Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Coca-Cola calls in police after human waste is found in cans

Northern Ireland factory halts production after machine became clogged with feces, though no contaminated drinks reached shelves. Coca-Cola has called in police to investigate how human waste turned up in a consignment of its drink cans at one of the company’s factories in Northern Ireland. The Police Service of Northern Ireland confirmed on Tuesday it had opened an inquiry into how faeces ended up in the cans at the Helllenic Bottling Company factory in Lisburn, Co Antrim. Coca-Cola suspended night-time processing last week at the plant when machines became clogged. The soft drinks giant said it impounded all the affected cans and that the contamination did not affect any products that were on sale. The cans arrive at the factory without tops, to be filled with the fizzy drink before they are sealed and sold across Northern Ireland. (Guardian)


A teenager was left with scars for life after trying to impress a woman

18-year-old Lee De Pauuw of Australia, was hanging out with his friends and drinking beer when they met a backpacker. He was smitten with the British backpacker, Sophie Paterson, and he decided to do something to impress her. However, alcohol and love clouded his judgement when he decided to jump into a crocodile infested river in Queensland. Paterson watched as the guy jumped into the river that has a sign warning people to stay away because of the danger of crocodiles. As soon as he reached the water, a crocodile grabbed hold of De Pauuw and almost ripped off his arm. He punched the crocodile several times, as it was attempting to pull him underwater. After a few minutes, He managed to punch the crocodile in the eye and it let go of his arm, but not before causing significant damage. He was rushed to a hospital, where he is being treated. Paterson said that he is looking forward to being released so that he can go out with the girl again. However, she said that the incident unfolded in front of her like a horror movie. (World Wide Weird News)


Caught With His Pants Down

A burglary suspect caught in the act at an Arizona school tried to jump a spiked fence and ended up hanging upside down with his pants around his ankles. Michelle Valenzuela, a spokeswoman for the Tucson Unified School District, said a locksmith working at Miles-Exploratory Learning Center spotted a man trying to get into locked rooms. The man noticed the locksmith and fled, attempting to escape by jumping a tall spiked fence. The suspect’s attempt was nearly successful — but his baggy pants got caught on the fence’s spikes, and he ended up hanging upside down with his pants around his ankles. A photo of the unusual sight was snapped by a couple of passerby’s who then posted it to their facebook page. Valenzuela confirmed the man was arrested by Tucson police. No students were at the school at the time of the incident because the district is on Spring Break, Valenzuela said. (Tucson Now)


Nova Scotia man’s name, Grabher, banned from license plate

A Nova Scotia man said the province revoked his personalized license plate because his unusual family name, Grabher, was dubbed “socially unacceptable.” Lorne Grabher said he has no problem getting a “GRABHER” license plate for his father in 1991, but in December he received a letter from the Nova Scotia Registrar of Motor Vehicles saying his own vanity plate was being revoked after a complaint. He said the letter branded his license plate “socially unacceptable” because it can be read as “grab her,” which could be seen as promoting violence against women. “While I recognize this plate was issued as your last name, the public cannot be expected to know this and can misinterpret it as a socially unacceptable slogan,” Janice Harland, road safety director at the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, said in a letter to Grabher. Grabher said his son has a license plate bearing the family’s last name in Alberta. “Where does the Province of Nova Scotia and this government have a person with that kind of power to discriminate against my name?” he asked. Grabher said no one has ever complained to him about the plate. Grabher wondered whether the objections to his plate stemmed from the infamous recording released during last year’s U.S. presidential election, featuring Donald Trump using the phrase “grab her” in a vulgar fashion. He said he shouldn’t be punished for the now-president’s actions.


Worker Attacks Roommate With Knife Because He Snores

According to police, the situation involved a Mr. Hong and a Mr. Wang. The two men were factory workers at a machine shop in Wenzhou City, China. Wang, 46-years-old, and Hong, 47-years-old, worked next to each other on the factory floor. According to their coworkers, the two men got along well and had a lot in common. Both men lived in the factory dormitory. At first, Hong and Wang had separate roommates. However, their coworkers soon complained to the factory manager about how loudly Wang and Hong snored. As a result, the manager tried to solve the problem by making the two share the same bedroom. As one might guess, neither man was happy about this and began complaining that they could not sleep due to the other’s snoring. Relations between the two men quickly deteriorated and eventually escalated to Hong attacking Wang with a butcher knife. Other factory workers heard Wang’s screams of terror and pain. They called the police, who quickly arrived on the scene. They arrested Hong and sent Wang to the hospital. At the hospital, Wang received treatment for severe wounds to his face, back, and legs. Meanwhile, Hong faces criminal charges for inflicting Grade II injuries under China’s Standards for Assessing the Extent of Bodily Injuries. (Weird Asian News)


Fight over whether to cook or microwave hot dogs leads to police hostage standoff

Police were called to a home in Florida on a report of a domestic dispute. According to the Riviera Beach police, a man pulled a gun on a woman and a child during a dispute over how to cook hot dogs. The woman and child were being held against their wills which caused the West Palm Beach Hostage and Crisis Negotiator Team to responded to the scene and was able to make contact with 24-year old Lamar Brooks via his cellphone. The victims were eventually able to escape unharmed when the suspect fled from the home. Authorities  then used a drone to locate the suspect, who was seen getting into a car. Short time later, he was arrested and charged with false imprisonment, aggravated assault with a firearm and being a felon in possession of a firearm. His bail was set at $50,000. Brooks later told police that he was mad because he was hungry and wanted to cook some hot dogs on the stove. However, the woman ordered him to cook in the microwave instead. Brooks said that when he ignored her request and continued to prepare the hot dogs at the stove, the woman grabbed the pot and threw it to the floor. Officers noted that when they went into the home, the pot, which was filled with water, was still on the stove. (Palm Beach Post)


Three-year-old boy gets stuck in claw machine after trying to get toy

A father from Nenagh, Tipperary, was shocked to find his son INSIDE an arcade claw machine at their local Jump ‘n’ Gyms. The incident occurred when Damien took his two sons, three-year-old Jamie and five-year-old Shane, to the indoor play centre in Ireland. In a video uploaded to Facebook, Damien showed Jamie stuck behind the glass of the claw machine trying to grab a prize, while his brother Shane tried to coax him out. Shane tried to get Jamie out of the machine, opening up the flap at the bottom saying “lift your feet up, lift your feet up”. While the family were shocked to see Jamie in the machine, the three-year-old seemed pleased that he had got himself two dragon soft toys while stuck inside. The father said his sone was inside for about 10 minutes and was worried for maybe 10 seconds at the start, but then he just found it hilarious. Finally, an off-duty fireman soon came to the family’s rescue, and helped release Jamie from the machine. Luckily, a fireman was there and is used to dealing with situations like these. He told Jamie to crouch down and then he was able to shimmy out. He got to keep two dragon toys after picking them up inside. He’s not embarrassed about it or anything, he just laughed about the whole thing. (



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