Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Earth-ending apocalypse movies start with sky-gazers spotting an asteroid that nobody knew about until it was too late

A space rock called 2017 BS32 will just cruise by our planet It will be about 40 feet in diameter, or about the size of a bus. What’s potentially worrisome, however, is that scientists only just spotted the rock, and it’s now the fourth asteroid to come within sniffing distance of our planet so far this year. The asteroid, which was only just discovered on Jan. 30, will be closer to the Earth than the moon is when it makes its closest approach at approximately 3:23 p.m. EDT Friday (2/10). The rock will be passing by at a distance of 101,214 miles, bringing it close enough to be seen by astronomers. In fact, the Slooh Observatory will be livestreaming the asteroid’s trip by our planet and answer questions from viewers who want to learn more. As the fourth near-Earth asteroid (NEA) to swing by our planet so far in 2017, the arrival of 2017 BS32 is heightening the concern that one could actually strike our planet. (New York Post)


Edible marijuana candy on the rise in Oklahoma

The Stillwater Police Department reports they confiscated the candy from a teenager in November 2016. Since they, there has been an increase in children consuming it, leaving parents wanting to know if there’s a certain way to distinguish edible marijuana candy from a regular piece of candy. An community outreach preventionist from the Eagle Ridge Institute said if a child can’t tell the difference between an edible marijuana candy and regular piece of candy, then neither can an adult, but there are signs to look out for if your child has consumed it. The number one thing a parent should do is keep an eye on your children. There’s been research on this for two years and say they come in all different kind of forms; gummy worms, lollipops and might even look like name brand candy bars. Experts said, check the wrapper, saying sometimes it will say how much THC is in it. They also advise parents to look and see if your child has any change in their behavior. The one thing a parent should not do is turn a blind eye, saying a parent has to be involved in a child’s life in order to detect the candy. Stillwater police say they’ve investigated cases involving distribution of the edible marijuana candy, as well as them being shipped through mail services. Although it’s likely these candies are coming from states that have legalized it. (OKC Fox 25)


Doctors remove live cockroach from a woman’s skull

A woman from India is thanking her doctors after they removed a live cockroach that had climbed into her nose. The woman felt something crawl on her face while she was half-asleep and thought she had brushed it away. The next morning, she knew something was wrong. “I could not explain the feeling, but I was sure it was some insect. There was a tingling, crawling sensation. Whenever it moved, it gave me a burning sensation in my eyes,” she said. She went to the clinic where doctors performed a nasal endoscopy and discovered the cockroach on her skull, between her eyes. Doctors used a suction apparatus to remove the insect because it was clinging to tissue inside the body. After 45 minutes, the team was able to pull the entire cockroach out. Doctors say she was luck because if the cockroach remained inside her head, it could have caused damage to her brain. “It was sitting in the skull base, between the two eyes, close to the brain. If left inside, it would have died before long and the patient would have developed infection which would have spread to the brain,” said Dr. M.N. Shankar. There is no word on what became of the cockroach, but hopefully it will no longer sniff out trouble in another person’s nose. (India Express)


U.S. bacon reserves have hit a 50 year low.

The non-profit Ohio Pork Council said that demand for frozen pork belly, often made into bacon, has far outpaced supply. “Today’s pig farmers are setting historic records by producing more pigs than ever. Yet our reserves are still depleting,” said Rich Deaton, the group’s president. With low reserve levels, prices have increased; the cost of pork belly rose by 20% in January, according to the council. Officials said that increased foreign demand might also be responsible, however, as hog farmers export around 26% of their total product according to the group. It’s not yet time to worry, however. The “industry will not run out of supply,” Deaton said. (Fortune)


Woman who cut man’s throat claimed to be Jesus, could control Trump

A South Carolina woman who referred to herself as Jesus Christ and talked about controlling Donald Trump with a bracelet on her arm is accused of cutting a man’s throat, according to the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office. Ashley Nicole Bailey is charged with attempted murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. Deputies responded to a home about an attempted suicide. They said that when they arrived, they found a man with a large cut to his neck who said the woman had caused the injury. The man was taken to the hospital by EMS. A deputy spoke to the woman, who first said the man tried to kill himself by cutting his throat. She then told the deputy to call her attorney and added she didn’t intend to hurt him. She then said, “I ain’t owning up to this,” according to the report. That’s when she spoke about controlling President Donald Trump with the bracelet on her arm and referred to herself as Jesus Christ and the Illuminati. Bailey was taken to the sheriff’s office and later charged. (WYFF 4 TV)


Texas man torched garage because dinner wasn’t ready

A San Antonio man is accused of setting his garage on fire after becoming angry because his dinner wasn’t ready when he arrived home from work. The incident happened just before 11 p.m. on January 25th and officers arrived at the residence after receiving a call for a structure fire. When the officers arrived the fire inside the home’s detached garage had already been extinguished. The man arrived home from work and was angry his wife had not answered his phone calls that day or fixed him dinner. The wife told officers after he came home and spent some time with their children, he walked to the detached garage. A few minutes later, she walked outside and smelled smoke. That is when she opened the sliding garage door and found her husband standing inside. She went back inside the home and called the police. He then, grabbed the water hose, put out the fire and fled the scene. The San Antonio Fire Department determined the fire had potential to spread throughout the garage if it had not been extinguished. Statements from his wife and other family member indicated to officials that he intentionally set the fire with intent to destroy or damage the building. A warrant for his arrest has been issued on account of felony arson. (KHOU TV)


Target’s 2-ton red ball comes loose, hits moving car

Surveillance cameras at a New Jersey Target captured the moment a truck bumped one of the iconic red concrete balls, causing it to roll into a moving car. Parking lot surveillance footage of the November 22nd incident in Paramus shows a pickup truck go partially up on the curb and bump one of the store’s large red concrete balls, which are designed to prevent vehicles from crashing into the store’s doors, causing the 2-ton object to come loose. The ball rolls right into the side of a lady’s moving Nissan Rogue. She said the car, which she has purchased only a year earlier, incurred about $3,500 in damage. The video shows the ball continue to roll until another driver jumps out of his car — with his dog — to stop it. Three men roll the ball to the store’s entrance, and a Target employee places a traffic cone by the ball, but then leaves it unattended for a long enough time for a young child to climb on it. The woman said she expected Target to cover the damage to her car. “Target’s insurance company, Sedgwick, has denied my claim for compensation because they claim they have no responsibility in this incident,” She said police were unable to obtain the pickup truck driver’s license plate number from the video, but she believes the store should be able to identify the man because an employee recognized him from a recent purchase he made with a credit card. She said the company refused to tell her whether they made an attempt to identify the man. Grady said her next step will be to file against Target in small claims court. (WABC TV)



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