his house as Cucina Sotto Le Stelle, a pop-up pizzeria located in a park near his home. “It is like getting your identity stolen,” the man said in an interview. “Your house has been stolen and put in as a pizza shop. My daughter has been approached by people wanting to know what time we open. I don’t know how many people have turned up at my house thinking it was a pizza place.” The error was reported to Google, which has since corrected the map to put Cucina Sotto Le Stelle in the correct location. (ABC Australia)


American Airlines flight attendant whacks a mother in the head with a metal stroller

Here we go again with tensions are already high. An American Airlines flight attendant has been removed from duty after a shocking video emerged showing him challenging a passenger to a fight after allegedly hitting a woman in the head with a metal stroller during boarding. The upsetting footage, filmed before Flight 591 departed from San Francisco on this past Friday (4/21) afternoon, shows the airline staff member goading a passenger and saying, “hit me”. The clip was uploaded by passenger who explained he started filming after the flight attendant “violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby on my flight, hitting her and just missing the baby”.  Another photo showed the woman with two young children – believed to be twins – in her arms appearing to be escorted off of the plane. However, the employee who supposedly was violent toward her was permitted back on the plane. This is the latest PR nightmare for the US aviation industry. (Q13 Fox)


Food company recalls frozen hash browns in nine states because golf ball pieces

A food company is recalling frozen hash browns from stores in nine states plus the District of Columbia because the potatoes may have pieces of golf balls in them. McCain Foods USA’s recall notice said the golf balls apparently were ‘inadvertently harvested’ along with the potatoes and chopped up, in a release on Friday (4/21). The pieces are a reported choking hazard, but no injuries have been reported yet. The company is recalling 2lbs bags of Harris Teeter Brand Frozen Southern Style Hash Browns in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia and Maryland. (Daily Mail)


100-year-old woman dies after winning free meals for life from McDonald’s

A woman of Pennsylvania, who won free meals for life from McDonald’s, was unable to enjoy it as she died from old age. 100-year-old Nadine Baum of Hanover, recently celebrated her final birthday at a McDonald, where she was a lifetime customer. Employees decorated the store, and gave Baum balloons and cupcakes. The manager of the store also gave the elderly woman a certificate, which entitled her to free food for the rest of her life. Sadly, before being able to get a single free meal, Baum’s health took a drastic turn for the worse and she died. Baum was a frequent customer of the McDonald’s, and employees called her a “sweet lady.” (The Evening Sun)


This Two-For-Tuesday brings us:

*DNA Day
*Hairstylists Appreciation Day
*Hug A Plumber Day or Plumbers Day
*International Marconi Day 
*License Plates Day
*National Mani-pedi Day
*Malaria Awareness Day
*Parental Alienation Day
*Red Hat Society Day
*World Penguin Day

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