Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Massachusetts girl holds lemonade stand to save town library

One little girl is hoping a cup of lemonade will help keep the doors open at her town library. Mia MaGuire spent Saturday afternoon selling lemonade outside the Berkley Public Library. There’s a budget shortfall at the library and to balance the town budget, it may have to close by the end of the year. Once Mia heard that, she knew something had to be done. “I’m raising money because the library might close because there’s not enough money. So, we’re donating money and giving it to the library,” said Mia. Her generous efforts raised more than $300. (Fox 25 Boston)


Judge denies accused man’s request to juggle during trial

A Springfield, Massachusetts judge has denied a man’s request to juggle during his trial to show jurors he was just clowning around when he allegedly tried to rob a convenience store. The Republican reports that a Springfield judge on Thursday rejected Orlando Melendez’s request to juggle for jurors when the case goes to trial. He claimed in his written motion that he is a real clown. Melendez has pleaded not guilty to charges he used a toy gun to try to rob a convenience store in December. The 20-year-old man, who is representing himself, asked that he be allowed to juggle three wads of paper for 20 seconds to show jurors that the alleged attempted robbery was a misunderstanding. Jury selection is set to begin June 8. (Masslive)


Suspect in Utah armed robbery spree caught after cop spots him during doughnut stop

After a string of robberies at several stores in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, police arrested their suspect Saturday (5/27) morning. Police said 18-year-old Zane James is suspected of multiple armed robberies. The most recent was at a Subway sandwich shop Friday morning, but that was not the first robbery in which James is suspect. Police also believe he hit a GameStop and World Market in the same area. Every time, he was caught on camera. The break in the case was when an officer walked into a store to buy doughnuts for other officers on duty as the crook was walking out. The officer immediately recognized him, called for backup, and the suspect was arrested without incident.  (Fox 13 Now)


Belgium’s king, Burger King in spat over web ad

Belgium’s royal family took issue with one of the world’s most recognizable monarchs, Burger King, over a marketing campaign a spokesman said is disrespectful. The U.S.-based fast food company Burger King, which is set to open its first location in Belgium next month, launched a website in Belgium to promote the launch. It prompts users to pick one: Belgian King Philippe, or the company’s mascot. If the user picks Philippe, the ad asks “Are you sure? He won’t be the one to cook your fries.” If they pick him again, it just says “no.” A spokesman for the Belgian royal family said the monarchy does not grant permission for photos to be used for profit, as it the case with Burger King’s marketing venture. The website does not use an actual photograph of Philippe, only a cartoon likeness of him, along with his name. A Burger King spokesman said they had not received any correspondence about the ad from the royal family. (BBC News)


Adults increasingly less optimistic over financial well-being, study says

According to a recent study by United Income, a startup financial planning service, adults are becoming less optimistic about future economic growth and financial health as they age. The study finds the average adult age 60 or older will trim their spending by about 2.5 percent every year, or by about 20 percent over a 10-year period. It also found spending drops faster for people in their 80s, compared to those in their 60s and 70s, falling by about 30 percent, on average, over a 10-year time-period. These trends may be attributable to the weakening confidence that households have about their financial wellbeing as they age. (Fox News Business)


Mom Of 12 Charged With Stealing $12K From Meters 

An English mother of 12 reportedly stole more than $12,000 in change from parking meters. Cheryl Prudham, 34, is no stranger to publicity or controversy. Before this, she came under fire for collecting more than $49,000 a year in welfare, earning the title “Queen of Benefits” from the country’s newspapers. Earlier in the year, Cheryl was photographed shopping for a Mercedes at a dealership near her home in Wigan, Lancashire. Cheryl’s estranged husband, Robert Prudham, 31, is charged with stealing $12,886 from parking meters along with failing to divulge previous criminal convictions to a recruitment firm. Cheryl is accused of handling Robert’s stolen cash. Cheryl, Robert and Undertown will stand trial in November. (America Now)


Sucker Punching Dirtbag Is Worse Than He Seems

A man nicknamed as “The Pennsylvania dirtbag” after being arrested for sucker punching a man with cerebral palsy is actually a worse person than he appears, records show. Barry Baker, 29, was charged earlier this month with battery for an unprovoked attack outside a 7-Eleven in West Chester (where Baker has lived and worked for a tow company). Baker, an ex-con, walloped the 22-year-old victim after mocking the way the man walked. Though Baker–charged with assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct–was initially released on $25,000 bail, he will soon return to jail after a judge this week issued an arrest warrant charging him with violating his probation.  (Smoking Gun


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