Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Supreme Court reinstates key parts of President Trump’s travel ban executive order

Yesterday (6/26), the U.S. Supreme Court lifted key components of an injunction against President Trump’s proposed ban on travel from six majority-Muslim nations, reinstating much of the policy and promising to hear full arguments as early as this fall. The court’s decision means the justices will now wade into the biggest legal controversy of the Trump administration — the president’s order temporarily restricting travel, which even Trump has termed a “travel ban.” (Fox News)


Supreme Court Sidesteps Major Gun Rights Dispute

Yesterday, (6/26), The U.S. Supreme Court also sidestepped one of the most hotly contested gun rights disputes in years, declining to rule in a California case on whether a person’s constitutional right to keep firearms for self-defense extends outside the home. Gun owners had taken aim at a California law that bars them from being granted a permit to carry a concealed gun in public places unless they show “good cause” for having it, with county sheriffs making the determination.  The justices let stand a lower court’s ruling upholding a San Diego County sheriff’s policy of denying such permits unless the gun owner documents a need for self-defense. The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the policy last year, finding that the U.S. Constitution offers no right to carry a concealed weapon. The U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment guarantees the right to “keep and bear arms.” In its landmark 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller ruling, the Supreme Court held for the first time that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual’s right to bear arms for self-defense in the home. The California plaintiffs were aiming to extend that right outside the home. California law generally forbids the carrying of handguns, either open or concealed, in public spaces. (Huffington Post)


More Supreme Court News

After over a year with an empty seat on the bench, Trump’s nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch filled the spot. But now many are watching and waiting to see if 80-year-old Justice Anthony Kennedy, who swings between voting left and right on issues, will retire after this term. Meaning Trump would have another chance to pick a more conservative replacement who’d be on the bench for life. (CNN)


Takata files for bankruptcy following air bag recalls and lawsuits

The Japanese auto parts maker filed for bankruptcy in the US. Takata: the company you know for making faulty airbags. The ones that explode and spray shrapnel everywhere and have been connected to more than a dozen deaths. Since ’08, carmakers Honda, BMW, and Toyota have recalled  cars that carry Takata airbags. Making it the biggest recall ever in the auto industry. Earlier this year, Takata said ‘guilty’ for not warning regulators about this not-so-minor design flaw. And agreed to pay the feds, consumers, and carmakers $1 billion. But it’s bank account has been struggling to keep up with all the costs related to the airbag fallout. So now the company’s saying ‘we’re broke’ and will sell off most of its operations. (LA Times)


Speaking of companies making some changes

On Friday (6/23), Google said it’s not going to read your emails anymore to target you with ads. Pretty much ever since Google intro’d Gmail in ’04, it’s been scanning your inbox to make some extra cash money. And that practice has turned some corporations off (even though Google doesn’t scan biz emails). So now Google’s going to stop peeking at all emails. Unless it’s to remove spam and help you on the quest to inbox zero. (The Verge)


Nintendo is releasing the Super NES Classic Edition on September 29th

Slated for a launch on September 29th, the Super NES Classic Edition is a console kit similar to the original console that launched more than 20 years ago. Like the NES Classic edition that came before it, the new Super NES allows you to play retro Nintendo games in high-definition, over HDMI with two included wired controllers. Nintendo will pre-install the following 21 classic games:

  • Contra III: The Alien Wars
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • EarthBound
  • Final Fantasy III
  • F-ZERO
  • Kirby Super Star
  • Kirby’s Dream Course
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • Mega Man X
  • Secret of Mana
  • Star Fox
  • Star Fox 2
  • Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
  • Super Castlevania IV
  • Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts
  • Super Mario Kart
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  • Super Mario World
  • Super Metroid
  • Super Punch-Out!!
  • Yoshi’s Island

The  Super NES Classic Edition launches on September 29th at a retail price of $79.99,  starting with direct availability from Nintendo. (Nintendo)


Today is Two-for-Tuesday. Does that mean everything doubles? It’s also:

*Decide To Be Married Day
*”Happy Birthday To You” Day
*Industrial Workers of The World Day 
*National HIV Testing Day
*National Sunglasses Day
*PTSD Awareness Day

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