Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Spain’s annual Christmas lottery is only days away

It’s known as El Gordo — meaning ‘The Fat One’ — because of the huge amount of money distributed in prizes. How huge? It’s big. In the 2015 Gordo lottery over $2 billion was distributed around the country. Tickets have been on sale for months across the country in lottery shops, online, and in bars and businesses. Some managers offer clients and employees the chance to buy in. This year, the pot totals some 2.31 billion euros ($2.4 billion), with the top individual prize worth €4 million before the government’s 20% cut. The drawing takes place at Madrid’s Teatro Real tomorrow (December 22) and it will be broadcast across Spain, as well as webcast. (Marketwatch)


Brain Shrinkage Is Real?

A new study shows that women’s brains change when they’re pregnant. Those changes can last at least two years. Here’s what’s happening: “gray matter” (a certain kind of brain tissue) decreases in pregnant women, and researchers think this makes them become more in touch with other peoples’ – or their baby’s – feelings. The study included first-time moms and women who’d never been pregnant. And the more the moms’ brains changed, the more emotionally attached they were to their babies. (Nature)


In other XX chromosome news…

Women account for just one-third of U.S. physicians, but the results of a new study suggests that’s not the only gender gap in medicine. In a new study shows that if you have to go to the doctor, you’ll want to see a lady. Turns out, patients treated by female doctors may be less likely to die early or make a repeat trip to the hospital than patients treated by men. (Fortune)


Visit sauna regularly to stave off dementia

Scientists at the University of East Finland followed more than 2,000 middle-aged men for 20 years to find out what factors influenced how many developed cognitive problems in later life. They found that those who used the sauna between four and seven times a week were 66 per cent less likely to be diagnosed with dementia during the study period compared with those taking a sauna just once a week or less. (Telegraph)


Positively Tested

A Florida woman said she is paying her way through college by selling her positive pregnancy tests and urine on Craigslist. The ad on the Jacksonville-area Craigslist page offers “positive pregnancy tests or urine” in an “absolutely no questions asked type of deal.” The woman, who is three months pregnant, is selling the positive tests or urine for $30 each, but the Craigslist post says customers traveling more than 60 miles can get two positive tests for $35. (Action News JAX)


Drunk Gone Banana’s

Police are searching for a burglar who allegedly ate a bunch of bananas, and took a nap at “The Sexy Salad” restaurant in Hauppauge, New York early Saturday morning. The owner said he was “so shaken up” when he realized his restaurant had been broken into. What he saw on his surveillance camera allowed him to exhale. “A lot of stumbling, he was very, very, very, drunk — helped himself to a couple of bananas, dropped a couple of bananas…A full basket of bananas quickly diminished.” After demolishing the basket of fruit, along with some other snacks, the weary burglar took a nearly two and a half hour nap on the floor of the restaurant before waking up and fleeing the scene. Nothing of value was stolen — he was just left with one big mess. According to the owner, the hungry burglar left his driver’s license at the scene. No arrests have been made. (CBS 2 New York)



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