Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fire set to scare off opossums destroys man’s wooden house

A man in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was trying to scare away opossums by setting a fire has destroyed his home when he used butane to light a pile of leaves in his backyard. The man apparently hoped the smoke would help rid him of the marsupials, which are known for playing dead. A city fire marshal says the fire got out of control and spread to the home, which was built of wood. The man apparently hoped the smoke would help rid him of the marsupials, which are known for playing dead.The building was condemned. Three people were displaced as a result of the fire, which did $50,000 in damage. A firefighter required hospital treatment for a shoulder injury. Officials say the man had problems with bees also. (Yahoo)


Family dog wakes up owners during home fire

A Red Wing, MN, family was evacuated from their burning home Saturday morning, after their dog woke them up. Paramedics responded within five minutes, only to find the garage fully engulfed in flames. Flames and smoke extended into the house, damaging the second floor and attic. Everybody in the house was evacuated safely, including a cat who was administered oxygen before being returned to the family. After about two and a half hours, five fire engines and 35 firefighters were able to extinguish the fire. All fire personnel were unharmed. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. (Red Wing FD Facebook)


Elusive ‘Ghost Gator’ caught after a month roaming Florida city

An 8-foot alligator nicknamed the “Ghost Gator” for its ability to vanish has been captured after a month of stalking a Florida neighborhood. A couple in Bloomingdale, Florida said the alligator turned up in their back yard, just outside the screened-in pool. “All the sudden it started hissing at me and then it opened up its mouth and I went running,”  the husband said. Deputies responded to the home with licensed trapper to wrangle the reptile, nicknamed the “Ghost Gator” by neighbors who have spotted it during the past month only to have it vanish before authorities arrived. They ended hunting for the gator in a 2 1/2-mile radius. Finally, they caught it and captured video of the deputies struggling with the alligator. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office shared photos of the alligator’s capture on their Facebook page. (ABC Action News)


Woman Flying To Paris On United Ends Up At SFO Instead

Another “oops” for United Airlines, which is apologizing to a passenger who was supposed to fly from Newark, New Jersey to France – but wound up in San Francisco. The passenger is French and speaks no English. She boarded the plane in Newark thinking it was bound for Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. The gate number for the flight had changed – but the passenger says she was not notified. She showed her boarding pass to a crewmember after finding someone in what she thought was her assigned seat. The flight attendant examined her pass – which read “Newark to Charles de Gaulle” – and was assigned a new seat. She disembarked in San Francisco, and then had to wait 11 hours before boarding a flight back to Paris. United gave her a flight voucher and says its working with its team in Newark to prevent something like this from happening again. (San Fransico CBS Local)


Teacher orders student to kill rabbit by banging head on metal pole

Parents in Texas, are angry after learning that a teacher instructed a student to slam a rabbit against metal pole in order to kill it. A mother of Maypearl, who wished to remain anonymous to protect her daughter, said that her daughter recorded the animal cruelty incident because she thought it was wrong. Teacher Robert Merritt instructed his student to kill the rabbit by slamming it against metal pole in order to teach survival. After learning that the lesson was recorded, the 7th-grade girl received a zero, causing her to have a failing grade. She also got three days suspension and ordered to write about eight different topics in eight days. The Superintendent said that the student was punished because she used a cellphone during class, which is prohibited. However, the girl said that other students have used cell phones during class and they were not punished. She feels that she was punished only because she recorded the incident of animal cruelty. The girl’s mother has since removed her from class. The principal said that the practice of killing rabbits by slamming them against metal objects will not be part of future lessons. (Waxahachie Daily Light)


Woman Said ‘The Mummy Returns’ Inspired Her Stab Her Father To Death

A woman was arrested for fatally stabbing her father at a home. The medical examiner’s office identified the victim as 69-year-old man, who was also a physician with UPMC. Police say 27-year-old victim’s daughter was responsible for the stabbing, and was taken into custody. According to detectives, she had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and her parents called police to say she was suicidal and she had a knife. Police say the parents were trying to convince her to go to the hospital, but she refused and stabbed her father during an argument. When police arrived on the scene, they found the father suffering from a stab wound to the chest, but later died. During an interview with detectives, she stated that she “got played by Hollywood.” When asked for clarification, she said “in a movie, someone who can’t love someone else, they stab their father.” When asked what movie that was from she replied “The Mummy Returns.” She was taken to the County Jail to await arraignment on homicide charges.  (CBS Pittsburgh)


Cops Pull Over Van With 40 People Crammed Inside

Police in southern China spotted a white van driving erratically. It wove in and out of its lane, almost causing multiple accidents. Before long, police in Chongqing pulled the vehicle over. Officers approached the driver and could not believe what they saw: Forty construction workers crammed into a six-seat van. In total, there were 39 men and 1 woman inside the white van. Additionally, all 40 people wore identical yellow helmets and orange vests. The passengers were all construction workers. Their destination was a building site on the other side of the city. With the van empty, police saw there were no seats in the back of the vehicle. This allowed the people to get inside, but also limited the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle. Police impounded the van and issued the driver a ticket for violation by overloading a vehicle. The driver admitted that this was common practice for workers at the construction site. However, authorities said that this was the first time anyone had been pulled over for extreme carpooling. (Weird Asian News)


“Dump-Hay” Wednesday offers:

*Bike To School Day (2nd Wednesday)
*Day of Vesak (Traditionally on the Full May Moon) NOTE: Vesak varies per Buddist country
*Dia De La Madre
*Donate A Day’s Wages To Charity (Second Wednesday)
*National Lipid Day (Dyslipidemia)
*National Night Shift Workers Day (Second Wednesday)
*National Third Shift Workers Day (Second Wednesday)
*Occupational Safety & Health Day (Wednesday of The First Full Week)
*Receptionists Day (Second Wednesday)
*School Nurse Day (Always the Wednesday of School Nurse Week)
*World Lupus Day

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