Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Angry anglers lead to attacks, feces-smearing at Florida pier

One Florida fishing pier is cracking down on vengeful fishermen who have gone as far as defecating on the pier in order to mark their space. The good fishing at the Sebastian Inlet pier has led to increasing disputes among anglers, including aggressive tactics like throwing fishing weights and gear at each other and boaters, and the boaters sometimes retaliating in kind. The officials are considering on closing the pier at night because injuries, including two victims being taken to the hospital. The inlet district passed a resolution this month asking for help from law enforcement. District officials hope the pier will be patrolled 24/7 by Florida wildlife officers, but the question of funding and how a patrol would work remain. No one has been arrested yet, but authorities are on the lookout. If caught, the crime of throwing a hard projectile into a boat in state waters is a second-degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years in jail and a $10,000 fine.  (Florida Today)


Naked Woman Storms Through Stamford Chapel, Smashes Walls

A Stamford, Connecticut chapel was the site of a bizarre crime, when police said a naked woman broke through a window and started smashing down doors and walls. Stamford police said that a 32-year-old woman was high on drugs when she broke a window to gain access to the chapel, leaving marks on the door, which police said she broke down with the fire extinguisher. She went on to kick and punch holes in the drywall of the boiler room behind the chapel. Police believe the suspect was apparently looking for something. She started removing her clothes as she approached the rectory. Officers found some of her apparel up by the road, and her hoodie on a stone wall outside the building. As luck would have it, a Stamford police officer drove through the church parking lot on routine targeted patrol just as it all unfolded. Police said the suspect did not put up a fight. The Reverend invites prayers for the church, and for the woman who damaged it, saying that “Regardless of what she did, she’s still a child of God, you know?” Police said the woman has no fixed address. She is charged with burglary and criminal mischief. (CBS New York)


Scottish neighborhood uses hairdryers to deter speeding drivers

Residents of a neighborhood in Scotland have armed themselves with hairdryers and reflective vests to combat speeding drivers. People in the village of Hopeman posed as police officers using speed guns to prevent speedy drivers, who have placed residents in danger by exceeding speeds of 60 miles per hour along a stretch of road leading out of the area. Members of the neighborhood have also taken other strange measures, such as propping ladders against walls to allow children to pass between back gardens rather than cross the dangerous straightaway. While residents continue their police impersonation, the actual police have said they are aware of the issue and are working on a solution. (The Press And Journal)


Irate passenger demands to be let off plane because she is “bleeding out of her vagina”

A woman was impatiently threatening people on an airplane while waiting to disembark. The incident apparently occurred in an airplane that had just landed in Denver, Colorado. In the video, a woman is seen standing in the aisle as the plane pulled up to the arrivals gate. While the line of passengers waiting to exit the plane stood still, she became increasingly impatient and vulgar. The incident was recorded by a nearby passenger apparently without the knowledge of the woman. When other passengers told her that there were children on board and that she should mind her tongue, the woman grew indignant. She also had little regard for other people who told her to cut it out. “Guess what? Coloradans don’t give a f***! Get the f*** off the plane. Let’s go, right now. We got to go!” Then she became even more graphic with descriptions of her health problem. She then asked other passengers if they wanted to see her bleeding leg. Then she escalated her rhetoric even further by saying “I’m bleeding all over my vagina. Blood. Straight blood.” The flight crew then made an announcement on the loudspeaker, asking her to ‘Watch your language, please. We have families and children on board. We’ve already called security.” At this point, the woman responded: “I’m being respectful now.” The line then began to move and the incident was over. (Daily Mail)


Transgender teenager taking testosterone wins Texas state girls’ wrestling tournament

A 17-year-old transgender boy completed an undefeated season Saturday by winning a controversial Texas state girls wrestling title in an event clouded by criticism from those who believe the testosterone he’s taking as he transitions from female to male created an unfair advantage. The family members said he would rather be wrestling boys, but state policy calls for students to wrestle against the gender listed on their birth certificates. He fell to his knees for a moment after the win as a mixture of cheers and boos rained down on him. He then hugged his coach and left the mat. He was dogged throughout the tournament by questions about whether his testosterone treatments made him too strong to wrestle fairly against girls, after two opponents forfeited. The University Interscholastic League, which oversees athletics in Texas public schools, enacted the birth certificate policy August 1st, 2016. (The Blaze)


SpaceX is going to send ‘private citizens’ on a trip to the Moon

SpaceX has been approached to fly two private citizens on a trip around the moon late next year. They have already paid a significant deposit to do a moon mission. These individuals will travel into space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humankind, driven by the universal human spirit of exploration. The will conduct health and fitness tests, as well as begin initial training later this year. Other flight teams have also expressed strong interest and we expect more to follow. Additional information will be released about the flight teams, contingent upon their approval and confirmation of the health and fitness test results. In addition, this will make use of the Falcon Heavy rocket, which was developed with internal SpaceX funding. Falcon Heavy is due to launch its first test flight this summer and, once successful, will be the most powerful vehicle to reach orbit after the Saturn V moon rocket. (SpaceX)


Justice Department withdraws Obama-era challenge to Texas voter ID law

The Justice Department is reversing course in a long-running lawsuit over a Texas voter identification law — a significant shift under President Trump that comes four years after Obama administration lawyers joined civil rights groups in their challenge of the Texas law. The Justice Department informed attorneys for a civil rights group challenging the voter ID law that the government plans to file court papers to withdraw the DOJ’s discriminatory purpose claim. The move to dismiss its claim that the Texas law was adopted with a discriminatory purpose is not an outright withdrawal of the Justice Department from the case — the DOJ’s claim that the law had a discriminatory effect remains intact. The law being challenged was enacted in 2011 and required Texas residents to show one of seven forms of approved identification in order to cast a ballot. Civil rights groups and the Justice Department filed suit challenging the law in 2013. (Washington Times)


If it’s not Taco Tuesday where you are, then you still have plenty of other options because it’s:

*Museum Advocacy Day (Day 2 of 2 – Last Monday & Tuesday)
*International Pancake Day (aka Shrove Tuesday)
*Pancake Day Race: 28 (Between US and England)
*Floral Design Day
*Mardi Gras
*Paczki Day
*National Tooth Fairy Day
*Rare Disease Day
*Spay Day USA (Last Tuesday )


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