Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hampshire College has decided not to fly any flags on campus, after an American flag was burned at the college

In a statement, Hampshire College’s president Johnathan Lash announced neither the American flag nor any other flags will be flown on campus. This comes after the school received harsh criticism from veterans and community members over the flag that was burnt. “It is a disrespect. That shouldn’t have happened in the first place.” Following the presidential election, the campus flag was lowered to half-staff, which offended veterans and some community members and then, someone set it on fire the night before Veterans Day. Many found the gesture to be disrespectful. President Lash said the campus will continue to consult with students and staff about appropriately utilizing flags in the future. (WWLP TV)


Teacher Snatches Microphone Away From Autistic Student, Parents Outraged To Discover Why

He was all set to say his line for the school play, when suddenly the teacher yanked the microphone out of the 6-year-old autistic student. The child’s parents were shocked. The parents, Kent Squires and Amanda Riddle, had been excited to watch Caleb, their son, perform in a Thanksgiving play at his school, Nutter Fort Primary. His line was “Gobble gobble,” but before he could say it, the teacher took the mic away from him. Caleb’s mom said she thinks this happened because he has autism. And she’s not keeping quiet about it. She said, “I’m sick of kids that are not considered ‘normal’ be[ing] treated the way they are.” Now, Kent is reaching out publicly on social media to see if anything can be done about this. Many have expressed shock and anger in the comments at the teacher’s actions. “This is absolutely ridiculous!” one wrote. “She is no teacher!” Another added, “EVERY child deserves their moment.” According to Mark Manchin, the superintendent of Harrison County Schools, the situation is currently under investigation. (Woman’s World)


Mississippi residents unsure of controversial billboard’s intent

A provocative roadside billboard in Mississippi that mixes art and politics has united onlookers in anger and confusion. The sign on Highway 80 outside Pearl features President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” superimposed on a well-known Civil Rights-era image by photographer Spider Martin. The famous “Two Minute Warning” photo shows a group of protesters including Hosea Williams and John Lewis confronting state troopers moments before violence broke out on the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Alabama, in the 1965 “Bloody Sunday” conflict. The photo was taken moments before troopers unleashed tear gas on protesters and beat them with billy clubs before sending dozens to jail. Gov. Phil Bryant (R) has called the billboard imagery divisive and the mayor of Pearl wants it gone. Otherwise, people aren’t sure what to make of it. (CNN)


6.9-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes off the Coast of Japan: USGS

A 6.9-magnitude earthquake (sources say 7.3 epicenter) has been reported in Fukushima, Japan, according to the United States Geological Survey. Tremors from the earthquake could be felt as far away as Tokyo, about 150 miles south of the epicenter. Hazardous tsunamis are possible for parts of Japan’s east coast within about 186 miles of the earthquake’s epicenter, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. There was no tsunami threat to Hawaii. People living in several coastal prefectures were told to evacuate immediately. In March 2011 the same region was hit by a 9-magnitude earthquake, which unleashed a devastating tsunami that killed thousands of people. The tsunami caused a nuclear disaster when it hit the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, resulting in a release of radioactive materials. (ABC News)


Son puts valuable coins stolen from father through Coinstar to buy crack

Police said a man stole a valuable coin collection from his father and put it through a Coinstar machine at a local supermarket in order to get money to buy crack cocaine. Police said Leonard Rinaldi, 53, of Torrington, Conneticut, was  arrested on larceny charges in connection with the theft of thousands of dollars worth of valuable coins from his father. The coins, worth $8,000, were reported stolen on October 11. Police said Rinaldi told them he stole the coins, took them to a CoinStar machine at a Stop and Shop and received approximately $60 dollars for them. He then told police he used the money to buy crack cocaine. Police said he has a lengthy criminal record and was living at home with his father at the time of the theft. Authorities said they have video of Rinaldi at the CoinStar machine and that many of the coins – that were not rejected by the machine because of their silver content – have been recovered. Police said they don’t know where the  rejected coins ended up. Rinaldi is being held on $10,000 bond and is due back in court on December 14 to enter a plea. (Fox 61)


William Shatner wanted for The Walking Dead movie

The Walking Dead’s showrunner wants William Shatner to star in a big screen adaptation of the series. Scott Gimple is keen to see a movie version of the popular horror TV show – which is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard – made at some stage, and has eyed the ‘Star Trek’ actor to portray lead character Rick Grimes. He joked: “William Shatner as Rick. We’ll get Edward James Olmos as Daryl. Hit all the big shows. Matthew Fox as the Governor!” While the TV series is still in full swing, Scott thinks it is inevitable the show will feature on the big screen one day. (Female First)


A Guy Thought Chipotle’s Huge Burritos Were Only 300 Calories, So He’s Suing

Three guys in Los Angeles filed a class-action lawsuit last Tuesday, because they think the company’s advertising makes it seem like their food is healthier than it really is. One of them recently tried the new chorizo burrito after he saw a sign in the store that said it was only 300 calories, but then he felt extremely full afterward, and realized it must have been more calories than that. In reality, it’s about three or four TIMES that many calories, depending on what else you put in there. A spokesperson for Chipotle says the guy misunderstood, and 300 calories is just the total for the meat. However, the sign in the store did say 300 calories, with a picture of a full burrito right above it. No word on how much they’re suing for. (LAist)


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