Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Police: Thief didn’t get far in motorized grocery store cart

A man accused of stealing a motorized shopping cart from an Alaska grocery store didn’t get very far or go very fast before his low-speed getaway attempt was foiled by police. The battery-operated cart with a basket mounted behind the handlebars has a top speed of 1.9 mph. Authorities say a man in Anchorage is charged with felony theft for attempting to take the cart from a Safeway store in Fairbanks. Police say they stopped him while he was crossing a thoroughfare following a 10-minute joyride that consisted mostly of trying to leave the expansive store parking lot. He’s now charged with felony theft of the $2,500 cart.  (Yahoo)


Hacker Hijacks North Korean Radio Station, Plays ‘The Final Countdown’

An unknown hacker has allegedly hijacked North Korean short-wave radio station, 6400kHz, and is broadcasting the 1986 hit song from ’80s Swedish  rock band Europe, “The Final Countdown.” News of the incident was posted on Twitter by vigilante hacker, “The Jester,” who has in the past gained fame by hacking jihadist websites, and who in October 2016 defaced the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the message, “Stop attacking Americans.” “A god among us has hijacked 6400kHz (North Korean station) and is playing the Final Countdown,” said The Jester on Twitter on November 9th, and posted a link to a recording of the broadcast. The 6400kHz station is based in Kanggye close to the North Korean border with China, and is used by North Korean radio station Pyongyang Broadcasting Station (Pyongyang BS), which also broadcasts on the 621, 1053, and 3250 frequencies. The North Korean communist regime has in the past used the 6400kHz radio station to broadcast coded messages. Sources say that North Korea often broadcasts messages on the station ahead of provocations. (The Epoch Times)


NC air traffic controller accused of having weapon of mass destruction

A North Carolina air traffic controller was arrested Friday for allegedly having a weapon of mass destruction, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said. A worker at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport was charged with acquiring, possessing and transporting a weapon of mass destruction, police said in a statement. Last week, police received a 911 call that someone had a homemade explosive at a Charlotte home. When officers arrived, they found a homemade pipe bomb, authorities said. He was charged with three counts of manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction and one count of possession of a weapon of mass destruction, police said. Investigators said another man built the bomb to “use it against a neighbor with whom he was involved in an ongoing dispute.” Both men were arrested Friday, but it’s unclear how they knew each other. The Federal Aviation Administration said Dandan’s access to the airport “was terminated.” The FBI describes a weapon of mass destruction as any explosive, incendiary, or poisonous gas, including a bomb, grenade or rocket that has an explosive or incendiary charge of more than four ounces. (CNN)


Man Accused of Touching Strangers’ Belly Buttons Banned from Ohio Campuses

Prosecutors say a 29-year-old Ohio man – accused of approaching women for the 10 years and trying to touch their belly buttons – should be sent to prison for violating his parole. Graig Burrier, of Stow, pleaded guilty recently in Summit County Common Pleas Court to violating his parole. He was placed on parole in 2012 after pleading guilty to a sexual battery charge. In that case, prosecutors say he told a woman he was pledging a fraternity and asked to touch her belly button. “Since that time he has violated his probation numerous times,” said Brad Gessner, chief counsel for the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office. “He has not been successful on probation. He went to prison. He was given judicial release, and he continues to ignore and to violate the restrictions probation has placed on him. He chose again this year to go out and again to attempt to touch a woman’s belly button on the bike trail,” Gessner said. “The male states he is rushing a fraternity and needed to ask her a few questions,” a report stated. “After the questions, the male stated he needed to touch her belly button.” When the woman asked him what he would do if she said no, he said he would ask someone else. She then raised her shirt slightly and allowed him to touch her belly button. “She stated he proceeded to get on a knee and used his index finger, pressing it, and circling his finger around the navel,” the police report states. “She stated it lasted for approximately a minute or so. After a few seconds, she asked him how much longer he would need and he stated, thirty more seconds.” Prosecutors say Burrier is banned from going to parks alone, and he is not allowed to go to the campuses of Kent State University or the University of Akron. (WNEP TV)


A St. Louis man is feeling pretty … pretty … pretty … pretty miffed over a recent traffic ticket.

A computer programmer says he was ticketed for honking his horn at a police officer. He repeatedly honked at the officer in an unmarked car because the light had turned green and the officer wasn’t moving. He was pulled over and used his cellphone to record the heated exchange with the plainclothes officer, who asked, “Is your horn stuck?” Smith replied: “Is your brake stuck?” Smith was ticketed for excessive noise from a vehicle. He plans to file a formal complaint. (Yahoo)


Egyptian wife wants divorce because husband does all household chores

In one of Egypt’s most bizarre divorce cases, a newlywed bride decided to divorce her husband two weeks into the couple’s marriage because he was acting “like a housewife”. The 28-year-old bride recently headed to one of Egypt’s family courts demanding that she is granted a divorce from her husband because she could no longer handle living with him. “We’ve been married for just two weeks, I’ve known and loved him for over 2 years but I hate living with him and can no longer handle his actions,” she said in a statement. “My husband is a housewife. He doesn’t let me touch anything in our house and does all the cooking, cleaning and general household chores. He controls everything in our house, and I have no say in anything, not even where he puts the TV set. Even though he owns his own business, he hired people to manage it, in order for him to stay at home, while I sit and watch,” she explained. “When I got fed up, I confronted my husband and explained that we each must have our own role in the house. He responded saying that if I wanted to live in ‘his house,’ I had to follow his rules. A heated argument then ensued between us, and I later decided to leave him,” she admitted. The court is now looking into the case. (Steepfeed)


Suspect hands out doughnuts during robbery

A suspect robbing a Houston doughnut shop handed out doughnuts to customers whose cellphones he stole. The reports states that the robbery happened in the afternoon on October 16th at a Shipley’s Do-Nuts. Police released surveillance video that shows three men wearing hoodies and bandannas robbing the store. While two of the men were behind the counter demanding the cash from the registers, the third took the cellphones of the two customers in the store. He then jumped over the counter, exchanged words with the customers and picked out two crullers, which he handed to them in wax paper. The suspects then left the store. Police are searching for them. (Yahoo)



Tuesday Delivers Us:

*International Girls Day 
*International Selfie Day (Diabetes Foundation) 
*Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day 
*National American Teddy Bear Day 
*National Spicy Guacamole Day 
*National Pickle Day 
*National Young Reader’s Day (2nd Tuesday)
*Operating Room Nurse Day 
*Spirit of NSA (National Speakers Association) Day 
*World Diabetes Day 

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