Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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The man who swims to work

Most people commute by bus, train or car – but Benjamin David gets to work by plunging into Munich’s Isar River. Benjamin David was fed up with the stress of commuting on busy city roads. So he now packs his laptop, suit and shoes into a waterproof bag, straps it to his back and swims almost 1.5 miles to work along the Isar River in Munich, Germany. Depending on the season, he wears swimming trunks or a long wetsuit – as well as rubber sandals to protect his feet from glass or the occasional bicycle laying in the river. His commute sometimes invites laughs from bystanders on the bridges above, but he says it’s faster and more relaxing than sitting in traffic. (BBC)


New distracted driving law in Washington makes it illegal to hold phone while driving

Drivers in Washington state will have put down their cellphones, under a law that went into effect Sunday (7/23). The state’s new law to discourage distracted driving closes loopholes against making calls by prohibiting even holding a personal electronic device while stopped in traffic. The law also prohibits eating or applying make-up while driving. The Governors Highway Safety Association called the law a pioneering effort to combat distracted driving, which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said was involved in more than 3,000 deaths in 2014. “Washington State was first state to pass a texting ban a decade ago, and they are leading the way again with this strengthened law, which has the potential to be a game changer and serve as a model for other states,” Kara Macek, a spokeswoman for the governors association. (USA Today)


Snopes Says it Needs to Raise $500k to Stay in Business, one of the internet’s first and most famous fact-checking websites, said Monday (7/24) that a previous website hosting vendor continues to “hold the web site hostage,” and the site is in danger of shutting down if it doesn’t raise $500,000. Snopes has started a GoFundMe campaign and has raised just under $55,000 by just over 2,000 people in 4 hours. According to the letter on GoFundMe titled “Please help save!” and on the new website, the contract between Snopes and Proper Media, a private company that manages the web property, ended earlier this year. But Proper Media won’t release the site back to Snopes, Snopes wrote. As a result, Snopes can’t put advertising on its site, but since advertising is Snopes’s only revenue stream, the site is now in danger of shutting down, the company said. This campaign is a part of a legal dispute that’s been happening all year. In May, Proper Media filed a complaint against Snopes owner David Mikkelson and corporate co-owner of Snopes, Bardav, Inc., alleging breach of contract and civil conspiracy.  (Go Fund Me)


Man Arrested After Chasing Seagulls Naked on Michigan Beach

Authorities say a man has been arrested after being spotted chasing seagulls while naked on a popular northern Michigan beach. State police say troopers responded Sunday afternoon to the beach at Petoskey State Park after witnesses reported seeing the 22-year-old Ann Arbor man chasing birds. They told police he also ran to a paved parking lot and jumped into it as if he were diving into water. Police say the man may have consumed LSD earlier in the day. He was taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries from jumping onto the parking lot. He’s jailed pending a court hearing on charges including disorderly conduct, resisting police and indecent exposure. The beach is located along Little Traverse Bay, which is part of Lake Michigan. (US News)


91-year-old houseboat used in Hollywood blockbuster Dunkirk is up for grabs

A boat featured in the movie Dunkirk is for sale. The sailing barge Xylonite is really a four-bedroom floating home in London, which has just has been listed for sale for $550,000. Its original character has been fully preserved, which made it a perfect choice for the film. The barge is currently moored at a marina in London. The 91-year-old houseboat was chartered by producers of Christopher Nolan’s film because its owners have kept up its pre-war appearance, making it perfect for the movie. Although it was not involved in Operation Dynamo – the evacuation of 330,000 Allied soldiers off the beaches of Dunkirk in the Second World War – the 86ft long boat made it across the English Channel last year for the filming. The blue craft was depicted on screen with scores of soldiers wading through the surf to clamber aboard it. The anonymous owner and a group of friends even appear as extras in the movie after they were given period clothing to wear as the crew. (Daily Mail)


Microsoft: MS Paint isn’t dead, it’s just moving

Earlier this week, Microsoft woke up to a lot of anger and frustration from Windows users that probably came as a big surprise. It was in response to Microsoft’s decision to deprecate MS Paint from Windows 10, which is the first sign that the software is being killed off. Following all that feedback, Microsoft has now clarified the situation. MS Paint is indeed being removed as a standard feature of Windows 10, meaning when you install Windows 10 it won’t be immediately available. However, the popular graphics app will still be available in the Windows Store for free, meaning if you want it you’ll have to download and install it. (Microsoft)


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