Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Apple refused to give customer called Hussain a refund unless he could prove he wasn’t the former Iraqi dictator Saddam

Sharakat Hussain, 26, was miffed when he received an email from the tech giant claiming that he was on the Government’s Denied Parties list, which made it illegal for him to be sold an iPhone. Mr Hussain, from Great Barr in Birmingham, had bought the phone for his sister but tried to get his money back after she did not want the gift. Due to the high cost of the model, he was told he would receive his money via bank transfer. But after waiting weeks he was still out of pocket. When he finally received an email from Apple, he could not believe his eyes when they asked him to prove he was’t the Iraqi dictator. Saddam Hussein was hung at an Iraqi army base in 2006 and also his name is spelled differently to Mr Hussain’s. However, the staff at Apple still managed to get the pair mixed up. Mr Hussain said ‘I thought the email was spam, I was stunned to learn it was real. I was furious to be linked to Saddam.” (Daily Mail)


Facebook is (sigh…..again) attempting a Snapchat clone.

 Facebook has introduced a new experimental camera feature to its app that allows users to privately share photos with filters and other effects. The feature is limited to Ireland for the moment, though it’s possible some version of the test could eventually come to more locations (Facebook previously tested similar features in Canada and Brazil during the Olympics.) For those who are part of the test, a camera icon will appear in the top left corner of the app (this is where the Messenger icon currently appears for U.S. users). Tapping into that menu or swiping right from News Feed opens the new camera. The interface itself will likely look pretty familiar to Snapchat users — it opens on the camera and you can snap photos and videos and add filters, “masks” (Facebook’s answer to Snapchat’s selfie lenses) and other effects. It also includes a Prisma-style feature that uses artificial intelligence to make your photos and videos look like artwork. Once you’ve shot your photos and added your effects, you have two options for sharing: you can either share to Facebook as you would any other post or you can share it privately with a limited group of friends via a feature called direct. Though the company says the goal is to capitalize on users’ desire to share more casually and more visually, like Instagram Stories, it seems pretty clearly to be yet another shot at Snapchat. (Mashable)


Youth Football Team Punished After Parents Brawl During Game

A fight breaks out between parents at a youth football game. Now, the league is holding the kids responsible. The incident occurred Sunday, with parents from both teams going at it. Police were called, said one parent. “Some parents got a little upset and made it personal instead of keeping the kids in mind,” she says. The coach for the Melrose Park Gaels, a team of 8- to 9-year-old boys told authorities that “It was basically a brawl in the crowd between parents and different fans. There is no place for parents to act like that at all.” The Chicagoland UYF League decided to sideline the Gaels from the upcoming postseason. The league champion goes on to play in Florida which has some parents saying that they completely punished the kids for the actions of adults. Others say that the kids are crushed. The president of the league says the Melrose Park team has been involved in a number of incidents this season, and this fight was the final straw. The other team was not disqualified, but they also aren’t allowed to host the playoffs, a major fundraiser for the league. ( CBS Chicago)


Abandoned dog waits for owner for a month on discarded mattress

An abandoned dog in Detroit was rescued after waiting on a discarded mattress for its owner for about a month. Dustin Oliver, also known as Mike Diesel, of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue spent several hours trying to lure the dog away from the discarded belongings. “I spent the entire day earning his trust. He was not leaving those belongings because they had the smell of his former owner.” Neighbors said the pit bull mix, nicknamed “Boo,” was abandoned when his family was evicted from their home. “They came back one time, took the belongings that they chose to keep. Unfortunately, that wasn’t Boo,” Oliver said. Oliver spent more than 15 hours talking to Boo while feeding him Egg McMuffins and some KFC, before Boo allowed Oliver to put a leash on him and take him into his truck. He then took Boo to the nearby Groesbeck Animal Hospital where he learned the dog was generally healthy apart from stage two heartworm. Oliver is looking for a suitable family to give Boo a permanent home after he completes his treatment in six months. (WXYZ TV)


Bulls replace guard dogs at scrap yard In Spain

After falling victim to no less than seven break-ins last summer, the owner of a second hand auto parts business in Montserrat, Spain, has replaced his guard dogs with a pair of ‘toro bravos’, a Spanish breed of bull used in bullfighting, to roam the property and deter potential intruders. The Owner said that his troubles began earlier this year, when local authorities in the Valencian town of Montserrat built new roundabout next to his junkyard. His property was downsized and the provincial government sealed off the area with a flimsy wire fence to replace the original concrete wall which featured barbed wire protection. Since then, he claims thieves have broken in seven times, by snipping a hole in the wall, luring the guard dogs out of the compound, and simply walking in to take what they needed. After asking permission to build a tougher wall, he was told that he was free to do so, as long as the new fence was located at least 25 meters from the new boundary fence, but couldn’t afford to lose any more space, so he came up with an interesting alternative – replacing guard dogs with a couple of fighting bulls. Now the two bulls constantly roam the premises, and Cervero says he’s interested to see if thieves will be willing to risk a confrontation with the bulls for a cheap second hand hub cap or a worn tire. (The Local)



Leaked Email Reveals Google Chairman Wanted To Be Clinton Campaign’s ‘Head Outside Advisor’

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, wanted to be “head outside advisor” to the Hillary Clinton campaign, according to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in an email released by WikiLeaks. In a previously leaked email, a memo showed that Schmidt was working directly with the Clinton campaign on setting up various backend features to their website. In an April 2014 email from Podesta to Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook discussing the launch of Hillary’s campaign, Podesta described how much Schmidt wanted to work with the campaign. (Daily Caller)


3 Things Psychopaths Always Say

Business leaders top the list of the professions with the most psychopaths (really, that’s according to science). Which means chances are good that you’re not crazy if you think that your boss or your colleague just might be a card-carrying psychopath. But how can you know for sure? Psychologists have a detailed behavioral inventory you can use to evaluate people for (non-criminal) psychopathy. It includes things like grandiose dreams, an utter lack of remorse, and shallow emotions. (Sound like anyone you know?) But according to one psychopath researcher, certain phrases came up again and again as being consistently used by psychopaths. “While saying one or more of these things doesn’t necessarily mean someone is a psychopath, statements like these should be seen as red flags and occasion a deeper look into whether or not your relationship is actually healthy, he says. The worrying expressions include:

  1. “You overanalyze everything.” – No, actually, you’re an emotional predator. Psychopaths will intentionally do things to make you feel on-edge or paranoid. When you question them, they accuse you of overanalyzing the situation. Psychopaths aim to make you doubt your intuition by constantly planting hints to make you feel anxious and then blaming you for having that anxiety.
  2. “I hate drama.” – And yet, you’ll soon come to discover there’s more drama surrounding them than anyone you’ve ever known. And what’s worse, anytime you mention your concerns or frustration, they’ll declare their hatred of drama and make you feel bad for reacting to their horrible behavior. In short, people who are genuinely drama free usually don’t have much occasion to talk about the subject, and when they do, they will direct the conversation to solutions, not patently false declarations.
  3. “You misunderstood me.” – This technique is also known as ‘gaslighting.’ In essence, it amounts to convincing the other person the problem is all in his or her own head. A psychopath may even go so far as to deny a particularly problematic exchange ever occurred in order to suggest you’re the crazy one. But be assured, you didn’t misunderstand. They were being nasty, manipulative, or insane. (inc.com)





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