Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cafe owner fires State Representative

A Rhode Island state representative has to hit the “help wanted” section of the classifieds after being fired from her waitress job because her “anti-male” comments were offending people and running off patrons of the cafe. In a written statement, the owner of the cafe gave his reasons for the firing and specifically cited her political speech making during work hours. “Walsh would often get into vocal political discussions with customers during her shifts, often sitting down with the diners in their booths. We sometimes had to ask her to return to her duties and advised her to continue her discussions when she was off the clock. These disciplinary instances were never about politics or free speech, but simply reminder of her job and responsibility to all customers.” The state representative said in a Facebook post that she had been fired because someone had posted a one-star review on Yelp for the restaurant. The 26-year-old single mother had worked there for eight years. Jokingly, she said it is the first vacation she has had since maternity leave. Multiple representatives came up to her to give their support. She said she has also received multiple job offers since being fired. She is paid $15,429 per year as a General Assembly member. Walsh also gets family medical and dental benefits from the state – but emphasized the cafe didn’t offer them. (Providence Journal)


What are they teaching in school these days?

Pawhuska police arrested a substitute teacher last Tuesday (1/31) on allegations she exposed herself while performing a cartwheel during a high school choir class. Pawhuska Police Chief Scott Laird said officers took Lacey Dawn Sponsler, 34, into custody on a complaint of indecent exposure. Sponsler allegedly had not been wearing undergarments Tuesday when she performed a cartwheel, exposing herself to the students in the class. A student reportedly recorded the incident with a cellphone, according to Laird. Superintendent Dr. Janet Neufeld issued a statement after Sponsler’s arrest: “The Pawhuska School District takes the safety of its students very seriously and does everything it can to provide a safe learning environment. When the District learned of the incident involving a substitute teacher the District notified the Pawhuska Police Department of the incident and cooperated with the investigation. The substitute teacher has not been back to school since and will not be utilized in the future. The District will not comment further on this incident.”  (Tulsa World)


California burglary suspect rescued from home’s chimney

Police in California arrested an alleged bad-luck burglar who ended up trapped inside a home’s chimney and abandoned by his accomplices. The Ridgecrest Police Department officers were dispatched to a home on a report of a triggered burglary alarm, and police received a phone call moments later from a woman who reported her friend was trapped in a chimney at the same address where the alarm was triggered. Officers arrived on the scene and discovered Keith Schultz, 28, trapped in the chimney. They said the woman who called police was gone by the time they arrived. Police said Schultz apparently became trapped in the chimney while trying to break into the residence. Investigators found signs of forced entry and an open back door, indicating Schultz’ accomplices broke into the home in an attempt to free him from the chimney, but they were unsuccessful. The soot-covered suspect was rescued from the chimney by firefighters and booked into a Bakersfield jail on a charge of burglary. (Ridgecrest Police Department Facebook)


Man Stabbed Mother To Death With Screwdriver In Fight Over Pet Cats

A man is facing charges for allegedly stabbing his mother to death inside her home. Neshannock Township police received a call just before noon for a domestic violence incident and requested help from Pennsylvania State Police. Police say the 57-year-old woman was stabbed multiple times after she got into an argument with her 27-year-old son. According to a criminal complaint, he believed his mother had killed two pet cats. He went to her home with a stun gun, a screwdriver and an extension cord. He reportedly struck his mother with the stun gun several times, but this was ineffective. After a physical struggle, he used the screwdriver to stab the woman in her head, neck and body. She was pronounced dead at the scene. He then attempted to kill himself by plugging a toaster into an electrical outlet and throwing it into a bathtub filled with water and cutting his wrists, but neither attempt worked. He then called his sister, admitted to killing his mother and asked her to bring a gun for him to kill himself. He then stayed at the scene and was arrested without incident. He is facing charges including criminal homicide and aggravated assault. He has been placed in the Lawrence County Jail without bond. (KDKA TV)


School Creates “Grade Bank” That Lets Students Borrow Grades to Pass Exams

In an effort to ease the intense pressure that its students face in China’s notoriously rigid exam-based education system, a school in Nanjing has created a “grade bank” that lets students “borrow” grades so that they can pass exams, and then repay them in subsequent tests. So here’s how it works: the innovative mark bank allows students to loan marks to make up for a failing grade in any exam. But, just like regular banks, it requires “clients” to pay back the loan on time, with interest. Thus, students have to make up for the loan by scoring extra points in future exams. The grade bank is a pilot system introduced in November 2016, and currently only available to the school’s 10th grade Advanced Placement class. Out of the 49 students in the class, 13 have already borrowed marks from the bank. (Oddity Central)


Personality trumps smarts

Most of us have sometimes wondered: Am I really smart enough to achieve my dreams? Some of us have even turned down an offer or not pursued an opportunity because we’re afraid we simply don’t have the mental horsepower to succeed. That’s a shame, suggests fascinating new science conducted by a research team, because IQ has pretty much nothing to do with success. To come to that conclusion, researchers combed through data on IQ scores, standardized test results, grades, and personality assessments for thousands of people in Britain, America, and the Netherlands. They then calculated how closely each of these factors predicted future earnings. What percentage of future success depended on a person’s IQ? Only a miniscule 1 or 2 percent. Put in layman’s terms, raw IQ scores hardly matter at all when it comes to worldly success. That’s good news for those interested in self-improvement, because while IQ is largely fixed, personality is more malleable. Other psychology experts argue persuasively that personality is not destiny. They say we do ourselves a disservice when we see our personality as fixed and inflexible. In fact, science suggests that our character and behavior can be drastically altered by new circumstances or passions. (Inc.com)


Man drenched in blood forces a crucifix down his mouth as ‘the demon is exorcised from him’ in shocking video

Shocking footage appearing to show a man drenched in blood forcing a crucifix down his throat in a disturbing video posted on Youtube is believed to have been filmed in South America and shows the man convulsing in a chair grunting in demonic tones. Blood is splattered on his chest while he is surrounded by topless men who seem to egg him on while a drumbeat builds to a crescendo in the background. The man is sprayed with water as he speaks in tongues and bangs his feet on the ground. Bizarrely the possessed man still has time to take a drag from his cigarette – proving even demons need nicotine. The man jerks his body frantically before forcing a crucifix into his throat with wide-eyes. It is unclear where the blood is in fact real, or belonging to the possessed man however exorcisms have a dark history in most religions. Last week it was suggested that an entire school in Jamaica had come under the spell of a demonic force. Children were seen in a state of paralysis while their parents cradled them crying. Locals suggested the possession had been caused by building works at a nearby graveyard.  (Daily Mail)



Today’s Tubular Name Is:

*African American Coaches Day (First Tuesday)
*Ballet Day
*Dry Bean Day
*Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
*”e” Day (math)
*Laura Ingalls Wilder Day
*Man Day
*National Periodic Table Day
*Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor’s Day

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