Wednesday, June 7, 2017

83-year-old woman punches TSA agent after being told she cannot take along bottle of soap 

An elderly woman flew into a rage after being told that she cannot board a plane with a bottle of soap, according to police in Kansas. Sedgwick County police said that they have arrested 83-year-old Lila Mae Bryan, after being accused of punching a TSA agent who did not allow her to board the plane with her bottle of soap. Bryan said that she does not like the soap provided by hotels and always takes along her own. When the TSA agent insisted that it is against the rules to have the bottle of soap on the plane, Bryan became angry. She then punched the officer. (Wichita Eagle)


Inmate planned to escape prison in box, buried in sawdust

A man who killed his parents two decades ago told reporters that he hatched a plan to escape a maximum-security prison in New York by burying himself alive in a coffin-like box, hidden under tons of sawdust. Gordon “Woody” Mower told people that he practiced the escape repeatedly at Auburn Correctional Facility two years ago. The plan involved hiding in a bottomless wooden box in a big mound of sawdust from the prison’s wood shop that is hauled away periodically by a local farmer who uses it as horse bedding. Mower said the plot failed when another inmate tipped off guards. (Yahoo)


Alabama police sergeant finds bolt in Arby’s sandwich

An Alabama police sergeant — dressed in his full uniform — said he bit into an Arby’s Classic Roast Beef sandwich during his shift last week and found a 1-inch bolt hidden inside the meat. “I don’t know how you make a sandwich with a bolt that large in it and not be intentional,” Sgt. Patrick Crosby, of the Birmingham police said. Cosby said the incident happened Thursday (6/1) when he was working late in Birmingham. He went through the drive-thru of the fast-food restaurant in his city car. He said it was clear they knew he was an officer. He said when he took a bite of the sandwich he discovered the “massive” bolt sitting there. Finally, he heard from Arby’s officials on Saturday (6/3). A regional manager told him the bolt came from a malfunctioning meat cutter. The vice president of the company also called Cosby and told him the same thing. Christopher Fuller, a senior vice president with Arby’s, said that he was sure “no one was targeted in this instance. We have a long-standing tradition of supporting our men and women in uniform, and we are currently working with the guest to resolve the matter,” Fuller said. The Jefferson County Health Department visited the Arby’s on Monday (6/5) and told Cosby the bolt came from a faulty cutter and that the restaurant had experienced previous problems in the past. (


Oregon couple who believe in prayer healing charged in baby’s death

Two members of an Oregon church that shuns traditional medicine in favor of prayer and anointing the sick with oils were arrested Monday (6/5) in the death of their premature baby. Sarah Mitchell, 24, and Travis Lee Mitchell, 21, are accused of murder and criminal mistreatment. They have been under investigation since March, when Sarah delivered twin girls at her grandparents’ home. One of the babies had breathing problems and died a few hours later. The couple are members of the Followers of Christ Church, which embraces faith healing. Several members have been convicted of crimes for failing to seek medical care for their children, including Sarah Mitchell’s sister and brother-in-law. The deaths prompted Oregon lawmakers in 2011 to remove faith healing as a legal defense in murder and manslaughter cases. Oregon’s chief medical examiner said in March that the baby named Gennifer was several weeks premature and her lungs were too underdeveloped to allow her to breathe unassisted for long. Authorities said the birth was attended by three midwives, family members and other church members. No one called 911 when Gennifer struggled to breathe. A deputy medical examiner responding to a call about the death noticed the surviving twin, Evelyn, also was struggling to breathe. Law enforcement persuaded the parents to get her medical treatment, and Evelyn survived. The church, which operates in Oregon and Idaho, has about 1,000 members and is rooted in Pentecostalism, although it is not affiliated with any denomination. Members believe in a literal translation of the Scripture, which states that faith will heal all and if someone dies, it is God’s will. (Fox News)


Harvard Revokes Admission of Several Students for Posting ‘Offensive’ Memes

Heard about this? In the last few days, it came out that Harvard has said “you can’t go here” to at least 10 incoming freshmen because of things they posted on Facebook. Last year, a group of students that connected through Harvard’s Class of 2021 Facebook group created a separate private message thread. They called it “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens.” Yes. And then shared memes including ones making fun of sexual assault, the Holocaust, and ethnic groups. Earlier this year, university authorities found out about it. And said ‘you are the weakest links, goodbye.’ (NBC News)


Elderly man stoically eats noodles while cafe customers flee snake

An elderly man enjoying a meal at a Singapore cafe is being hailed online for staying put while his fellow customers fled an oncoming snake. A man photos and a video to Facebook from the Sunday incident at a cafe with outdoor seating next to the Prime Supermarket in the Bukit Gombak area of Singapore. The video shows an elderly man remain seated while other customers stand up in a panic and back away from something that is soon revealed as a snake headed straight for the customers. The old man calmly eats his noodles while customers shout and flee in panic. Another man at the cafe tries to fend off the snake with a chair, but he drops the seat and backs away when the snake snaps at him. Cym said he was unsure of what happened after the end of the video because his wife suffers from a fear of snakes and insisted on leaving. (Facebook)



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