Tuesday, October 31, 2017



Teens dressed as bushes face arrest over pre-Halloween prank

Some teenagers in Rahway, New Jersey, who are getting a jump on Halloween by dressing up as bushes and surprising people in a New Jersey park could face arrest. The Union County Police Department fears the self-proclaimed “Rahway Bushmen” could cause someone to fall and sue the county. Two of the high school students cover camouflage suits with brush while a third acts as lookout. They stand in Rahway River Park and say “hi” to unsuspecting visitors. One of the teens said it’s more or less an idea to try to make people smile. One witness who heard funny voices and ruffling of leaves, says it was hilarious and the teens should be applauded. (Yahoo)


Missing New York woman found safe in Massachusetts 42 years later

A New York woman who had been missing for 42 years has been found safe in Massachusetts. Flora (Florence) Stevens was 36 when she disappeared from Monticello, New York, on August 3, 1975. Her husband returned to pick her up after dropping her off for a doctor’s appointment, but she wasn’t there. Last month, a New York State Police investigator contacted the sheriff’s office about a set of unidentified remains of a woman found in Orange County whose body vaguely matched Stevens’s characteristics. When a Sullivan County Detective tried to find relatives for a DNA sample to identify the body, he discovered Stevens’s Social Security number was being used in Massachusetts. He found the number belonged to 78-year-old Flora Harris, who lives in an assisted-living residence in Lowell, Massachusetts. He and another detective confirmed that Harris and Stevens were the same person during a visit to Lowell on Tuesday. Harris has lived there since 2001, but the facility did not know she was ever considered a missing person until the detectives visited. Since she suffers from dementia, police were unable to fill in the gaps of her disappearance, but she recognized her decades-old work ID. She had also lived in New Hampshire and New York City nursing homes, according to her medical records that go back about 30 years. Authorities believe that, at one point, Harris suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling out of a window. No living relatives have been found. (Times Herald-Record )


A California city is about to launch the first basic income experiment in the US 

Next year, Stockton, California, will run a $1 million basic income test with funding from a foundation led by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. The program will offer 300,000 Stockton residents $500 per month with no requirements. Universal basic income is the subject of considerable interest to tech leaders and others who envisage a future where many workers will be left without a job amid advances in artificial intelligence and automation technology. (CNN Money)


China wants to rank its 1.3 billion citizens based on trustworthiness

Beijing has outsourced the experimental phase of its Social Credit System to several tech giants, with the goal of using data on citizens’ activities — from shopping habits to time spent online — to rate the character of its people. Those who receive high trust scores will be eligible for special loans, travel privileges, and other perks; those who don’t will have slower internet speeds and be barred from certain kinds of travel, among other restrictions. The system is currently voluntary, but it is slated to become mandatory by 2020. (Wired)


Arizona man selling ranch for $5M due to constant ‘alien attacks’

John Edmonds is selling his 9.67-acre horse ranch because he can’t stand the constant paranormal activity he says he deals with. The Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley, Arizona, has been featured multiple times in television shows and international media for its purported alien activity. Edmonds and his wife Joyce say they’re fed up with interstellar interference. Edmonds claims he has slain 19 aliens with samurai swords and he and his wife have endured abduction attempts. The reaction from potential buyers has been mixed. The Stardust Ranch is listed at $5 million. Edmonds agreed that his home is not traditional, but for the right person it could be a great fit. (12 News NBC)


Pesky woodpecker breaks car mirrors in Georgia neighborhood

Authorities say a pesky woodpecker has been breaking car mirrors in Georgia. There have been reports totalling over a dozen cars in a Snellville neighborhood were damaged within a week. Snellville police took several written reports and stepped up patrols before receiving a tip about the likely suspect. The police department said in a Facebook post that a witness observed a pileated woodpecker breaking her car mirror in the neighborhood. Authorities say they’ll continue their patrols, although they believe that the case is solved. Some residents are covering their mirrors with bags to prevent any further damage. (Yahoo)


Driver slams into Goodwill store, donates coffee maker

 A driver donated a coffee maker after he apparently fell asleep at the wheel and slammed into a Goodwill store early Wednesday morning in Pasadena. The crash happened as the Jaguar sedan went through a wall and ended up among racks of clothing inside the building. Store employees were cleaning up debris and boarding up the damaged wall in the aftermath of the incident. Before leaving the scene, the driver donated a brand new Mr. Coffee machine to Goodwill. (ABC 7)



Two-bular Tuesday Treats Us With:

*Beggars’ Night 
*Books For Treats Day 
*Day of the Seven Billion 
*Girl Scout Founder’s Day 
*Halloween or All Hallows Eve 
*National Caramel Apple Day 
*National Doorbell Day
*National Knock-Knock Jokes Day 
*National Magic Day 
*National UNICEF Day 
*World Cities Day 

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