Tuesday, December 27, 2016

She’s Gone Batty!

A 43-year-old mother from Tamarac, FL is charged with beating her 7-year-old son with an aluminum baseball bat because he ate cake frosting without permission. The Broward Sheriffs Office says the child has severe injuries to his buttocks. The mother, Tricia Banner, was ordered by a judge in bond court to not go within 500 feet of her son and have no contact with him whatsoever, and that includes through e-mail or social media. She was held on $5,000 bond and broke down in court during questioning. (CBS 4 Miami)


Canadian woman caught attempting to smuggle cat into New Zealand in handbag

A Canadian woman was prevented from entering New Zealand after she attempted to smuggle her cat in a handbag. New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industry spokesman Craig Hughes said the woman had only declared a pair of dirty boots, but authorities at Auckland Airport discovered a cat in her bag. The woman was traveling with her husband and admitted to having the cat in her bag after staff attempted to x-ray the bag and perform other biosecurity tests. “Apparently it was a very quiet cat. Very docile,” Hughes said. (ITV)


‘Tis Was The Season….

A 15 year-old teenager in Riverdale, New Jersey saved her money just to buy her grandmother a special Christmas present. Her grandfather passed away just three weeks ago, so she knew her grandmother — spending her first Christmas in 69 years without him — could use a little something extra this holiday season. But when the 15-year-old Hillsdale teen dropped her wallet in the middle of shopping at the Walmart in Riverdale, a heartless thief took all that away. Surveillance cameras captured a woman walking near the girl and kicking the wallet away before picking it up and leaving. Police say the wallet contained $130 in cash. “It was my birthday money from last week,” she told authorities. “The timing of it all is what’s most upsetting. It made me feel really upset especially because it’s the season of Christmas, the holidays, and giving,” she said. If caught, the suspect could be charged with a disorderly person offense for theft. Meanwhile, the teenager has decided to turn the horrible experience into a chance to do some good. Walmart donated a gift card to her so she could buy a present after all. However, she decided to donate the card to charity instead. (CBS 2 New York)


Holy Smokes!

A man in Brewster, New York is the latest victim of an e-cigarette explosion. On Thursday morning, 27-year-old Christopher Gademan had the e-cigarette in his pants’ pocket. He suffered second and third-degree burns to his right thigh. His aunt said she saw a story on the news about another e-cigarette explosion and called to tell him about it. “I said to myself, ‘I have to warn my nephew,’ you know about what’s going on in the news. But he was already aware because he also watches the news,” Elizabeth Gademan said. A few hours later, the device exploded. He is now recovering in the burn unit at Westchester Medical Center. (CBS 2 New York)


Smart Toilet Paper

Don’t forget to wipe before you swipe the next time you are at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport. Toilets at the airport have been equipped with “toilet paper” that you can use to disinfect your smartphone. Paid for by Japanese mobile giant NTT Docomo, the sheets also include information about the firm’s public Wi-Fi networks as well as details about its smartphone travel app. Social media users have reacted to the move with humor and disbelief. Japan is globally renowned for revolutionising its public toilets, many of which are clean, modern and boast very elaborate high-tech features. (BBC News)


Kitten makes ‘leap of faith’ from palm tree in New Zealand

A kitten in New Zealand wound up taking a “leap of faith” after animal rescue and fire crews attempted to rescue it from a tall palm tree. Cat rescue association Lonely Miaow found the kitten crying in the top of a “very VERY tall” palm tree after receiving a call and asking neighbors about the stranded cats whereabouts. “A call through to the fire department, and some smooth talking to convince them to come help, as this is the third call out they have had to this naughty kitty, they came out to give us a hand,” Lonely Miaow said. “So out came the ladder, but the kitten got frightened and kept moving. Finally, the kitten leaped from the tree after becoming overwhelmed with the presence of the ladders and firefighters. “Its true that cats always land on their feet, he was a bit like a flying fox!” the association said. “He hit the ground running!” Once on the ground the kitten ran off and attempted to escape capture. The group chased the kitten under two fire trucks, and across the road, managed to corner him in the corner of a house, and nabbed him with the net. (UPI)


Is It Better To Give Than To Receive?

Tennessee police released surveillance video of a naughty Santa acting nice by handing out candy canes at the bank he robbed only moments later. The Memphis Police Department said in a Facebook post the man, clad in a burgundy sweater and a Santa Claus mask covering his face, walked into the Memphis City Employee Credit Union about 10 a.m. Wednesday and handed out candy canes to customers and employees while wishing them a “Merry Christmas.” The Santa then approached a teller and handed her a note demanding the cash from her drawer. The surveillance video shows Santa, having successfully obtained the money, removing his mask outside the bank, but his back is to the camera. (Facebook)


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