Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pocket-Sized Device Connects to Your Phone to Let You Know When You Stink

The KunKun, Japanese for “sniff sniff”, is a bizarre device developed by Japanese corporation Konika Minolta that detects bodily odors like smelly feet or underarm sweat and notifies the user about them via a smartphone app. So, yeah, the days of smelling your own armpits when nobody’s watching to see if they stink are over, thanks to modern technology. Now you can just wear the KunKun everywhere you go and find out when you’re starting to stink just by checking your phone. It’s small enough to fit in a coat pocket, so no one will ever know you’re carrying it, and features sensors that pick up specific chemicals associated with three types of bodily odors. It can detect ammonia and isovaleric acid, chemicals known to produce that nasty sweaty locker-room smell, but also 2-nonenal, which is associated with old age and diacetyl, a controversial organic compound that makes yo smell like “rancid cooking oil”. (Wall Street Journal)


A New York congresswoman is pushing a bill for “menstrual equity”

Representative Grace Meng, of New York’s 6th District is tired of all the period shaming happening in today’s society. That’s why she is seeking to pass a bill called the Menstrual Equity for All Act of 2017 (H.R. 972). According to her, there is a serious problem with “menstrual equity” in our country, or so she writes in an article in Marie Claire. “Did you know that there are girls who skip school when they get their periods? If they can’t afford pads or tampons and don’t want anyone to see they’ve stained their clothes, they may feel like they have no choice. That’s not just something that happens in developing countries. It happens right here in the United States. Right in my home district of Queens, New York.” To fix this, Meng’s legislation would do five things, which she lists on her congressional website. 

  • Allow individuals to buy menstrual hygiene products with money they contribute to their flexible spending accounts.
  • Provide a refundable tax credit to low-income individuals who regularly use menstrual hygiene products.
  • Allow grant funds from the Emergency Food and Shelter Grant Program, which can be used by homeless assistance providers for essential household items, to be used for menstrual hygiene products.
  • Require each state to provide menstrual hygiene products to female inmates and detainees, at no cost and on demand, as a condition of receiving funds from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program.
  • Direct the Secretary of Labor to require employers with 100 or more employees to provide menstrual hygiene products to their employees free of charge.

Meng holds that this is necessary, however, as women will spend a grand total of $2,500 on menstrual products of her entire lifetime, and so action needs to be taken by both male and female legislators to “support this important bill.” (


New study shows 75 percent of Venezuelans losing dangerous amounts of weight due to starvation

The South American country of Venezuela, infamously known for its wide reaching socialist policies that have left the country devastated, has reached a point where its citizens are losing almost 20 pounds due to their lack of food. The 2016 Living Conditions Survey conducted with the help of 6,500 families found that a little over 32 percent of Venezuelan households eat only once or twice everyday. 93.3 percent said their income does not support their costs for food, and thus they have resorted to cheaper foods such as vegetables. Namely potatoes. Due to this, almost 75 percent of the Venezuelan population has lost an average of 19 pounds. Additionally, ten percent of the nation’s children have stopped attending classes due to lack of food, and helping their household acquire food by holding their parent’s place in food lines. Due to the socialist policies enacted by President Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela has seen a catastrophic lack of everything from medicine and food, to basic products such as toilet paper. Any charitable help sent to the country, such as medicine, is snatched up by the government. Due to the lack of things such as baby formula and diapers, women have taken to sterilizing themselves so as not to bring in another mouth to feed. According to news sources, bags have been found at Venezuelan dumps of remains of animals such as cats, dogs, donkeys, and flamingos that people have killed and eaten in order to keep from starving. (Fox News)


Woman becomes blind after wearing cosmetic contact lenses she bought at flea market

A woman is devastated after going blind from cosmetic contact lenses that she bought a flea market, according to court documents in Texas. Liza Garcia of Lubbock, went to the National Flea Market of Lubbock, where she bought cosmetic contact lenses at the One Stop Contact Lenses. Garcia did not purchase the lenses to correct her vision. She used the Bella lenses to make her eyes appear to be a different color. After wearing the lenses for several days, her eyes began burning. She went to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with a bacterial infection. The infection caused her to go blind, and she is unable to take care of herself or her children. Garcia told the court that One Stop Contact Lenses sold her the defective product without a prescription. According to the Food and Drug Administration, you need a prescription to wear decorative lenses as if they are not the correct size, they can cause infection. Garcia is demanding $1 million for pain, suffering, and mental anguish. (KPRC 2 TV)


Elk’s head goes missing after party

You know it was a good party when the animal head goes missing. In Delaware, the New Castle County Police is investigating the disappearance of a mounted elk’s head from a home, according to a spokesman for county police. There, county police learned that the resident’s daughter held a party recently with about 50 people in attendance. During a walk-through of the home, officers observed multiple holes in the walls and three broken windows. Officers discovered that sometime during the party, the elk’s head, valued at $65,000, was taken. Police are asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of the missing head to please contact the New Castle County Police Department. (Delaware Online)


Street Cleaner Has Donated $25,000 to Put 37 Disadvantaged Kids Through School

Zhao Yongjiu, a 56-year-old street cleaner from Shenyang, China, recently revealed that over the last three decades he has helped fund the education of 37 impoverished children by donating most of his monthly salary. Every day, the kindhearted sanitation worker leaves his home at 4:30 in the morning and returns at 9 p.m.. He earns a monthly salary of 2,400 yuan ($350), barely enough to make a decent living, but he somehow manages to live on way less, donating the rest to poor kids, so they can afford to go to school and get a proper education. Zhao estimates that during that time he has donated around 170,000 yuan ($24,750). Feeling he need to do even more to help the kids, at one point he sold his only property and moved into a rented one-room apartment for which he pays 600 yuan a month, donating most of his earnings. His long-term generosity was inspired by a personal experience. In 1976, he lost his father, and his mother struggled to put food on the table, but they managed to pull through those tough years with help from their neighbors, who would often chip in whatever they could spare. Impressed by their kindness, he decided he would dedicate his life to helping other as well. (Oddity Central)


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