Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Walmart wants to build a blimp-style warehouse in the sky. 

In an escalating turf war with Amazon, Walmart has applied to patent its own floating warehouse, complete with drones to cover the “last mile” from the aircraft to customers’ homes. Amazon was granted a patent for a similar structure in April 2016. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is expanding its digital business, while Amazon, the world’s largest e-tailer, builds a physical presence by opening bookstores and buying Whole Foods Market. (Bloomberg)


Pet owner saved his drowning tortoise’s life after giving it mouth-to-mouth for an hour

 A man in England saved his drowning tortoise’s life after giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for an hour. John Fletcher found 45-year-old Freda at the bottom of his garden pond limp and looking dead. Mr Fletcher started performing CPR – and gave the animal mouth to mouth resuscitation. Middle-aged “big lady tortoise” Freda lives with her owner at his home and has free rein of the back garden. But he was bewildered when Freda vanished on Saturday afternoon and eventually reached into the pond, where he found his pet.”I then massaged her chest for about an hour and the legs kept moving and finally she came back to life.” he said. After the first 24 hours passed, he said she’s eaten a quarter of a tomato and two lettuce leave so he doesn’t think she’s got brain damage. (UK Telegraph)


Elon Musk and over 100 other tech leaders are calling for a ban on killer robots

Founders of AI and robotics companies, gathered at the world’s largest artificial intelligence conference,  have penned an open letter  urging the UN to halt the robot arms race — saying autonomous weapons, especially dangerous because of their potential to be hacked, will escalate conflict and usher in a “third revolution in warfare.” A letter warning of the dangers of robotic weaponry was released in 2015 and endorsed by Stephen Hawking, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and others. (Business Insider)


Binge-watching may lead to poor sleep quality 

A new research by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine links binge-watching to poor sleep quality, more fatigue and increased insomnia. By allowing you to stream episodes one after another, on-demand TV aims to involve us in the story line by heightening suspense and encouraging emotional investment in plot lines and characters. This can result in an excited and aroused state of mind, which may lead to cognitive alertness and difficulty in falling asleep. Streaming services encourage viewers to continuously watch episodes, at times giving us only a few seconds to decide whether to continue watching. This has an effect similar to that of social media, where we often go to check on one post, but end up wasting an hour. (The Express Tribune)


Man Has To Jump His Car Over An Opening Drawbridge

A New Jersey driver was forced to jump his Toyota RAV-4 over a drawbridge that began rising as he was crossing it with his family. Terence Naphys paid the $1.50 toll to cross the Middle Thorofare Bridge in New Jersey with his wife and daughter. But as he was crossing over the steel grate, it started to rise because a ship was trying to cross underneath the bridge. Once they realized that the bridge was opening, Terence started to panic that they would drop 65-feet into the water, so he punched his accelerator and jumped his SUV over the widening gap of the bridge. He made it and luckily nobody was injured, but the SUV suffered about $10,000 in damages. Authorities said the operator of the bridge was to blame for the scare. Meanwhile, Terence says that he will never cross the bridge again. (Philadelphia CBS)


All the gear but no idea! CCTV footage shows clueless would-be robbers wielding guns and crowbars struggling to fit stolen safe into the boot of their getaway car

Clueless would-be armed robbers who tried to steal a safe from a petrol station made the crucial mistake of not checking that it would fit in their getaway vehicle. The hapless thugs were caught on CCTV as they tried to rob a garage in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The film shows two of the gang threatening staff with large assault rifles, thought to be an AK-47 and a modified MP5, before marching all seven of them through the store at gunpoint. The thugs are then seen outside, having forced some of the staff members to help them load the safe into the boot of their getaway car. After much heaving and straining they manage to get the heavy safe on to the lip of the saloon car’s boot. But it is far too big to fit in properly and teeters on its precarious perch. Two of the would-be robbers then pries the large safe loose from its position on the floor using crowbars. Other gang members are thought to be present, preventing staff from raising the alarm. One of the group gives it a dubious tap and signals to the driver to edge forward to see whether it will stay in position. The driver creeps the car forward but the safe immediately falls off. South African media did not report how the scene ended but the gang are thought to have been forced to leave their loot where it was as they could not open or transport the safe. No one is thought to have been injured and it is not known what stage the police investigation is at. (Daily Mail)


It’s Tuesday… Let’s make it a double because it’s:

*Be An Angel Day 
*National Bao Day 
*Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day 
*Take Your Cat To The Vet Day 

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