Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chef grabs waitress by her ponytail and yanks her to the ground after she questioned the quality of a burnt kids’ meal

A chef caught on camera yanking the ponytail of a waitress who questioned him has been arrested. Jiguang Yang, 68, was arrested and charged with third degree assault and battery on Friday in connection with the shocking incident, which happened last month at Red Bowl Asian Bistro in Columbia, South Carolina. Yang, a Chinese citizen, is a chef at the Asian fusion restaurant, which his son owns. ‘The food was burnt, it was a kids meal” waitress Cristina Surina said explaining how the dramatic incident began in the restaurant kitchen on April 19th. “I didn’t feel like I should take out a child burnt chicken nuggets and fried shrimp. I asked the owner. He was in the kitchen at that time to remake it. I turned around to start pouring ketchup for the kids’ meal and when I was pouring ketchup, his dad came behind me and snatched my head down and I don’t know what happened after that.” Surina said that she had worked at the restaurant for over five years, using the income to support her children and make house payments. She is now unemployed after coming forward to police about the incident, she said. Yang is currently free on a personal recognizance bond of $2,125. The aging chef now fears deportation, his lawyer said. “This is a very serious charge. What makes this worse is there is a lot at stake. His family has done very well in the community. We are very worried about deportation with the political climate.” (


Teacher named student “most likely to become a terrorist.”

Outrage is growing after a teacher in Channelview, TX named a student “most likely to become a terrorist.” Friends of the teacher say she’s devastated over the incident and it was supposed to be a joke. But few found it funny. It happened at Aguirre Junior High when teachers handed out mock awards to students. Lizeth Villanueva, a 7th grader, said she was embarrassed and didn’t understand why she was named “most likely to become a terrorist.” She also never expected to be part of an international news story and is hearing from people all over the world. The mother says her daughter is in an advanced academic program and has never had a discipline problem. The mock awards were given the day after a terrorist attack left 22 people dead and dozens injured in Manchester, England. The League of United Latin American Citizens, LULAC, joined calls for the firing of the teacher. Channelview ISD Superintendent Greg Ollis responded to backlash in a statement. “Channelview ISD would like to reassure the community that this incident does not reflect the many good things going on in our district,” he said. “The district does not condone the incident that occurred and we are taking this matter very seriously.” Members of LULAC and the NAACP plan to meet with the superintendent late this week. (KHOU TV)


Man holds umbrella while driving convertible in the rain 

A Chinese driver who apparently didn’t want to put his convertible top up in the rain was filmed driving down the highway with an umbrella. The video, filmed earlier this month, shows a man driving a red Mercedes-Benz convertible during a rain storm in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province. The man had the vehicle’s top down despite the rain, but managed to keep himself relatively dry by holding a rainbow-colored umbrella over his head. (UPI)


Call it karma or divine intervention

One raging pedestrian’s cartoonish run-in with a streetlight pole in Australia is gaining millions of views online. The incident was all caught on dashboard camera and posted on YouTube by user ChrisSmithOne77. It shows the driver approaching a stoplight where a pedestrian walking his dog begins walking across the street. You see the pedestrian start wagging his finger and gesturing angrily at the driver, then bam! He was so distracted with raving at the driver that he didn’t notice the pole he was walking toward and ran right into it. After his run-in, he approached the driver’s vehicle shaking his fists, then walked off. The video has garnered more than 6,000,000 views on YouTube and is trending on Twitter. (KHOU TV)


WWII grenades from German flea market blow up in summer heat 

Police in western Germany say a neighborhood was evacuated after World War II-era grenades and other munitions bought at a flea market began exploding in summer-like heat. Police said Tuesday that authorities were called after an explosion Monday afternoon in the town of Hennef, east of Bonn. They arrived to find a garage in flames, and more explosions followed. They cleared a wide area around the home, shutting a stretch of railway and highway as experts were brought in. They secured the munitions and destroyed them in a controlled explosion in a field. The 51-year-old homeowner, who’s under investigation for weapons law violations, told police he bought the crate of munitions at a flea market and they apparently started exploding in the hot weather. There were no injuries. (Yahoo)


98-Year-Old Has Written Nearly 7,000 Letters To Troops Overseas

This 98-year-old has proved the art of letter writing isn’t lost. The California woman, Alleen Cooper, has been writing letters to overseas military members, starting with her own son, since the Vietnam War. She says that she started writing letters to provide comfort to soldiers. Her son, Larry, survived the Vietnam War but still struggles with post traumatic stress disorder. All of Cooper’s letters are at least four pages long and she makes sure no two are alike. In return, soldiers have sent her commendations and even flags from their bases. Six years ago, Cooper started counting her letters. Since then, she’s reportedly sent nearly 7,000. Although her hands now get tired, Cooper said her mission is far from over. “I decided I’m going to write as long as I can,” she said. (MSN)


Fisherman’s brush with death after 200kg great white shark JUMPED into his boat and savaged him in terrifying attack

A 73-year-old fisherman has had a terrifying brush with death after a monster great white shark weighing 200 kilograms jumped out of the water and into his boat. Terry Selwood, from Evans Head on the NSW north coast, was fishing at a bank just off shore over the weekend when he was confronted by the enormous man-eater. He was knocked off his feet by the 2.7 metre-long beast, but was able to escape the potentially deadly position after finding himself face-to-face with the shark. Managing to dial in local marine rescue volunteers with his radio, Mr Selwood was covered in blood with deep lacerations to his right forearm by the time help arrived. The shocked fisherman was knocked off the esky he was sitting on and left sprawling on the floor of the boat directly next to the apex predator. With his boat only 4.5 metres long, Mr Selwood said there wasn’t much room for him to escape. Caught below ropes, buckets and other fishing equipment, the shark soon stopped thrashing. Marine rescue worker Lance Fountain said Mr Selwood was ‘quite shook up’ by the time first responders arrived at his boat. The Department of Primary Industries said the shark was a great white which was removed from the boat with a forklift and taken for an autopsy to confirm its age and gender. (Daily Mail)


Hump-Day Wednesday Is For:

*National Senior Health & Fitness Day  (Last Wednesday)
*What You Think Upon Grows Day
*World MS Day (Multiple Sclerosis)  (Last Wednesday)
*World No-Tobacco Day

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